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The town of Veii is no great metropolis, with a population of barely 10,000 and a local economy devoted primarily to wine production and sheep farms it is safe to say that Veii will not appear on any top cities in Ethia polls any time soon. Despite this however, the parochial town has tonight played host to what some economists are calling "the most significant act of Volshan economic diplomacy since the mining contracts" and if the celebrations are anything to go by the locals seem to be in firm agreement.

The brainchild of the late Zilathe, Arnthe Sentina, the customs union was designed to alleviate post-war hardship by spurring the continent into a shared recovery, The reduction of tariffs and elimination of trade barriers will come as a welcome relief to businesses, the favorable visa conditions for member states will likely push tourism to new heights. This landmark deal has already been enthusiastically ratified by the Scalvian parliament, the tribal council of the Harbi autonomous region, and the interim civilian administration of the Volshan occupation zone of Aurorea. Tonight Zilathe Cel Sethlans put ceremonial ink to paper and confirmed Volshan's entry into the customs union. Local winemakers are already expressing excitement at the potential for a wider market, their wares certainly pleased dignitaries tonight.

The agreement could see immense wealth generation if its member states are able to leverage their niche economies to benefit one another, already Volshan's extensive mining and mineral wealth is likely to be a big selling point for other member states, conversely Scalvia's greener climate and extensive agricultural output would provide a desperately needed relief to the limited food providers in Volshan. If the customs union is properly managed it is likely that everyone in it would stand to benefit.

"This agreement represents Ethians finding solutions to economic issues without the need for compromised sovereignty and over-arching alliances, instead it's just neighbors becoming good friends and supporting one another, I think we can all raise a glass to that!"
Zilathe Sethlans proclaimed as glasses were drained and cheers given

Many analysts perceive the success of this agreement as a sign of shifting political winds in the wider auroria's, Professor Vequin Sullus of the corporate university of Port Messana has suggested that the customs union might on some level be a repudiating response to the UAS, a transnational union whose binding policies and emphasis on globalized governance were widely seen to have failed due to the alliance's inaction during the Aurorean war.

"I think the timing cannot be discounted, last year there was talk of share currencies and integrated economies, now with the war done and the UAS firmly in the political trashbin we have a purely financial agreement being ushered into life. The message couldn't be clearer, big alliances have failed, national sovereignty is the done thing and its goal is to make lots of money!"

Some are already toasting the so-called "NGEC of Auroria" but it remains to be seen how many more states will jump onto the bandwagon, tonight However that is the last thing on people's minds, the people of Veii are all smiles and full cups as fireworks and music serenade the arrival of a new chapter in the continent's history.

Ukelect Covinn News


East Care City's Meteor Impact and Collaborative Transformation

Greetings, esteemed readers of UCN News! We will keep you updated and sharp for every single updates throughout the world. Today, we will bring you an update on the recent meteor impact that astounded East Care City, where innovation and collaboration are shaping the city's future.

East Care City, Ukelect– In an unprecedented celestial event on 17/9/2023. A meteor descended into East Care City, creating a significant crater within the city's lush forests. The meteor descended and impacted the ground at 14.00 PM. At that time, the citizens of East Care are mostly taking anap and having a nice time. The meteor, a cosmic visitor, drew the attention of citizens, experts, and various departments, including the Department of Disaster Management and local law enforcement agencies. Collaborating with experts from the Ukelect Space Agency and the Department of Astronomy, scientists are diligently examining the celestial intruder.


Ilustration of the crater formed because the impact of
the meteor, some trees can be seen dead and a medium
forest fire happened around the crater.

The Meteor Impact

Local resident Jane Smith was among the first to witness the meteor's descent. She vividly described the event: "It was like something out of a sci-fi movie. I couldn't believe my eyes. The sky lit up, and then there was this loud noise. It was almost magical."

John Davis, an astronomy enthusiast, added, "I've never seen anything like this. I immediately grabbed my telescope and started documenting the meteor's path across the night sky."

Ukelect Covinn News (UCN News) had the privilege to interview Professor Emily Hernandez, an esteemed astronomer from East Care University. Professor Hernandez shared her perspective on this unprecedented event: "Meteor impacts are incredibly rare, and to witness one in a densely populated area like East Care City is extraordinary. We will be examining the meteor's composition to gain insights into the mysteries of our universe."

Crater Transformation Plans

The meteor impact created a substantial crater within the city's forests. Local authorities are exploring plans to repurpose this natural phenomenon. Minister of Environment, Alan Turner, has proposed an ambitious project – the construction of a Forest Tower. This tower will serve as a tribute to the lost forest and offer a unique experience to visitors.

Minister Turner envisions the Forest Tower as a blend of luxury and nature, featuring lush vegetation, observation decks, and functioning as a hotel. The plan is simply a win-win for both environmental beauty and infrastructure. This visionary plan has garnered significant support from residents and environmentalists, emphasizing the city's commitment to sustainability and natural beauty.

A Collaborative Effort with Katori Corp

In an unexpected development, Minister of Infrastructure, Rebgiz Johnson, expressed interest in collaborating with Katori Corp, renowned for the recently opened Crystal Tower in Blobburg. Minister Johnson believes Katori Corp's architectural expertise will be pivotal in shaping East Care City's meteor crater into an iconic landmark.

This partnership signifies the city's dedication to sustainable development and architectural brilliance. Citizens eagerly await the transformation of the meteor crater, which is expected to draw global attention, much like Blobburg's Crystal Tower.

As East Care City continues to evolve, bridging the gap between nature and modernity, UCN News remains committed to providing updates on this captivating journey.

The meteor's impact holds the promise of a brighter future, one that restores the lost forest while symbolizing resilience and innovation.


As we witness East Care City's meteoric transformation, the collaboration between the government, local authorities, and private enterprises is a testament to human innovation and environmental stewardship. The world eagerly anticipates the birth of the Forest Tower, a testament to East Care City's commitment to sustainability, luxury, and the preservation of nature's wonders. UCN News will continue to keep you updated on this remarkable journey. Until next time, stay informed and inspired by the world's evolving stories.
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Faursian National Party win the first Faursian general election
23rd of June, 2023
09:47 AM

It was announced at midnight that the centre-left Faursian Party of Labour, under Cecilia Miedema, had won the Faursian general election. Miedema and her party secured 60 seats, just 12 shy of a majority, however Miedema quickly formed a coalition government with the Faursian People’s Union, another left-wing party, led by Andries Verhagen, who is now Faursia’s Depute Prime Minister. This new coalition, titled the Faursian National Party, now occupies 74 seats, a majority of 2. The total seat allocation within the Faursian Parliament is listed below;
  • Faursian National Party: 74 seats
  • Faursian Commonwealth Party: 31 seats
  • Faursian Liberal Party: 22 seats
  • Faursian Republican Party: 6 seats
  • Faursian Democratic Union: 6 seats
  • Independents: 3 seats
  • Faursian Communist Party: 2 seats
Moments after the coalition was announced, Cecilia Miedema has been sworn in as Faursia’s new Prime Minister on the steps of the Faursian Parliament, in front of hundreds of news reporters and thousands of onlookers. She made a brief speech, in which she thanked voters, reassured her campaign promises and expressed an excitement to get to work.

The election follows a lengthy process to secure Faursian devolution, which included several bills moving through the upper and lower houses of the Aubervijan Parliament and several referendums. The Faursian Parliament will now be able to exercise its own powers, as already negotiated with the Aubervijan government.

Not all of the Faursian Parliament supports devolution, however. The second largest party within the Parliament, the Faursian Commonwealth Party, supports the abolition of devolution entirely, and believes the Aubervijan Parliament would serve Faursia better. The Faursian Liberal Party supports devolution, yet believes Faursia should never attempt to gain independence, whilst the Faursian Communist Party believes Faursia should become completely independent.

Aubervijr’s Chancellor, Johannes van der Capellen and his wife, First Lady Daniëlle van der Capellen, were both present at Miedema’s inauguration. The Chancellor was attending in the place of the President, Coenraad van Rijckevorsel, who chose not to travel after taking ill. Across Faursia, crowds took to the streets in celebration, organising parades that ran long into the night. Although most of the demonstrations were peaceful, there were reports of clashes between police and rioters, however no-one was injured. Police arrested an unknown number of rioters and held them in custody overnight; all have since been released.

Miedema and Van der Capellen both condemned the rioters and called for unity, rather than divide. Miedema was quoted saying; “The riots that occured overnight were needless and have shamed us all. We are all lucky that no-one was injured, and we thank the police force for their quick and professional response.”

The response of the Aubervijan Parliament, however remains mixed. Whilst Van der Capellen’s Social Democrats were open, or perhaps even supportive of Faursian devolution, however parties such as the Democratic Messianists, the Republicans, the Conservative Party and the Reform Party all remain strongly opposed to Faursian devolution. This has sparked considerable divide within the Aubervijan Parliament, and will no doubt only continue to do so. Especially considering the Faursian National Party now have a presence in the Aubervijan Parliament, with Miedema personally appointing a set of MPs to represent both the party and Faursia as a whole in Parliament.


