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    The Commonwealth of Crowns Embassy News Update: December 2016​

    Elections are underway!

    That's right folks, elections are fully underway for the next Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Crowns. With 3 candidates in the running's, seemingly level in predictions with each other, the outcome is truly unknown.

    All candidates have expressed their plans for the region in one way or another, with the general populace clearly having faith in each shown in the current distribution of votes. The Commonwealth has hit another rough time in it's history and is in desperate need of regeneration, each candidate has respectively pledged to bring the Commonwealth to its former glory. Will there methods be a success? Which one will ascend to the top? Stayed tuned in to the regional RMB for the next few days!

    A map is brought back to the Commonwealth, by a familiar face

    The long-time Commonwealth map maker Apocryphi has returned to the scene to create a map for the region and allow nations to plot themselves into the geographical region of the Commonwealth of Crowns. It is believed the map is somewhat larger than the planet earth, with most nations taking sizable plots similar to that of the large modern day countries of the United States and China. The cartographer is keen to get nations onto the map, so role-play with locations in mind can begin and regional blocs can be formed, creating a more intense and dramatic scene for the nations of the Commonwealth to fully immerse themselves in. Long time residents have found themselves with substantially larger plots due to their tenure with the region, but as all nations across NS know, size doesn't always matter.

    The cartographer has laid down a number of rules, but nothing too stringent. The Commonwealth had long prided itself on having a detailed map to attract newcomers from near and far, across all of NationStates, and now that order is restored and pride can be felt once more. Lets hope this is another stepping stone retaken on the path to regional glory.

    A call to all friends of the Commonwealth

    The foreign office of the Commonwealth is keenly anticipating the growth and strengthening of regional friendships and relationships across the whole of NationStates. With a number of new requests sent out to regions and new ambassadorial postings set up (as some of those of you reading this post may have found already), the whole of the Commonwealth is in favor of the furthering in growth of bonds. More citizens than ever are willing to take part in activities with other regions, whether this be through their RMBs, forums or the NS forum. Also, more sections of the forum than ever before have been opened up to ambassadors to get involved in regional activities (games, discussions, etc), so please feel free to take a visit to the Commonwealth forum today. We're waiting!