Memorandum: United Kingdom's Commitment to Being an Interregional Partner

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Akillian Talleyrand, Jan 2, 2017.

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    This is horrible. While Mr. Vinograd's statements were certainly unacceptable, the personal threats that he received are much more so. I hope the perpetrator of this harassment is found and is dealt swift justice.
  3. Vaclav is currently being banned from several regional forums and has had his citizenship stripped from dozens more. It is disgusting that someone like him was able to slither his way into the heart of so many communities while holding views like his.

    As for the person who made those threats? Vaculatestar, (aka Constantine Hesse) is forever a small fish in a small pond (despite his dreams and delusions of grandeur), but given his RL occupation? I would suggest using RL methods to ensure that the appropriate action is taken and that those threats cannot be carried out. (Yes, I'm saying call the cops, if not for Vaclav's sake but for future victims who may not have a screen and distance protecting them.)

    I also don't see the point of his politicisation shitfest between UK and KGB. I don't think I know of anyone who cares and I know of several who find this topic beyond distasteful.

    RL behaviour, specifically threats or harassment, should not be a political tool to brandish like a sword.