Barely a month after the first signatures that announced the birth of a new free market union, more influential signatures have seen fit to grace ornate vellum with their mark. Live from two different sides of the archipelago in two different national capitals the governments of Tardine and Ultramont formally declared their intent to join the Newly Christened Trans-Ethian Customs Union. In honor of this development, member states unanimously agreed to rechristen the union as the Trans Aurorian Customs Union, catapulting the alliance from merely Ethia to two more sub-continents.

For Ultramont this represents a strong declaration of assertiveness as the proud state seems intent on positioning itself as a powerful player in the wider Aurorias, For Tardine this is a return to form after an annus horribilis in the form of a dictatorship and brutal civil war. Cheers and toasts followed in both capitals and the excitement appears to be spreading both at the top and bottom of countless aurorian states,

Professor Vequin Sullus of the corporate university of Port Messana explained the potential implications of this union:

“This deal presents several coveted opportunities for both governments and citizens alike, the tariff reductions will allow member states to access markets that have until now largely been restricted by protectionist policies and the ever-present global vice that is national sovereigntism, this new deal opens those markets both to imports and exports that will add billions to the continents economic outlook.

For the common person, the allure is equally exciting, visa free travel means opportunities to study, holiday, emigrate, and perhaps most importantly spend within a shared region. This could bring further billions in revenue to member states and might also lead to closer ties as the peoples of this new union intermingle and interact.

However, most importantly this deal comes with no real political strings attached, no shared defense clauses, no common currency or defining political ideology, for some more socialist-minded states this will be seen as anathema to good governance...for its members, it’s a windfall”

Speaking from his ranch in Northern Volshan, Speaker to the Synod on economic affairs Euclastes Eremon had this to say:

“Well, I think it's bloody brilliant fellows! It's not a surprise that Tardine and Ultramont have joined, for too long we’ve suffered the twin evils of big internationalist alliances that got nothing done and wars that left entire regions of this great continent in ruins. This agreement proves that with honest cooperation, hard yakka, and the common sense of sovereign nations working together but respecting each other's independence we can rebuild Auroria to be a better place and we can do it without the Echoe chamber of that bloody UAS!”

Zilathe Sethlans has yet to comment on the news, however, her popularity is currently surging in the latest polls which measure her responses to various crises. Common words used to describe the Zilathe have included “decisive” “Confident” and “Setting the continent in order” Whether this honeymoon period continues, or fizzles out remains to be seen. She is expected to stand as incumbent when her predecessor's term ends next year, she will have fierce competition in the form of challenger and avowed conservative, Kavei Calla who has formally announced his bid for the office.

For now, the election is another day's affair and the TACU is off to a flying start, several analysts are now taking to granting the growing alliance the moniker of “The A5” In oppositional reference to the V3, time will tell if this is just good-natured ribbing or if a more adversarial positioning emerges in the young continent.​



[Scene from the bombing of Al Zahra]

The town of Tel Khitana has seen its share of violence over the course of the century, pogroms and riots were commonplace occurrences both before and after the Barthist revolution. It was in this seemingly quiet railway town that the downfall of Barthism first began a brutal 48-hour battle raging as Volshan forces fought the Aurorean military from house to house. Now the streets are quiet, order has largely been restored and you are more likely to see children playing football than soldiers.​

Accused Barthist leaders:

Nazih Nazir- Minister of Agriculture- The minister was sentenced to “being complicit in the abuse of Harbi indentured farm laborers” and received a suspended sentence of twenty years in prison. Due to his advanced age and ill health, having been diagnosed with kidney failure and type 2 diabetes while in prison, he has been released into home detention on humanitarian grounds.

Turel Azam- Commander of the forces that invaded Scalvia- The jury found him guilty of crimes against humanity due to his role in the violence that saw the murder and abuse of Scalvian civilians and POWs. Azam has been sentenced to death by hanging. He had to be escorted from the court by MPs as he raged and shouted barthist slogans at the jury and panel of judges.

Berti Chuma Tam-Minister of State for Aurorea- The highest-ranking member of the barthist party to survive the war, Chuma Tam was indicted of charges of aiding and abetting the genocide of the Harbi people, willful incitement of violence against both neighboring states and the ethnic minorities of Aurorea and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Herman Gavi- Governor of Harbiland during the Barthist regime- For the crimes of “Wilful participation in genocide” “Slavery” and the “Theft of Harbi children” he was sentenced to death by hanging.

In addition to the major trials, thousands of minor officials and military officers are also expected to stand trial as the process of “removing Barthism in totality” gets underway. Participation in atrocities whether willful or coerced will be high on the list of trials and membership to either the Barthist republican guard or the party's political wing carries an automatic sentence of up to 20 years imprisonment and disqualification from political office or military service.

Addressing the assembled court, Scalvian federal judge Svajūnas Jonauskas delivered the closing statement to this week's landmark trials:

“We hold that life in the eyes of God is sacred and that its taking is a crime before both humanity and the lord. The aggression that was encouraged, perpetrated, and organized by the Barthist regime has claimed thousands of lives over the course of this loathsome war, and the internal genocide against the Harbi has claimed hundreds of thousands more. We have attempted to judge each according to his actions and level of responsibility, and now the time comes that sentences be carried out. May god have mercy upon those accused, may he grant those who judge them wisdom and may we never again be plagued by the horrors of genocide and war”

With that powerful speech, the trial ended, and the prisoners were escorted under heavy guard to their cells. Speaking outside the courtroom Chief Prosecutor Adrasteus Vela had this to say:

This verdict will not please those who wished for punishment, it will not appease those who demanded vengeance and it will do little to comfort those who have suffered at the hands of this vilest of regimes, instead it has been a necessary thing, neither satisfying nor disappointing. Like closing the last page of a badly written novel we now must set aside hopes for better outcomes and instead focus upon the arduous task of rebuilding the lands Barthism has marked so thoroughly with its destructive wars.”

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Legislation Passage Thresholds Changed
October 12th, 2023
By: Tristian Bachelet

Prime Minister Madeline Ellison and the Chamber of Law have jointly announced a change to the thresholds necessary for passage of legislation. Concerns over the Sister Princesses Claidie and Alice stepping away from legislative duties have raised worry that a rubber stamp pass or fail from the monarchs based on the Prime Minister's opinion on legislation would effectively implement or kill legislation regardless of the Chamber of Law's vote. To remedy the situation, the Chamber of Law is now allocated a number of votes on legislation based on the margin of the vote.

In cases where the decision was based on a 50%+1 margin, the direction the Chamber of Law went is allocated one vote.
Where the decision reached two-thirds in a direction, that direction is allocated two votes.
Where the decision was unanimous, the direction is allocated three votes.

A majority of votes is still required to pass legislation, but this now means that the Chamber of Law has the capability to override the Prime Minister's opinion more easily, despite the possibility that the Sister Princesses would vote along with the Prime Minister.

PM Tamm returns from Esthursia


PM Tamm during a oress conference after his return

A thoroughly frustrated Tamm returned from Esthursia this evening without a deal. What did he have to say?

Voldemar Georg Tamm was in Esthursia to discuss a deal between Scalvia and Esthursia. This deal fell through. The following is a transcript of the Prime Minister's Mercanti statement to the press following his return.

