Council of Nations Elections Statements

St George

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Those running in the Council of Nations elections are encouraged to make a short statement here outlining their campaign.
The Imperial Republic of Goyanes wishes to become a member of the Council of Nations. We wish to improve the conditions of the world, and preserve world peace. We believe that as a strong regional power, we should have our representation in the CoN.
The Stan Yera seeks to introduce legislation protecting the rights of all during times of war and prevent atrocities and undue suffering from occurring, as well as amend and bring justice to past crimes.
The Republic of the Ilamzati Proletariat, if elected to the Council of Nations, vows to offer representation and a voice to those who are unrepresented and voiceless. In situations of injustice, neutrality favors the oppressor - and Ilamzat vows never to remain neutral when people are exploited by greed, racism, sexism, ableism, or any other form(s) of interlocking and intersecting oppression.

Though a secular state, many Ilamzatis are deeply religious Flemingovians. Our lord Flem once said, "Blessed are those who thirst and hunger for righteousness, for they will be filled". This blessing informs our politics as much as the teachings of Comrades Shirazi and Shahsani, and we follow its guidance in all things.
The Syrixian Empire has a unique position in the world, one that we do not take lightly and one that we are blessed to have. Our country has had a history of both good and bad accomplishments, whether they be great advancements in the arts and sciences and global trade, or global colonization and sihainicization. (NOTE- Same concept as sinicization but with the Syrixian culture.) It is this history that guides the cause we shall support in the Council of Nations.

We thusly pledge that, should we succeed in entering the Council, we shall work alongside the other nations of the international community and the IAN for peace and prosperity worldwide, whether those nations like or dislike us or another nation, or each other, and whether their governments are socialist, monarchist, republican, or other. All must be welcome in the Association, if it is to succeed. Let us not use power and influence as our weapons, but forgiveness and united kindness.

We understand that many nations have enmities against each other or collective enmities against other nations, as noted before, but we must all work to make the Association of Nations an exception to this, so that it may be a free forum of discussion and peacekeeping on a global scale. We feel that considering our place in history, we will be able to make a grand impact should we champion this cause, which we fully support and intend to champion.

Indeed, this is the character of the IAN: bringing together those who are different, to create a dynamic, cohesive unit. Unity in diversity.
The People's of Zelgathon seek to promote environmental preservation and civil rights for all nations within The North Pacific.

The environment is something that we must develop with, not against. In neglecting and destroying the environment of the North Pacific, we send a message to the rest of the world that we disregard sustainability and the future of this planet. We only have one chance at ensuring our environment stays intact and as such, the delegation of Zelgathon would encourage environmentally friendly business endeavors and engage in compromise with regards to industrial development and environmental sustainability.

Civil Rights is another critically important issue. The nation of Zelgathon believes that citizens should have the basic necessities that they need to function and exist within their society. Limitation of rights not only inflicts physical torture, but it is mentally taxing on a civilization, causing massive trauma that extends multiple generations. It is easy for us to overlook the structures of these societies, but more difficult to actually take action against them and recognize their governmental oppression as problematic. Zelgathon would want to promote a more moralistic society and would urge nations to consider the freedom and opportunities that their citizens should have by establishing formal rights codes.
The Grand Federation of Xentherida seeks to employ measures of diplomatic relations, to prevent armed hostilities between nations. We will additionally employ legislation and deploy humanitarian relief to conflict zones, to reduce possibilities of crimes against civilians.

The August Consular Office
Consuls Johanna Jura & Varus Nascorus

Opinion by the Augustine Office

The Augustine Office has chosen to divest itself of the opportunity to declare a representative to the IAN, and has instead chosen to bestow the opportunity on the nominations by the Conclave. Through a private meeting, the Conclave nominees were able to secure the assistance of the Senate and Augustine Office in utilizing their new powers to immediately institute two cabinet-level positions - the Urbane Consul and Peregrine Consul.

The Urbane Consul will be responsible for monitoring and defining voluntary August compliance with IAN treaties, acting as the final court of appeal pursuant to Imperial pardon, as well as for the same regarding the Novrith Pact and Pax Latina. The Peregrine Consul will be responsible for representations and negotiations within the International Association of Nations. The two will share a single Consular Office and staff, and will hence form a joint representation with both an external and internal component.

The nominees have selected to appoint Princess Johanna Jura Augustus to the position of Peregrine Consul, and Prince Varus Nascorus Augustus to the position of Urbane Consul. The two will be giving a statement each, reproduced in their original form.

Peregrine Consul Princess Johanna Jura Augustus has issued the following statement.

"Throughout my life, I have worked to preserve that which I hold most dear - the right of humanity to know. By my hand, I have worked to preserve the ancient tradition of an independent Medical Service, ensuring that even in times of crisis, all may be assured safe and fair access to medicine and healthcare. During the War of Latin Confederation, August medics protected prisoners of war and battlefield casualties with their own lives. It was because of their work that the Pax Latina was not built on a shaky foundation of blood, but on mutual honour. The day after the Execution of Confederation, August medical workers were the ones who organized the regional ceasefires, waving the white flag sometimes hours ahead of the diplomatic messengers that would announce the end. The week after, it was they who organized the safe, sanitary, and respectful burials of the dead on either side - together, as brothers and sisters in war.

