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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince Andrew

WA Delegate: HM Queen Georgiana

Crown Court Chief Judge: Lady Constance St. James
Crown Court Judge: Lord Edward Stewart
Prime Minister: Sir George Mountbatten​
Deputy Prime Minister: Jan van Dijk​
Home Secretary: Akillian Talleyrand​
Foreign Secretary: Lady Elena​
Defence Secretary: Lord Michael R.E. Stewart​
Culture Secretary: Vaclav Vinograd​

Director of MI5: Sir Daniel Wilson​
Attorney General: South Boston Irishmen​
Election season storms the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom has yet again undergone it's bi-monthly ritual to appease the election gods, and on the first of November all British Citizens could vote on who they wanted to sacrifice these elections.

All in all there were thirteen possible sacrifices, or rather, candidates, spread out through United Kingdom's five constituencies and the Prime Ministerial election, with more than thirty people casting a vote for their preferred candidate and most likely for their least favourite sacrifice. An improvement over September's election where only seven candidates came forward, and later on the election gods came to demand a by-election be held in the Southern England constituency.

The coalition between the Pragmatic Alliance and the Whig Party, whose leader, Jan van Dijk, decided to abandon the Prime Ministerial race to support sitting Prime Minister, George Mountbatten, was one of the hot topics of the election. Mountbatten, the Pragmatic Alliance Leader, was running for a second term against up-and-coming newcomer Vaclav Vinograd, leader of the Unionist League. Other hot topics of both the races for the House of Commons and for 10 Downing Street included electoral reform and interregional , where the differences between both candidacies for Prime Minister were shown.

In the end, the only difference between this new session and the previous one was the replacement of Daniel Wilson, who didn't seek re-election, with Akillian Talleyrand, of the Pragmatic Alliance, in Northern England. If you want to delve further into this November's election, feel free to look at the spreadsheet detailing the candidates and the election just below.

Prime Minister Elections
George Mountbatten ( PA ) - 20 Votes - Victor
Vaclav Vinograd ( UL ) - 15 Votes
Jan van Dijk ( Whig ) - Withdrew during campaigning.[hr]MP Election for Northern England
Nikolas ( UL ) - 12 Votes
Akillian Talleyrand ( PA ) - 19 Votes - Victor
Longdendale ( Whig ) - 4 Votes[hr]MP Election for Southern England
Vaclav Vinograd ( UL ) - 19 Votes - Victor
Edward Windsor ( PA ) - 14 Votes
Albert Phillips ( Whig ) - 3 Votes[hr]MP Election for Scotland
George Mountbatten ( PA ) - 28 Votes - Victor
Jomo Kenyatta ( UL ) - 8 Votes [hr]MP Election for Wales
Elena ( Ind ) - 20 Votes - Victor
Jeremy Corbyn ( Labour ) - 4 Votes
Constantine Hesse ( Whig ) - 12 Votes
Arthur Jameson ( UL ) - Changed constituency during campaigning.
[hr]MP Election for Northern Ireland
Jan van Dijk ( Whig ) - 18 Votes - Victor
Arthur Jameson ( UL ) - 17 Votes
[hr]Key: PA - Pragmatic Alliance | Labour - The Labour Party | UL - The Unionist League | Whig - The Whig Party | Ind - Independent*

* The Independent MP founded The Other Party later into the term.
Media mogul on the rise!
United Kingdom has its own media mogul and his name is Vaclav Vinograd. Since arriving in the region he has been involved in the media business, a hobby for the aspiring politician, starting in the BBC as the host of his very own talk show, the Very Late Show with Vaclav Vinograd, where the young host sowed the seeds of rabid fandom. Unfortunately this show went on a hiatus and Vaclav moved onto creating his own private media empire in the Vinograd Group, far from government intervention.

So far Vaclav's endeavours into the media business have been favourable to him, with two publications that get updated with articles quite often. However Vaclav is not without his detractors whose accusations have ranged from him using his media empire to fuel his own party's propaganda machine or that the pale and nocturnal Vaclav is, in fact, a vampire. We tried to contact these critics to get a firsthand opinion on these allegations of political manoeuvring and vampirism but they were conspicuously unavailable for comment.

We could not go without mentioning Vaclav's very own contender for the title of UK's very own media mogul, Jan van Dijk, host of HARDTalk, a political debate programme, Deputy Prime Minister, former leader of the Whig Party and vampire hunter extraordinaire. While HARDTalk has also gone into a hiatus, the new BBC Director, Arthur Jameson, has already slated many shows for creation, and we know for a fact that our friendly neighbourhood Dutchman will be participating in one of these shows, if not bringing back his show!

Political party palooza!
While elections saw the formation of a coalition between the Pragmatic Alliance and the Whig Party, a coalition which went on to lead the government and make up the majority of the House of Commons, we now have to report that coalition is no more. No greater ill befell the coalition, simply put the leader of the Whig Party, the several times mentioned Jan van Dijk, decided to disband his two-man-band and become the backup singer for the Pragmatic Alliance band.

Quite shocking that the coalition you just heard about ended, isn't it? Well, worry no more! Word has just come in that the Unionist League has just announced their very own collaboration with the two-man-band known as the Labour Party, led by South Boston Irishmen, previously known as Jeremy Corbyn, previously known as Klaus Mikaelson and previously to that known as South Boston Irishmen.

Where a coalition falls another shall rise. And where a party disbands another shall be founded! After public outcry about the loss of a four-party system, independent MP and recently appointed Foreign Secretary, Elena, founded her very own party, bringing the Other Party into the fold. Perhaps in the future the Other Party can go on to seek a coalition with some other party, and then the circle shall go on.


On behalf of the United Kingdon, thank you for reading!