Tere õhtust, good evening everyone. Before I start, I will not be taking questions tonight. I will begin in Mercanti. I sincerely hoped to be coming back here in happier circumstances but unfortunately I have come back without a deal. I was hoping to come back with a good, equitable deal. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Very simply put, the agreement presented to us was seeking to take advantage of Scalvia, and we were treated with condescension, disrespect, insults, and frankly a lack of willingness to negotiate.
Let me make this clear. This is not how we wanted this to go, but Esthursia simply could not let go of its wish to belittle, denigrate and disrespect us, while then attempting to manipulate us into agreeing to a deal that was, for the record, not even negotiated. It was presented to us. They repeatedly made clear their complete disrespect towards us. We very genuinely tried, but at the end of the day, at the base of diplomacy is respect, something that the Esthursians did not have for us at the very outset. There was unending deceit, allegations that we were punishing Esthursia with gun deaths, and simply completely ridiculous claims throughout. Let me make this crystal clear. Scalvia has not, does not and will NEVER punish a country with deaths over such an agreement. We made our position crystal clear on the matter of security cooperation: this can be discussed once the Esthursian policy on extradition changes. Put another way, this can be discussed once Esthursia begins respecting Scalvian Law. Until then, Scalvia owes Esthursia nothing when it comes to giving them assistance in the enforcement of their own laws. There was NEVER any threat of our police forces allowing smuggling. Not once. Smuggling, especially of weapons remains a severe crime in Scalvia, and continues to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I have full confidence in our police, our courts and our border guard. It seems our counterparts in Esthursia don't have the same confidence in their security organs, which is unfortunate, but is also not our problem. To address my Esthursian counterpart's statement that we somehow put "a price" on Esthursian lives, this is a bold faced lie. A malicious lie that I know he's above. It would have been one thing if this is where it stopped though. It became a whole other thing when Esthursia decided themselves to strike the security cooperation from the deal and then proceeded to tell us that they'd made a massive concession, which meant that all other points were now essentially non-negotiable. This was the moment I lost any hope I did have in the negotiations. This was the moment they started to try forcing a disadvantageous deal on Scalvia. They never once were even interested in treating Scalvia as an equal partner which is deeply disheartening. It was the moment I realised that there were no good intentions behind the Esthursians' negotiations. Just a will of exploiting and dominating a smaller neighbour. A neighbour that, for decades, acted as the world's biggest landmine shielding them and their luxurious lifestyles from the Auroreans. This is the thanks -- the respect we get? A glob of spit in our faces and on the graves of our fathers?
Moving on. Scalvia's stance on Iolanta has been one of restraint, for very good reason. While the faux-humanitarians levy embargoes on Iolanta, we've kept lines of communication and of trade open. Why is this? Because in an embargo it is always, without exception, those that are oppressed that are hurt the worst. When you corner an animal, it will lash out, and the lives that will be lost as a result and the human suffering that will be created will be far far beyond the current status quo, that, as a reminder, Scalvia tried to change. Scalvia is firmly opposed to ethnonationalism, racism and apartheid. I'm not sure many people still remember, but Scalvia, alongside her allies in Volshan, actually dismantled an apartheid regime. What was Esthursia doing? Well frankly speaking? Nothing. They assisted refugees, but really, aside from that, it was inaction. Perhaps they considered it not their business, or perhaps it was something else? In the end it does not matter. They disregarded a treaty and stayed out. Fine. Frankly speaking though? Iolanta is not our business, and yet we still tried to solve that situation, we offered help, even as we helped and continue to help millions in The Aurorea. Our offer was rejected. Again, fine. But we cannot be expected to then turn around and demand we be allowed to help. Whether our help is wanted or not is not our business and frankly we have moved on. Our stance is of actual humanitarianism, not faux-humanitarianism as displayed by Esthursia. They simply care about appearances, while we genuinely care about human lives. To say that Scalvia doesn't is a stone faced lie. Another malicious lie.
It is frankly deeply saddening that these are the lows to which Esthursia has fallen. It's almost as if we're back to the Thorne days of arrogance, disrespect, unwillingness to take responsibility and just complete lack of any care for anything other than their own bottom line. The unending lies, deception and attempts to then deflect away from that deception have led us here. I am thoroughly frustrated, disappointed and saddened, as I am sure many Scalvians, and indeed many Esthursians are tonight. The lack of goodwill and respect from our Esthursian counterparts is deeply distressing and saddening, and unfortunately an increasing trend. I have been accused of not having any goodwill. I had it when I arrived in Weskerby. The Esthursians stripped any goodwill I had throughout the negotiations through their lack of goodwill, through their deceit and their disrespect and lies.
Despite my bitter disappointment, and anger at the Esthursian Government, I have decided to instruct the appropriate authorities to grant Esthursian citizens a provisional ninety day visa waiver programme. This is something I absolutely do not have to do and something that is not being reciprocrated by Esthursia. This is a show of my goodwill towards Esthursians who I know will doubtless suffer at the actions of their Government. They don't deserve this. This ninety day period is meant to give Esthursia's government time to figure out a more permanent solution, that I'm hopeful they'll try to do. I will also make it clear that new negotiations are not off the table, but we will not have any tolerance for any deceit and lies that Esthursia might try to use against us. We could have left immediately after Esthursian lies and deceit started. We didn't. We stayed out of perhaps a naive hope of reaching an agreement. The naivety is gone. The hopefulness of an Esthursia that genuinely wants to treat us as an equal partner is gone. Quite possibly never to return. Now in Vaigan...
"Criminal Sets Unintended Record During High-Speed Police Chase in Hamolan"

In an unexpected turn of events, a high-speed police chase through the streets of Hamolan ended with the fleeing suspect inadvertently setting a national record for the longest chase without a single traffic violation, baffling law enforcement and onlookers alike.

Armany narrowly defeats Lund to retain Venstre candidacy

Winning with just 52.2% of the members' vote, and already behind in the polls, Armany faces an uphill battle to clinch his third term next month


Llorenç Armany (left) narrowly fought off challenge from the left by Audun Lund (right), but the close shave may damage Armany's electoral chances
Llorenç Armany faces the chancellorship election in the middle of next month; and he appears to still be on the back foot, having only narrowly evaded an embarrassing defeat as nominee for the left-of-centre Venstre party despite being the incumbent for two terms. No love appears to have been lost by Audun Lund, the left's nominee, who told reporters in his campaigning headquarters as the results came out:
If this isn't a strong signal to send to Armany to listen to those of us on the left, then I don't know what else we have left to do. Armany was just two percent off of being the first incumbent Chancellor to lose his place as nominee - he cannot simply ride roughshod into this contest expecting those of us on the left to stay silent on the back of the same "not-them" rhetoric that won him the last two elections.

Lucía Mercè Ciuranet (right) is Nationalist Alternative's candidate ahead of the December election; by seizing upon discontent with the stagflating economy, youth, death penalty and housing crisis, as well as bringing her party's social stances to the moderate right amid internal Venstre dissent and discontent with the Civic Union-backed government's austerity programme, Ciuranet is leading Armany by up to 10 points just 5 weeks off from the election

Armany - but not the Venstre-held legislature, currently dependent on votes from the Civic Union (who have pushed a deficit-reduction strategy) and the Greens (who have opposed it and moderated it), whose two-year election cycle ends in December 2024 - is now facing his next hurdle. The most popular candidate he has faced - if we are to count Astruc's declining popularity in 2017 rather than before this - in his career, Armany may no longer be able to rely on uniting the centre and left against Nationalist Alternative's socially moderate, economically interventionist "conservative socialist" Lucía Mercè Ciuranet, who has appealed to voters based on a "pro-worker, pro-Oçonny, pro-order" stance. Nationalist Alternative previously veered rightward ahead of the 2020 election to choose Àlvar Mesegué, who was a staunch right-winger from the party's free-market Libertat faction, and whose staunch opposition from the left in the north and from Southern voters drove Armany - then the least-popular Chancellor since Astruc in his final year - into a comfortable, albeit smaller, second-round victory. Ciuranet appears to have also begun seizing on hesitation from the left, who disapprove of Armany's more "restrained liberal" tendencies, including his support of a Civic Union plan to increase the pension age in 2022 to 66 from 64, in her latest stances and statements.
What I say to typical Venstre voters who are apprehensive over Chancellor Armany's lack of substance is this - you're dead right. Armany has survived as Venstre's candidate by the skin of his teeth, and performed the worst that any incumbent has ever performed in securing his nomination - may I remind him that I won with 94% of the party's backing, not a majority of just 4% - because of how little faith this country has in Venstre politics. In our democracy, the only way you say "no, I won't take this" to the corporate-backed liberals in Lauhas is by casting your ballot for an opposition candidate. I think, with my plan to abolish income tax for under-25s, to address the housing crisis that affects young people disproportionately, and my plan to finally put Avancenic energy first by transitioning away from gas and oil, instead of wasting voters' time with bickering over abortion and homosexuality, the Nationalist Alternative to the Venstre establishment is there, waiting in the wings to put aside the tinkering and the political correctness, and replace it with substance and change.
Map (left) of the best-performing candidate's party in 2020 by farthing/quartièr, when Armany defeated NA's Mesegué by 4.6 points; Venstre (orange) typically win Suthnic voters, who are more socially liberal and anti-populist, while Nationalist Alternative (purple) win more Oçonian votesx

Polling shows that the electoral coalition behind Ciuranet is more willing to turn out, younger, more pro-intervention and slightly more Suthnic than behind Mesegué three years ago; Armany's hold in Suthnic regions is also declining, with Molbrygge - a key socialist stronghold and Venstre heartland - falling from 73% Armany voters in 2020 to just 63% in recent polls in a second-round between himself and Ciuranet. Lund was polled in the same Molbrygge runoff, and was predicted 77% of the vote.

The Greens, who are typically Venstre-friendly and are currently in Marta Helle's coalition government in the unicameral 550-member Jordmøte, have "warned against" not voting or voting Ciuranet, but also addressed "fears of inaction":
We understand that the people of this country may find Ciuranet's seemingly amenable economic policies positive - but need we remind the people of the consequences of voting for an interventionist Nationalist. An NA candidate is an NA candidate no matter what; and they are a danger to our society, our tolerant values and our progress as a society if we let them through. With that fear, we urge Armany to listen to his party and his voters, to take into account the very large minority who backed a different platform, and reconsider his own electoral platform in order to campaign effectively and convincingly - a potential Astruc rerun is up for stake, with all that entailed last time.