It is necessary that, no matter what happens, we have the freedom to remember. My tenure as August representative shall be marked by memories. Those of war, of peace, of science. I ask that the Assembly grant me this opportunity to represent my nation on the Council, and elect Imperium to this august body."

Urban Consul Prince Varus Nascorus Augustus has issued the following statement.

"I am best known as a unionist. It is what I do. By my hand, August unions took charge of the Fiscal Senate seats. By my hand, August unions went from being the pariahs of our society - one built on equality through service - to the living, breathing communities that organize that service. In my time as a Prince, I have become hated - viscerally hated - by the wealthy. The powerful. My own siblings.


Because in my time, I have made the least of us their equals. My siblings dare not admit one who does not fence, who did not study in Alba Longa, who served in the Divine Service outside the clergy, that I can represent our nation. But I can. My father, Caesar, has built a nation of innovators, of entrepreneurs, of people who see our government-owned corporations and see not opportunity, but institutions. My friends in Ilamzat, in Cogoria, my nation is not one of colonialism. We are an Empire built on the fair and equitable treatment of all races, of all cultures, of all genders.

I have requested to serve the IAN as one half of our Council representation not because we are weak, but because we are strong. We are not beholden to the liberal democratic world system, in which institutions are sacred to the veneer of law. I want to further an Imperium that is built on the people who run our labour, on unions that resemble those of our comrades who own their means of production. Unions that control the corporations run by our public service.

I agree, wholeheartedly, with my comrades that the IAN cannot further the interests of the worker in the world order. To quote the endorsement from Ilamzat, crucial in securing my position as Urbane Consul, "[I,] if selected as Imperium's representative to the IAN, would further the cause of the worker across the globe as far as participation in liberal democratic politics can." I am not prepared to settle for participation in liberal democratic politics.

My sister, and dear friend, Johanna Jura, shall prosecute the case that is dear to her heart - the freedom to live, healthy and protected by the international community. She shall do so within liberal democratic politics, to protect that most basic right on which even the capitalist societies can accede to.

Without me, my union and its peers shall have none to prosecute their case at home. And so I have chosen to serve my union as one-half of our representation to the International Association of Nations. As our final court of appeal, I shall be a firm reminder to the workers of the world that it is possible to stand up to the world order. With every protection I guarantee against IAN legislation, ensuring that my sister may pass the laws necessary to guarantee good health and the ability to work for all and taking on the burdens of that legislation which furthers the capitalist order, I shall stand as a beacon reminding the workers of the world that - "Yes, we can take control."

My service to my home requires no such thing as a seat on the Council of Nations. But I dream, and I ask humbly, that my comrades grant my sister the ability to further my work at home by taking on a Council seat, where through our shared office we may extend my decrees on national compliance to those nations without the native capacity to hold fast. I know that there are many democratic powers that may fear my representation, even indirectly - but please remember that the power I ask for is not to mandate, but to grant pardon.

I call my comrades to protest, to petition, to call upon their governments to support the Imperium bid for a Council seat. We shall protect the ability of our comrades to legislate against capitalism, and my example shall be firm - the capitalists who see their governments accede to demand after demand shall not have what our workers have. A comrade willing to stand between the workers and the world."

Addendum by Consuls Johanna Jura & Varus Nascorus

The August Consular Office has selected to advocate a slate of five nations for the Council of Nations, including Imperium Augustum which is listed first and all others in alphabetical order.

Imperium Augustum, Guslantis, Ilamzat, Plembobria, Yeraennus.

The Consular Office wishes to comment that it believes this selection gives an ideologically diverse slate of nations, all of which are dominant in distinct spheres of influence.
The Rose League is uniquely positioned to be a force for good in the Council of Nations as she and her people already uphold the fundamental principle that all men and women are equal, no matter what their background may be. This applies to our stance on conflict resolution as the League has dedicated herself to working on providing for the betterment of all, be they citizens of the League or citizens of a fellow nation. Due to the League's stance on maintaining neutrality, should conflict arise in The North Pacific, the League and her representatives will always work towards exhausting diplomatic options first and only if all diplomatic options fail, should violence even be considered an option. We feel that the League can bring a neutral voice of reason to the Council and one who has no interest in choosing sides in a debate or conflict outside of making sure that all sides are given a chance to voice their opinion.
Helen Etherington rises to speak, "The Confederacy is committed to the rights possessed by all persons and will strive to seek international guarantees of those rights, whether it enjoy a seat on the Council or not, and will support measures to bring to justice all those who would commit crimes against humanity or breach the laws of war. The Confederacy also is committed to ensuring the preservation of the respective national and international spheres and recognises that IAN interference in domestically provided rights must be minimised and that the international framework must be used only as a last resort when domestic systems have failed to protect internationally established rights.

In this view, if elected to the Council, we will press always for mediation and for conciliation over the use of force, where such mediation has not already failed to make progress; and we will seek to ensure that the agenda of the IAN is set to meet only those objectives which cannot be adequately met domestically."