Rumors of our Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated


Fastest Man Alive
Rumors of our Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated

The Order of the Grey Wardens

Regional Population: 135

First Warden: Benevolent Thomas (Retired), Roavin (Ceremonial until February).

High Constable: Altmoras.

Chamberlain: Deadeye Jack.

Warden Commander: Tim.

Warden Constables: Dolen Tum En Coia, Birdkeeper.

New Stuff

The Landsmeet

The Landsmeet is designed to be a regional-discussion in which we contemplate the implementation of a possible government system and expanding cultural activities within the region. It's come to our attention that the vast majority of our region is tailored towards those that are only involved in military gameplay in NationStates. We want to establish further options for other people in our community to get involved and expand what we can all do together. To accomplish this goal, we have opened up discussions on how we can build our region up to civilian activities like culture, roleplay, government, and much more. Further information can be found at the Entrance to the Landsmeet.

A New Command

With the retirement of several members of our command team, including our founder Benevolent Thomas, the remaining commanders (Altmoras, Deadeye Jack, and Tim) decided not to close up shop, but instead to bring in new blood and reshuffle the existing command structure in order to maintain our Order's momentum for the foreseeable future. Firstly, Birdkeeper was promoted to the position of Warden-Constable where he will assist the commanders in leading operations and take the lead in their absence. Second, Deadeye Jack will be serving as the Order's new Chamberlain where he will take over responsibility for our records in addition to his current responsibilities as a commander. Third, Altmoras will step into the vacant seat of High Constable where he will take charge over the Order's foreign affairs and serve as our Second-In-Command. And last, but not least, Roavin will be assuming the role of First Warden in a ceremonial capacity until the conclusion of his term as The South Pacific's Minister of Military Affairs, whereupon he will assume his full role as our new leader.

Record Breaking

The reddit/imgur boom of September 2016 caused many regions to reach record highs in population and The Order of the Grey Wardens was no different. Following the boom our region hit a record high of 333 nations, with over 50 of those being WA members. This growth also translated into our military as several promising new members were inducted into the ranks of the Wardens. Overall we're very happy with our new friends from imgur and reddit, less so with the 2 hour long updates that they brought with them.


Despite our somewhat reduced volume of boasting lately, the Wardens have in fact been doing a lot of important work, and with the return of our resident ribbon maker Tim Stark we are once again able to give our troops the accolades they deserve for their excellent performance.

Firstly we have the ribbon awarded for The NSIA Raid. This ribbon is awarded to all the Wardens who participated in the titanic 84 updater team that seized the notorious Fascist region known as The NSIA or The National Socialist Invasion Army. This cooperation with all branches of gameplay to destroy such a storied instrument of Fascist hate stands as a testament to our Order's resolve to not only defend, but to strike back against those who would harm vulnerable NS communities.

Awarded for The NSIA Raid on the 22nd of October, 2016

Wardens Recognized:

Deadeye Jack
Dolen tum en Coia

Fallen Warden Recognized:


The second ribbon was awarded for the liberation of Belgium and The North Woods in the same update. This ribbon is awarded to all the Wardens who participated the colossally successful operation, in which the Wardens and our allies liberated both large occupations in a single update. This operation also marked the beginning of our cooperation with The United Defender Brotherhood, a group that had been long on the fringes of Defenderdom, who stormed the gates right along side us in a promising symbol of Defender Unity. In honor of the aforementioned cooperation, this operation has been lovingly named Operation Defender Illuminati.

Awarded for Operation Defender Illuminati on the 29th of October, 2016

Wardens Recognized:

Deadeye Jack
Wolf Havens

October Operations List

Museum of Dead Regions
About 41 Cubic Acres of Space Near Mars
The Empire of Keizaal
The Halo Universe
The Conglomerate of the Trash Thug
New Republica
Grand Alliance of Supreme Republics
New Antarctica
The Bee Land
Final Fantasy
Disdain for Humanity Conglomerate
The Tauri
The Nudes
The Hood
New Montreal
The Obscene Land of Stuff and Things
Intergalactic Planetary
Scandinavia Union
About 41 cubic acres of space near Mars

The Han Dynasty China
South Pacific
World Space Administration
Alliance of Justice
The North Woods
Coalition of Sovereign Nations

Alliance of the Northern States
World Space Administration

United Global Federal Union
Haddon Unitedp
Atlantic Coil
The Tauri

Warzone Australia