The election, to be held on 13 December, is looming - and with Armany 7 points behind Ciuranet as of recent polling averages, and a populist taking policies from the hard left and hard right alike potentially ready to gain power, the Lauhas Times urges voters to tactically vote to deny the Nationalist Alternative party a landmark victory, and to back tolerance, acceptance and human rights by voting for Llorenç Armany, as well as backing Venstre or tactically voting against NA candidates in the regional elections happening next month.
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(Chairwoman Denvikov, after issuing the apology. Credit: Rayvostokan Government)
In a stunning, first-ever move by the Government of Rayvostoka, Sasha Denvikov, the current Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers of Rayvostoka and General Secretary of the Messianist Communist Party. Has issued an official apology to the Craviterean Kingdom of Prydania for the People's Republic's prior endorsement and recognition of the infamous Syndicalist Government which had been supported by the previous Chairman Mikhail Aslanov who was ousted from power two years ago.

The public apology was given to the Prydanian Government and People live on both national and international television, with Chairwoman Denvikov publicly denouncing the regime of the previous Chairman and conveying to the public her views on the future.

The following is a transcript of her speech:
"For almost twenty years, the People's Republic of Rayvostoka has neglected to address the crimes and diplomatic failures of its past leadership. Allowing for distrust and hesitancy to form between us and our fellow nations of the world, and nowhere else has that been more evident than in our relationship with the Kingdom of Prydania.
When Mikhail Aslanov declared his support for the Syndicalist uprising in Prydania and recognized their government under Thomas Nielsen as legitimate, he by proxy condoned the deaths of the tens of thousands of innocent deaths that occurred under that regime. And watched in timid silence, as Messianists were brutally slaughtered by the thugs of the syndicalist regime. A crime which this government could never and will never condone.

Our relationship with the Kingdom of Prydania for that reason was justly damaged, but with the changing times, I believe it is necessary for an apology. As those who came before me were too weak and self-consumed to correct themselves and stand for what is right, I will say what must be said. We are sorry and must deeply apologize for all of the pain we caused by supporting such a regime, we are sorry for not standing up for what was right and failing to do good towards you and we apologize for allowing this gap to exist between our nations when it should have been repaired immediately.

I humbly hope, and so do all of the men and women of Rayvostoka that the Kingdom and People of Prydania accept this apology and with time, hopefully be able to form a strong relationship in the future."

This speech marks the first time the People's Republic of Rayvostoka has apologized to another nation for actions it performed under a previous government and could indicate a significant turning point in foreign policy towards the Craviterean continent which has historically been quite icy. However, only time will tell whether or not this attempt to rekindle diplomatic will be successful.

Written by: Johann Strauss
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To deal with the Civil War's aftermath, the Government, still under Klaiden Risvie's reign, created welfare programs that, initially, would last a year and now are going to be permanent


One year ago, the former emperor now Acting Prime Minister, Klaiden Sergonianni Risvie, sanctioned the creation of two welfare programs, Caring Tardine and Homes for the Homeless. The CT program will keep its current format, although the requisites for participating will change. Now only one person per household shall receive the benefit, and, for those who have children, there shall be an additional of 120₸τ (105 IBU) per kid. Any child over 4 must be enrolled and regularly attending school otherwise the benefit will be blocked. Also, the value of the benefit is fixed on 40% of the current year's basic income.

Considering that this year's basic income is 1,587₸τ (1,388.62 IBU). This year's benefit will be of 634.8₸τ (555.45 IBU), lower than last year's. This has issued a few protests among those who received the money last year, but the Government assures that the change is necessary in order to maintain the benefit affordable. The payments will start from the next month, which means that this month's payment was the last from the old format.

The Homes for the Homeless program has been completely remade, and now the government will build apartment complexes for those who can't afford paying for a new house. They will pay for the apartments with zero interest to the Royal Bank, who's funding the program in the name of the government, and the first payment will be only after a year. It is now called Green and White Home, in allusion to Tardine's flag colors.

While some people criticized the new welfare programs, most have been celebrating it, saying that they are the first steps towards a developed Tardine, with less social inequality and everyone living over the line of poverty. The emperor said, during his announcement: "The time has come for huge changes in our nation. Along with the new Constitution that's due to the next year, our people are now more united than ever. Tardine has come a long way to give up now. And, as the saying goes, 'no Tardineanni knows how to give up'. Onward, Tardineanni people!"

Your opinions matter to us! Comment what are your thoughts below, or on Twitcher using our #tardineanniRoial.

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SBC News

End of Watch? Scalvian Federal Police considering phasing out V8 Buffaloes


Vantage Buffalo Pursuit

After nearly two decades of service in the frontline of Scalvian Policing, the V8-powered Vantage Buffaloes could soon be a memory of the past.

KARISTE, VA -- The SFP's Deputy Chief Superintendent for Procurement, Major General Arno Priiberg announced that the Scalvian Federal Police is considering giving V6-powered Buffaloes a larger role in the Highway Patrol units of the SFP. Currently, the Scalvian Federal Police's Highway Patrol units rely on V8-powered Vantage Buffaloes. This announcement could be taken to imply that the SFP is looking at phasing out the big-engined Buffaloes.

V8-powered cars have been a mainstay for decades in Scalvian Police Service. From the Vantage Ocelot of the 1960s to the Vantage Ratels of the 1990s and the GDMV Krones of the 2000s, the V8 engine has powered Scalvia's police cars for over six decades. With the retirement of the GDMV Krone in 2011, however, Scalvian Police Forces decided to standardise on the twin-turbo V6 for regular patrol duties. The GDMV Krone was followed by the Vantage Buffalo as the most popular police sedan in Scalvia, and its V6 variation, powered by a 3.6L twin turbo V6, became the most numerous car in Scalvia's Police fleets. An exception was chosen for highway patrol cars, however. The Vantage Buffalo had been introduced in 2005 and its Pursuit package had already been bought in some numbers for service in highway patrol units, exclusively powered by V8 engines. Highway Patrol duties were seen as needing additional power, however, and V8 Buffaloes continued serving from 2011 in Highway Patrol Duties.

The Buffalo

The Vantage Buffalo Pursuit, known outside of Auroria as the Vantage Buffalo Enforcer is made in four variations. V6 rear-wheel drive, V6 all-wheel drive, V8 rear-wheel drive, and V8 all-wheel drive. SFP Highway Patrol Buffaloes were bought as V8 AWD Buffaloes. Powered by a 5.7L HEMI V8 engine, their roar has been a pop-culture icon in Scalvia for years. The Vantage Buffalo Pursuit has seen success overseas as well, with the V8 AWD cars known as the Enforcers, being sold to the Royal Yalken Ranger Service, The Goyanean KRP, and the Prydanian National Police, in addition to their wide adoption in Dhahara in their V6 configurations. Inside Auroria, too, the car has seen some foreign success, with the Sûreté Nationale of Ultramont driving V8 AWD Buffaloes and the Hexastalian National Police driving V8 RWD Buffaloes in a Highway Patrol role. An iconic police vehicle across the world, the Buffalo's V8 HEMI engine is known from Auroria to Gothis.

The End of the V8?
The Scalvian Federal Police has announced, however, that they are considering giving V6-powered Buffaloes a larger role in Highway Patrol duties, primarily due to its fuel economy and still excellent power. The V8 is a fuel hungry engine, demanding a gallon of gasoline every 21 miles, that is compared to the V6's 28mpg (11.2l/100km and 8.4l/100km respectively,) and while the V8 is more powerful, there have been rumors that the Scalvian Federal Police has begun questioning the necessity of the V8 in the Highway Patrol role. It is expected that at least initially, the Scalvian Federal Police will run a trial program of both V6 and V8-powered Buffaloes on Highway Patrol duty, with additional details expected in January of 2024. What is certain, however, is that the V8 Buffaloes will now have to share duties with their less powerful brothers.

Or not?
Whatever the case, Vantage has confirmed that they will continue to offer the Vantage Buffalo Pursuit/Enforcer in V8 for the 2024 model year, and expect its foreign sales to trump the domestic V8 Pursuit sales for the 11th consecutive year.
Despite the Federal Police's move towards potentially phasing out the V8-powered Buffaloes, the Vaigan National Police and the Selian State Police have shown no such intentions. Currently, their combined fleet of V8 Buffaloes is 192 vehicles, 36 with the SSP, and 156 with the VNP. The Taurogan Police has been quiet on the issue, but their V8 Buffalo fleet of 12 vehicles is also the smallest. For reference, the Federal Police currently has 359 V8-powered Vantage Buffaloes, out of a total fleet of 2,121 Vantage Buffaloes. This gives all Scalvian Police Forces a fleet of 563 V8-powered Buffaloes, out of a total fleet of 4,994 Vantage Buffaloes. While a sizeable reduction in the V8-powered Buffalo fleet is likely in the cards, it is unlikely that they will disappear from Scalvia's highways entirely, at least in the foreseeable future. The V8-powered Buffaloes also still remain an extremely popular offering abroad, and even if the V8 Buffaloes end their service in Scalvia, it is likely that V8 Buffaloes will continue to serve in many colours, across many police forces for many years yet to come.
Imperial Navy Carrier Strike Group Arrives in Scalvia


The HMS Johannes IX docks in the harbor at Kariste on Saturday, assisted by tugboats.

