September-October Updates 2016

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    A new Government of the Commonwealth of Crowns( CoC) was sworn in with the following members:

    Secretary General: Wesmorland
    Dy Sec Gen: Norengland
    Secy Defense: vetega
    Secy Interior: Cornimont
    Secy Foreign AFfairs: Osberg-Thitania

    Speaker: Narnifrey

    Upon taking oath the new Secretary general outlined his vision for the region and wished proactive domestic and foreign policies. The thrust of the foreign policy being in the ICTO ( Inter regional Cooperation Treaty organization), Wesmorland stressed the need to align with other monarchist regions like Kaiserreich, the Land of Kings and Emperors and Albion.


    Secretary Cornimont of the department of Interior, embarked on a survey to gauge the mood of COC members regarding the region and the results were published. Excerpts are shown here:

    1) When did you join the CoC?
    Most members, who replied to the survey, were veteran members.

    2) What were your original views/expectations of the CoC?
    This answer has been split between a democratic forum and a basis for expressing member states' monarchical roots

    3) Has the CoC met or exceeded your expectations? If so, how? If not, please explain.
    Most states answered yes to this question on the basis that it has lasted through rough times and remains something for nastaglia purposes. However, one nation in particular stated that it disappointed due to only a few active countries. One nation actually said the Region was "failing miserably"

    4) What is the one thing that you enjoy most about your interactions with the CoC? (Please do not say N/A, or nothing. Provide an answer)
    This answer has mainly been very positive toward role-playing and our "relaxed" atmosphere within the region and Government.

    5) What is the one thing that you enjoy least/don't like about your interactions with the CoC? (Please do not say N/A, or nothing. Provide an answer)
    It was mentioned a couple times how member states don't like how they squabble with one another on small issues. One person actually mention how he/she was surprised that as a diplomatic nation, we haven't tried to enter into diplomatic talks with Picts to resolve his issue with our Region

    6) If you could change one thing, what would it be?
    This answer varied. Some said they wanted more role-play/activity; one mentioned how it would be nice if people would take Government criticism less personally; and some said that they'd like to see the RMB more open.

    7) Is there anything specific your Regional Government can do to make you feel more at-home or to help build your enthusiasm for the Region?
    Also varied responses. Majorly, the government should be active. We need to create a Map; do something substantial for the Region (not just embassies and a couple acts); and participate in the assembly more.

    8) Anything else you would like to add?
    Encourage growth and don't let go of our Monarchist nature.


    INTER_REGIONAL COOPERATION TREATY ORGANIZATION completed it's second meeting in The United Empire of Islam(UEI) and it's success is gauged by the fact that it gained one more member --- The Radiant and another region, The Mystical Council, has expressed avid interest. AT present the ICTO has deployed troops in the Central Pacific Empire for the defense of their delegacy due to impending elections as per the clauses of mutual defense the ICTO. With the ascension of The Mystical Council--a gameplayer region into the ICTO, the ICTO will gain it's much needed teeth in defensive missions.


    The CoC's cartography woes continues after several attempts by volunteers were debated and booed down by over enthusiastic and over critical members . We are back to square zero after a genuine attempt to revive our map.