December 30, 2023
KARISTE, SCALVIA – After long days of traveling on the high seas, the 2nd Carrier Strike Group has arrived at the home base of the Scalvian Western Fleet in Kariste. There they will ring in the new year and then partake in naval readiness exercises with our Aurorian allies.

The 2nd Carrier Strike Group is currently composed of the supercarrier HMS Johannes IX, the Skogul-equipped cruisers HMS Lillehammer, HMS Fennmark, and HMS Ingolfur der Stor, and the Skogul destroyers HMS Erik Shan-Yin and HMS Pyramide. Once there, they will link up with the Scalvian Navy’s Skogul-equipped heavy frigates Commonwealth and Unity, among other ships.

The exercises will test fleet coordination and fast response, as well as integration of inter-fleet Skogul combat systems and aerial combat. Furthermore, the exercises will demonstrate allied resolve in the region and further strengthen the Goyanean-Scalvian alliance.

The mood aboard the HMS Johannes IX was quite high, with many of the ship’s common areas decorated for Christmas and the Vinterfest. Ovenmaat Rikard Karlheinz, an enlisted sailor, spoke with The Union Cross and said “this is my first time in Auroria. For a kid from the Skathic Alps, this is the true adventure I sought by joining the Imperial Navy.”

Other sailors who spoke to The Union Cross’ shipboard reporters said that they were excited to check out the sights and eats of Kariste, including the famed Scalvian Naval Museum in the Lennusadam area of the city. Enlisted sailor Gefreider Vilhelm Nyberg of the HMS Erik Shan-Yin stated that he was most excited to tour the 1930s destroyer Lennuk that is on display at the museum. “As a history buff myself, it’s always cool to see preserved aspects of our past. It’s important.”

In addition, as part of the port visit, the HMS Johannes IX will be open for public tours. The captain of the ship, Kommandør Danneg “Big Dan” Heidersson, said that “this will be an excellent opportunity to the local public to learn more about the Imperial Navy and, my favorite, Goyanean food.” Visitors to the ship will be given the opportunity to try numerous Goyanean delicacies in a buffet that will be set up in the ship’s hangar. “No better way to conduct diplomacy, in my opinion, than with some venison meatballs and stektøst sandwiches.” The ships will be docked in Kariste for public tours for the first week of January before departing for exercises. As part of other outreach activities, a friendly match of Gojan Football is planned between the sailors of CSG 2 and their Scalvian Navy counterparts to raise funds for cancer research as part of an annual tradition between the two forces known as the Anchor Bowl.
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Hexastalian, Tardineanni, and Esthursian Companies Unite for Hydrogen-Powered Airliners

In a groundbreaking announcement, Hexastalian Aerospace Industries, Kouranshaw Aircraft (Golden Valley), and Esthursian Air Systems have announced a joint venture aimed at revolutionizing the aviation industry. This trilateral effort brings together the expertise of these prominent aircraft manufacturing companies to pioneer and produce cutting-edge hydrogen-powered airliners.

The initiative, unveiled in a press conference attended by representatives from each company, marks a significant stride towards sustainability and innovation in aviation technology. Hydrogen-powered aircraft are poised to play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and addressing environmental concerns.

Hexastalia Aerospace Industries and Esthursian Air Systems are both notable companies in the regional airliner market and released concept art appears to show that their initial products will continue with this trend. However, alongside the smaller turboprop-driven regional airliner design presented appears to be a narrow body airliner, which could be used over more substantial distances.

The announced name for the joint venture is the United Aircraft Company. In addition to developing these aircraft, UAC also plans to work with airports and other companies to establish the necessary infrastructure to support hydrogen-powered airliners.

SCDF Issues Level II warning for Western Scalvia as Storm Glenn batters Southwestern Esthursia

The Scalvia Civil Defence Force issued a Level II Storm Warning early this morning, asking people to exercise caution.

Damage is expected to be limited, but the SCDF implores drivers to exercise caution as conditions may change rapidly. Traffic on the Trans-Scalvian, Great Southern, and Great Mountain Highways may be affected.
The Vaigan Rescue Service has prepared additional resources for rescue as dangerous conditions are expected to continue for some time.

The Vaigan National Police KMPD, and the Scalvian Federal Police have announced that they will be conducting saturation patrols to ensure that motorists are reasonable and prudent in difficult conditions.

Silverstar Auto Group makes multiple major announcements

-- Silverstar Auto Group, parent company of Scalvia's largest car manufacturer Vantage, and famous Yalken brand Helgen made major announcements about future expansion and engines, and Vantage has made announcements on vehicle lineups.

Goodbye Hemi V8
Silverstar's first announcement was that the iconic hemi V8, made at the Silverstar Motor Manufacturing Plant at Raudondvaris, would be discontinued by 2027. Made in various forms since 1951, the Vantage Hemi V8 has been an icon of Scalvia's domestic car manufacturing for over seventy years. Silverstar explained their reasoning for the discontinuation as the Hemi V8's size and inefficiency made it unsuitable for an increasingly competitive market. Most Hemi V8s are naturally aspirated, and increasingly outmatched by even smaller V6 engines, not just from Silverstar itself, but from major Goyanean competitor GDMV. The announcement was soon followed by an announcement from Vantage, which included a replacement for the iconic Hemis. From the 2024 model year, Vantage's full-and mid-sized SUVs, as well as their pickups, will receive the option of a 4.0L or 4.4L Twin Turbo V8, alongside a new, temporary Hemi offering, the 5.4L Turbo Hemi V8, which will be offered alongside the new twin turbo V8s out to 2027, before it is discontinued. The Vantage Buffalo will receive the new V8 options from 2025. Helgen is set to announce their changes soon, though it is thought by some industry experts that they will skip the 5.4L Turbo Hemi V8 entirely, and make a quicker move to the Twin Turbo V8s. The rest of the Hemi lineup, aside from the 6.2L Wildcat, Super Wildcat, and Dragon engines, will be discontinued immediately. The Wildcat and Dragon Engines, performance supercharged engines, will continue to be manufactured as the highest end of available engines in limited quantities.
Thus ends the era of Scalvia's most iconic engine, the Hemi V8. Time will tell, if the more powerful and smaller Twin Turbo V8s can create the same legacy, but the Hemi V8 is leaving big shoes to be filled.

Say hello to the I6
The 3.0L straight-six or inline-six, always a peripheral offering from Silverstar, has received a major glow up and is ready to take the streets by storm. Recognising that the I6's economical qualities without sacrificing too much power would make it a major competitor on the market, Silverstar announced that its 3.0L I6 engine offering had received significant upgrades, not least of which being the addition of a second turbocharger. Vantage then announced that from the 2024 model year, the Vantage Buffalo would receive the 3.0L Twin Turbo I6 as an option. Importantly, the Vantage Buffalo Pursuit (or Enforcer as it is known outside of Auroria) will receive the same I6 option, a much more attractive proposition for Police Forces that see the 3.6L Twin Turbo V6 as overkill. The target markets for this new I6 Buffalo are thought to be smaller countries where the budgets of both individuals and Police Forces are tighter. Aside from those, intriguing markets have included larger countries where gasoline prices are higher, and environmental standards stricter. Aside from the Buffalo though, a plethora of other cars, mostly sedans like the Colt and Ratel, Vantage's smaller SUV offerings, up to the Aurochs, and the lower end of pickup trucks, will all receive the Twin Turbo I6 as an option, mostly as an intermediate or top tier option, but in a few cases also as the smallest available engine. The inclusion of the I6 in the Buffalo has stoked intriguing rumours that Vantage may be planning a plug-in hybrid Buffalo, based on the I6-engined option, though Vantage has refused to comment on the matter.
An official Helgen announcement is expected shortly, as to what can be expected from the Helgen side of things with the new I6.

Greatness in the Midlands
In the third, and biggest announcement, Vantage announced that a new manufacturing plant would be set up in Alaterva, in order to vastly expand the brand's operations in Craviter. Alaterva, one of the Prydanian Midlands' great cities has long played second fiddle to Haland, which itself competed for the new Vantage manufacturing plant. In the end, the scales have evened and Alaterva will be the home of Vantage's largest foreign assembly plant to date. In addition to this massive news, Silverstar had one more surprise in store. They announced that they had been in negotiations with the Midland Motors Ownership to acquire the Prydanian manufacturer. They announced that the negotiations were going well, and that Silverstar's vision when it comes to Midland Motors would be introduced in depth once the negotiations were complete. The prospect of a fourth brand under the Silverstar umbrella is now a real possibility, and Silverstar's place as one of the world's premier auto manufacturing groups is made even more secure, despite the fact that all of its brands originate from relatively small countries, to which Prydania would be no exception. Nevertheless, Silverstar stressed that negotiations were still ongoing, and that approval from the Prydanian Government was also needed for the acquisition to go through. Even still, if this acquisition does go through, the possibilities are massive. Prydania has the potential to cement itself as a major auto manufacturing country, with Silverstar capable of bringing in significant investment to the sector in Prydania.

Prydanian Enforcers
A final announcement came from Vantage after the manufacturing plant was confirmed: the next Generation of Prydanian Realm's Police Cars would be coming from Vantage. The Realm's Police, largely stuck operating old GDMV Krones received as humanitarian aid from Goyanes, as well as pre-civil war cars of various marques, has had a motor pool on the brink for a number of years now. It was no shock when the Realm's Police told the Prydanian Government, that without a total overhaul of the vehicle park, the service would soon be incapable of fulfilling its duties. The immediate response was a small tender for new vehicles for testing, which was won by Vantage, and its Buffalo-Bison-Ratel offering. Soon thereafter, funds were allocated for a bigger order, though the Prydanian Government stated that a domestically manufactured fleet would be preferred. This is when Vantage offered to build a manufacturing plant in Prydania, and finally the go-ahead was given. The Prydanian Realm's Police will finally get an overhauled fleet. It is expected that the first few batches will arrive from Scalvia, before the Alaterva plant will take over, both in Prydania, and in Craviter at large. It is hoped that the sale of Vantage Enforcers to the Realm's Police will put the manufacturer on the map for other acquisitions in Craviter from agencies looking to replace their vehicles.

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Hexstal Examiner
Former Prime Minister Barta Announces Presidency Run in Surprise Comeback

In a surprising twist of political fortunes, disgraced former Prime Minister Sebestyen Barta has announced that he will be running for president of Hexastalia. This comes several months after he was removed from his position as Prime Minister last May due to a high profile corruption scandal.

Barta, once a prominent member of the Progressive Alliance party, saw his career take a nosedive when the government began looking into accusations of bribery aimed at him last year. However, Barta seems undeterred in his attempt to regain a position of authority within Hexastalia’s government, leaping into the fray at the highest possible level.

The announcement, made at a press conference attended by skeptics and supporters alike, revealed that Barta would be seeking the Progressive Alliance’s nomination for the presidential seat, rather than the prime ministerial position. Also in the announcement, Barta claimed that his ousting was the result of a “coordinated campaign by members of the government to destabilize the country and disrupt the status quo.” A claim that we should remind readers is unsubstantiated.

Political analysts are divided on the potential impact of Barta’s return. Some view it as a bold and risky move that challenges the resilience of the public’s memory. Others argue that Barta may resonate with a segment of voters that subscribe to potentially dangerous conspiracy theories and Aurorosceptics. The latter being a seemingly growing demographic as Hexastalia finds itself increasingly involved in regional and global affairs.

While not formally charged with anything yet, investigations into Barta and other politicians have continued.

Barta’s decision to vie for the spot of president in an already complex and dynamic election has thrown yet another spanner into the political machine’s delicate internals. Additionally, several members of the Progressive Alliance have protested the party’s decision to allow the man responsible for their downfall back into the party. In a statement on Twitcher, President Imre Pethes said, “The Progressive Alliance’s choice to allow a disgraced former politician that could be indicted tomorrow to run under their banner is a frankly moronic decision that will only lead to a further fragmented party.”

For further updates as the story develops, visit our Political Portal
The Petria Herald
"The "Socialist House" in crisis!"
After the end of its 20th National Assembly, the Vivanquian Socialist Party (VSP) has found itself yet again embroiled in a party-wide civil war between the current Secretary General of the Party, Ildefonso Martin-Algar, and the Timoteo Dello, who's been leading the critical sector of the party for the last few weeks.

Martin-Algar, historical leader of the party has come out to the press claiming that no such war is going on, and that debate is not only logical but encouraged in a democratic society, and much more on the instruments of the will of the people. Martin-Algar has been one of President Gonzal's strong men, having been in the past Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Justice.

On the other side, Timoteo has claimed that it's completely inacceptable that a party such as theirs is unable to look at itself and self-diagnose mistakes to properly fix them. Some sources claim that Timoteo has been planning a run for Gonzal's seat as leader o the VSP, and some claim that he's been preparing a paralel political party with other predominant names of the party to take the historical's spot.

President Gonzal has decided not to comment on the matter.
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Statement on Sorovian Military Aggression

The Scalvian Federation unreservedly and in the strongest possible words condemns the illegal military action undertaken by the Republic of Sorovia. The action is senseless and deeply troubling. The lack of willingness to move forward with a peaceful resolution, and the immediate resorting to a demonstration of arms sets a harrowing precedent. It is a precedent that cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, and that any responsible democracy would see as absolutely unacceptable, regardless of Iolanta’s clear and undeniable systemic issues. This is why the Scalvian Federation is now prepared to take the following actions in defence of a rules based world order:

First, overland transport to and from Sorovia that goes through Scalvia is no longer permitted.
Second, Scalvian Airspace is now closed for Sorovian Airlines.
Third, the Scalvian Federation will immediately cease any defence cooperation with Sorovia, to include defence sales. Any third party sales of military equipment that includes Scalvian Technology will be seen as an attempt to subvert this sanction, and will be met with action.

These are measures we never wanted to take, but must take as a responsible democracy. It is deeply unfortunate that it had to come to this, but no government anywhere can simply stand by and allow blatant military aggression, of which Scalvia has been warning, to go unpunished. Lastly, this notice should not be taken as Scalvian endorsement of the state of affairs in Iolanta. Far from it. The system in Iolanta is repugnant, but it does not justify military aggression, especially when no reasonable attempt at a peaceful resolution was made.

Hardijs Baumanis
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Scalvian Federation
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The Greater Tardineanni Empire

Foreign Affairs Department

Official Statement Regarding the Sorovia-Jolanta Crisis

The Greater Tardineanni Empire is a democratic nation, whose main principle is that "all citizens shall be considered equally under the law". However, there are countries who do not follow not believe this basic principle. There are countries who believe that there are some citizens who are more important than others. Jolanta is a prime sample of these countries. Their apartheid (Bayardi word for djuvenari - segregation) regimen is harmful not only for the ethnic Sorovians, but also for their own citizens. Hence why so many nations, including our own, have sanctioned them.

However, there are nations who stand against that heinous system. The Sorovian Republic, in attempt to protect their own brothers and sisters, decided that the best course of action was to liberate the oppressed from the hands of their oppressors. While the Empire cannot agree with the blatant disregard of other's sovereignty, it cannot condone with the crimes committed by the ruling party of Jolanta.

It has also come to our attention that the Scalvian Federation has decided to close their borders and airspace to Sorovia, meaning a massive drawback for their economy and also affect other of our main allies, Esthursia. The Scalvian Federation has decided harshly to block two huge markets and old allies with a single motion. Harsh decisions require harsh answers. The Esthursian Government already has decided to cut their aid package to Scalvia.

The Tardineanni Empire cannot accept a wall rupturing our continent in two sides, specially since both sides contain important allies, therefore condemns Scalvia for its harsh and unadvised decision. It also asks that both sides de-escalate the tensions and find the common ground, with our nation as potential mediator. If a peaceful talk is deemed not possible, we shall plead to the newly founded Association of Nations.​

Alfredo Santiago de Castillo

Minister of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Greater Tardineanni Empire​



The Corporate Free City of Port Messana has known its share of scandals and tragedies, that come's with the territory when your home is a capitalist free-for-all all, but the events that occured on Tuesday afternoon will likely have immense repercussions for months and maybe even years to come. At approximately 1:30 PM an out-of-work accountant, who has been positively identified as Oksar Schultzig, a second-generation immigrant from Hessunland, attempted to enter the campus grounds of defense contractor Hoplon Dynamics. When security contractors from PMC Blackwing attempted to detain the man he was seen reaching for a pistol, and the guards opened fire in response. Currently in critical condition at Patriarch Tarquellen General it remains to be seen if the would-be trespasser will survive. Schultzig was laid off by the defense contractor earlier in the year having been brought in as a temp during the upsurge in hiring caused by the Aurorean war, he struggled to find employment and soon began to deteriorate both mentally and physically.

A raid on his home found multiple disturbing pieces of evidence, his internet history showed membership with multiple extremist groups, most seriously a fan page dedicated to the infamous Ten Rings contained multiple messages of support posted by Schultzig. His computer also contained an audio confession that he had posted to Twitcher, Viadeo, and Bvuntza, in the twenty-minute-long rant the accountant rails against the injustices of capitalism and democracy and states

"The time to give our lives for the cause is upon us, the satrap has shown the way and it is our duty to follow"

Bomb squads from the city's corporate security unit located the suspect's car in a nearby garage, it had been rigged with heavy explosives and was intended to detonate remotely and cause immense property damage. The Port Messana police department has issued the following message:

"Radicalisation is a scourge that must be rooted out before it can cause harm, we got lucky today thanks to the keen instincts of Blackwing, but the fact remains that there will be more disaffected people out there who might find the ten rings anti-societal lunacy to be attractive"

Conservative candidate for the Zilatheship, Kavei Calla, has stated in a short announcement from his home in Canis that "we need to better vet the people coming into our country, this guy was living amongst us like a ticking time bomb if I'm elected to the position of Zilathe I will be tightening our laws around immigration to prevent this from happening again!"

In contrast, the office of the Zilathe has issued a statement calling for calm:

"What happened this Tuesday was an aberration, the actions of a single disturbed individual will not be allowed to shake the foundations of our democracy, we have built a nation that prides itself on being the land of tolerance and equal opportunity, now it is time to come together as one nation and send a clear message to any would-be terrorists that Volshan will not be intimidated!"

The city's lockdown has now been lifted though corporate patrols will be joining state police in increased numbers to ensure the safety of businesses and citizens.​
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Why raising welfare in Tardine right now might not be a great idea
Dr. Bartorei Antaledja - Opinion Article

The headline in the Tardineanni Royal newspaper last month was "Economic loss estimated in 0.64% this year, pointing towards fast economic recovery"[1]. Of course, the government's predictions are overly positive and, some might say, unrealistic. The Tardineanni GDP went down by 4.85% in 2022[2], 1.41% in 2023[2] and this year, it might go down somewhere between 1% and 1.5%, instead of the 0.64% predicted by the Central Government. The most trusted economists of Tardine, group I'm proud to be part of, calculated that the GDP loss will be of 1.29%[3], considering many factors such as the elections, welfare increase and inflation.

New welfare programs have been issued this year, such as Caring Tardine, Booming Business and Green and White Homes[4]. While it is undeniable that the overall requisite to any nation in development is a fair welfare state, it is also a fact that Tardine is not able to afford increasing the expenditure right now. The economic recovery plan is hugely appealing to the masses, specially the poorer ones. After all, who doesn't want to receive more money at the end of the month? However, these new programs come at a great cost. Inflation has been increasing at an alarming rate, with the purchase power parity decreasing fast as well. The government also has been artificially decreasing the value of the currency by printing more money. The average value of the IBU went from 1.14 Tardineanni TAR in 2021 to 2.07 Tardineanni TAR as of now[5].

The Government justify it saying that it helps increase the value of exports and will manage to keep the economy growing in the long room. However, any good economist will advise against this course of action, since it might have unforeseen consequences. Besides, Tardine was never a welfarish state. Although the economy was always based on the principles issued by Jonnaus Loch, the father of Classical Liberalism[6], the nation is now leaning towards the left as fast as it turned fascist in the 1930s. And, as it has been proven countless times before, fast change does not always mean good change. Time will tell whether the government is right or is leading the nation towards an endless pit of economic stagnation and recession.

Fortunately, not all is hopeless in post-Werdoi Tardine. The ancient law that prohibited new political parties has been erased and new parties have been popping up daily. Some good, some bad, but overall show that the Tardineanni democracy is stronger than ever. Whoever wins the Elections this year will have some though choices to make. Here is to hope that they chose what is right to or nation.

"What does your economic instance says about the reality you live in"
"Social media might be the solution to poverty. The world of influencers and how to become one"
"Take it or leave it, costumer service has been worse than ever"

[1] www.tardineanniroial.com.tr/news/economic-loss-estimated-in-064%25&-this-year-pointing-towards-fast-economic-recovery/
[2] www.dea.gov/data/gdp/gross-domestic-product
[3] www.the-economist.com/news/top-ten-economists-of-tardine-rank/
[4] www.tardine.gov/benefits
[5] www.z-rates.com/table/?from=TAR&amount=1
[6] Treatise on the Principles of Governance. Jonnaus Loch, 1690.
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Severoszlavia warns Andrenne over its attempt to weaponize PGU membership vote (http://www.solgotsev.sz)



20:19 19 March 2024 (UPDATED)
Severoszlavia warns Andrenne over its attempt to weaponize PGU membership vote

Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn Mavoia, Chief Commissar of the People's Collegium of War, said he received a shocking intelligence report from the Committee for Public Security revealing the evil Andrennian government's failed scheme to set pre-conditions for Esthursian and Kalivan membership in the globalist Pan-Gotic Union.

"The Andrennian government must tread carefully. It should not use unrelated issues to stir up trouble. Otherwise, if they continue down this irresponsible path, our hand will eventually be forced. The memory of the Sixth Jakuvonia War is still fresh. Soon, we will be primed to take steps and do what is necessary. Take back what is rightfully ours," he said.

He criticized the Andrennian government, "What right does the Andrennian government have to speak on such matters? They can't even keep their own house in order. Let's not forget about the fact that Andrenne was suspended from the PGU for war crimes."

The conditions aimed to expand the nonsensical international sanctions against Severoszlavia. The main conditions he read from the report were:
  • Ban on investment, monetary exchanges, bank transfers, and other financial transactions​
  • Targeted embargo on food and technology imports to Severoszlavia​
  • Blanket embargo on Severoszlav exports to Esthursia​
  • Total ban on the use of Esthursian airspace by Severoszlav aircraft​
  • Entry ban on Severoszlav citizens​
"This weaponization of diplomacy, if it was successful, all members of the PGU would have pressured Esthursia and Kaliva to cut all economic ties with the SKG. The Andrennian [PGU] representative, Jules Ahland, made a list designed to punish the good people of Severoszlavia for the benefit of the Goyanean-Santonian global agenda," Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn said.

The list was presented by the Andrennian representative Ahland in a private meeting with fellow Prydanian PGU representative Frida Teigland and an undisclosed Esthursian diplomat. The report noted that the Santonian puppet Teigland surprisingly shut down the dreaded Andrennian proposal. The wise Esthursian diplomat agreed with Teigland. But Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn believes it is just a clever ruse by the Prydanians to help the PGU convert neutral countries to their cause.

"Why does the PGU exist? Who are its enemies? The civil war in Prydania already ended. Why does it have to continue expanding?" he said.

He followed up with a joke, "It took the intervention of Andrenne, Goyanes, Vilmarna, and Xentherida to help the FNU take over Prydania, a tiny country in the northern corner of Craviter. I have more sperm in my balls right now than there are Prydanians in all of human history." The FNU mentioned by Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn stands for the "Front of National Unity," the infamous pro-Royalist faction that won the Prydanian Civil War.

So far, there is little official acknowledgment of Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn Mavoia's intelligence report. Princess Celina Rafałowna Tyer, the Severoszlav ambassador to Esthursia, listened to an Esthursian minister comment on the whole situation. Instead of looking at the disturbing truth, the minister chose to criticize the noble KDP's "hypothetical intrusion."

"Hypothetically speaking, this type of thing should be avoided," Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn read Princess Celina Rafałowna's quote.

However, according to news sources covering the PGU membership vote on Esthursia and Kaliva, the debate was limited and it had no mention of pre-conditions of any kind. In fact, the Andrennian representative Ahland voted to abstain on Esthursia and voted in favor of Kaliva. Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn pointed out that the Andrennians or the Prydanians likely received counter-intelligence about KDP's damning report, either from Goyanes or Saintonge.

"It may have forced the Andrennian government to change their vote at the last minute to avoid scandal," he said.
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Events / World / Policy

Foreign Ministry says Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn does not represent foreign policy

Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn caught international attention after accusing the Andrennian government of using the PGU membership process to expand sanctions against Severoszlavia. Prince Kacper Wincentsyn, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, clarified that the Grand Duke did not represent the government's official position.

Published: 20.03.2024 18:21


Prince Kacper Wincentsyn Dembe
Photo: GSAP

In Cesarskie Miasto, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Prince Kacper Wincentsyn Dembe made an important announcement in this week's scheduled press briefing outside the Imperial Castle. He disowned the controversial comments on the Pan-Gotic Union by His Imperial and Royal Highness Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn Mavoia.

"The Grand Duke is entitled to a great many things, as is his right. But representing foreign policy is certainly not one of them. Bearing the equivalent rank of a secretary of state, it is easy for the foreign press to make the mistake of interpreting his words as part of the overall government policy. Even if he was not nominated by the State Chancellor, he has a responsibility to ensure unity and clear communications between the departments, not just in his own," Prince Kacper Wincentsyn said.

Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn accused the Andrennian government of proposing sanctions against Severoszlavia as pre-conditions for the PGU membership applications of Esthursia and Kaliva.

Holding one of the five high-level positions in the Council of Ministers not directly appointed by State Chancellor Lotar Yurisyn Aleksandrów, Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn was the second nominee in a compromise negotiation after the State Chancellor's first nominee was rejected by the Congress of Radas. The government coalition of Liberal, Reformist, and Moderate factions commands a narrow confidence in both houses. They have to deal with the traditional Conservative Lodewiygists and hardliner Pucilowskis.

As a commissar of a people's collegium, Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn won a 2/3 majority vote of both houses of the Congress. He is a member of the Conservative faction of the Solidarist Party. Candidates are nominated from either the upper house Lajrnsaweara or the lower house Skałaprawa.

To become chief commissar, he was elected by the people's collegium. 6 of 10 commissars were either elected during the brief tenure of conservative State Chancellor Alisa Andresyn Rudova or hardliner holdovers from the last Pucilowski Congress (1984-1989).

"We want to prevent further factionalism within the government. We already have enough of it in the Solidarist Party," Prince Kacper Wincentsyn said.

He apologized to the governments of Esthursia, Kaliva, and Prydania.

"We regret what happened. Tragedies such as the Prydanian Civil War shouldn't have been trivialized. We hope that the normalization of relations will continue unimpeded. In the case of Kaliva and Prydania, we once again invite their governments to become partners of the people of Severoszlavia. Support our reforms in the Grand Republic. End the sanctions."

But Prince Kacper Wincentsyn refused to apologize to the Andrennian government. Instead, he doubled down. He insisted Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn's remarks on Andrenne were not "totally unfounded."

"The rivalry between the Grand Republic and Andrenne is no secret to anyone in Eras. Historically, the Andrennian government has gone to great lengths in inflicting harm against us. Depending on the severity, we try to be reasonable and proportional in our response," he said.

He requested the Andrennian government to explain the allegations made by Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn.

"We explained our side of the story. As a courtesy, the least the Andrennian government could do is to do the same."

He also reminded Grand Duke Odoaker Błażejsyn to act in accordance with his status and dignity as a member of the Imperial Family.

"His Imperial Highness is not only a starosta, a member of the Lajrnsaweara. He is a member of Imperial Family. Though a cadet branch, he should be more careful in the future."
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Federal Government Presents new Defence Whitepaper

The Federal Government tabled a new Defence Whitepaper entitled “Scalvia in a Multipolar Auroria” in Parliament today.
What is it about, and what is next for the Scalvian Defence Forces?

“Belligerent Powers backed by major Regional Powers”
The Whitepaper mentioned “Belligerent powers backed by major Regional Powers” as a major security threat to the Scalvian Federation. There is little doubt in what the Federal Government meant. The Sorovian invasion of Iolanta with Esthursian backing has shocked many in Kariste, with the Federal Government long concerned with maintaining peace on Auroria.
The Whitepaper mentions that the major powers backing the belligerent powers are indeed the larger threat to Scalvia and peace on Auroria in general, with no hope for Scalvia to stop wars now.

Multipolarity is something new in Auroria. The Federal Government has recognised the reality by making it clear that there are three belligerent powers in the Aurorian region, two of which are closely aligned and present a threat to regional peace. The Whitepaper goes further to say that the other power, the Imperium Suavadici is likely to be unable to reverse this new Multipolarity which is likely to be the permanent new reality. The Whitepaper mentions that Scalvia must find a place in this new reality.

Outside of Auroria
The Whitepaper makes it clear that Scalvia’s alliances overseas are vital to its security. Goyanes and Andrenne are mentioned in detail, with the Whitepaper calling for Scalvia to maintain mutual defence cooperation with the Gotic allies. In addition, areas of interest include Prydania, and META.
The Whitepaper mentions that in the new era of Multipolarity Scalvia must increasingly look outside of Auroria for backing.

The Defence Forces
The Scalvian Defence Forces in these conditions of Multipolarity and instability will gain new capabilities:

  • The Scalvian Ground Forces:
    The SGF’s Rocket Artillery will be bolstered.
    The Reserve Forces will be gaining six additional brigades.
    The Division will be restored.
    The Militias will be reorganised and bolstered.
  • The Scalvian Naval Forces:
    New Minehunters and Minelayers will be acquired to replace those in service.
    The Sentinel-class Corvettes will be replaced.
  • The Scalvian Air Force
    The Next Generation Air Combatant Tender will be greenlit.
    New search radars will be acquired.
    New Transport Units will be formed.
  • Total:
    Up to 55,000 more total personnel by 2030
    Over 170bn IBU spent over 6 years.

Parliamentary arithmetic
The Whitepaper is expected to pass through Parliament easily with the governing party holding a supermajority in both houses, and with matters of national defence generally considered a point of political consensus, little resistance can be expected. MINDEF and the General Staff of the SDF can be expected to turn the Whitepaper into actionable policy in the coming months.
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Terrorist Caught in SAAL Raid on Country Villa
Gabriel Zhung, the criminal mastermind behind the destruction of Hill's Bridge in Oakenstan and the bombing of the WA Embassy in Planet 316B has been apprehended by SAAL Team 2 on 11:23PM Friday (AEDT). After his insurgent force was suppressed across the North Pacific, Zhung fled to a rural villa in Mandenosia with the remainder of his cult-like following where he was later tracked down and arrested with fourteen of his counterparts including his brother, Maximilian Zhung.

Gabriel will be facing trial on Monday at 6:30 AM, AEDT time. It is expected by many that an execution may follow though many believe that a simple excitation would be too quick. As for his counterparts, each may face life imprisonment including his brother Maximilian. As both sides prepare their addresses, we can only speculate what the judge and jury will say.

When interviewing witnesses that intend to testify against Gabriel in court we were told, "I was a villager in the mountains of Oakenstan, living life. Then from nowhere, armed mountain men descended upon us for no apparent reason but to instill fear and when we refused cooperate, most the population, Neighbours, friends and family were massacred." And even more interestingly, one of Gabriel's own men told us that, "I would kill at least fifteen unarmed people a week and Gabriel told us this was 'self defense.'". When granted permission to interview the Zhung brothers, Gabriel claims to "Never have I felt sorrow or empathy and never would wish harm upon them." but Maximillian contested this by stating that "Whenever the WA peacekeeping force gained strategic momentum or liberated a suburb, Gabriel would order multiple reprisals on civilians when throwing a fit.".

Many are looking forward to the end of this monster, but trails are yet to begin. Tune in for more information with MDA NEWS!

"Council Democracy is our Future," Says Chairwoman Denvikov
The Messianist-Communist Party releases its plan for the future of Democracy in the People's Republic of Rayvostoka.

An announcement on April 2nd by the Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers of Rayvostoka/General Secretary of the Messianist-Communist Party of Rayvostoka Sasha Denivkov has released the Party's plans and by that extension the government's plans to reorganize the constitution of the People's Republic. The following excerpt is from Chairwoman Denvikov's speech on Tuesday.

"It is the firm belief of the Central Committee of the Messianist Communist Party, alongside the Council of Ministers and the National People's Congress that the future of Rayvostoka must be that of Council Democracy and the end of Party vanguardism within Rayvostoka. The implementation of Communism in its truest and fullest forms necessitates that it be able to compete within a system of government and without the enshrinement of its rights within the state. This is so that it may properly represent the proletariat without the possibility of their voices being overridden.

The organization of the Workers Councils and their formation will and has been done in cooperation with the government, to quickly make way for the reassembly of new legislative, executive and Judicial bodies that will allow for more equitable representation than what it had in the current Congress. Alongside these changes, concerning the abolition of Party Vanguardism, opposition parties to the socialist and messianist agenda of the Messianist-Communist Party and its affiliates within the United Front will be allowed for the first time to be established and participate in the election cycle.

In the Messianist-Communist Party, we believe that creating this new system of Council Democracy set the nation on an unchangeable course to communism. And with that, the next elections, the first under this new system will be held within the next two to three months. These elections are to be supervised by members of the international community and will show that this new system is free and fair and that the future of Rayvostoka is as well. Proving that Rayvostoka is ready to face the future with open arms.

And so I leave you now with hope for the things to come and pride in your country.

Glory to Rayvostoka."

What next?

According to Eras Daily's sources, the changes to the internal structure of Rayvostoka are to be finished by the mid-to-end portion of April and from there an election date will be announced. As for an international reaction, it is expected that many of the countries who have invested in seeing Rayvostoka introduce reforms will have been rewarded.

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By: Dr. Jakob Reine P.H.d

Imperial Government plans to reopen embassies in Rayvostoka and set up a meeting to discuss "future plans"​

The plan, set up by the Emperor and the former Prime Minister will be enacted by His Greatness and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, following the re-democratization process Rayvostoka is experiencing.

Klaiden Risvie, lifelong political activist, former Military Junta's civilian leader, Acting Emperor and appointed Prime Minister, has now resigned from the office to focus on his campaign efforts. However, shortly before effectively resigning in the last Monday, he and the Emperor launched a joint statement issuing full recognition to the new provisional Rayvostokan government along with the announcement of the reopening of the Tardinneanni embassies. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfredo de Castillo, has also partaking in the negotiations and will be the one to address any future meetings with the Emperor.

This is the first time the Emperor will be both Head of State and Government since the Constitution of 1818 was bestowed without it being after a coup. This unique situation shall persist until the beginning of the next year, when the newly elected Prime Minister and Parliament body take their oaths. Following the Chairwoman's announcement that the Rayvostokan Republic will hold its first free elections and make amends in their Constitution to align itself with the democratic principles that bounds the international relations, the Emperor made a speech this morning.

"The world has seen what free, democratically elected governments are capable to do. While there are some flawed democracies out there, those do not represent its true nature and goals. The Rayvostokan government has recognized that and, while some may view them with distrust and outright wariness, our nation sees the potential. Potential market, potential scientific and trade partner with even potential military agreements. Of course, the path is long and arduous, as their government has to prove itself before any of these potentialities become realities. The prospect of being part in this new chapter of the Rayvostokan history is enthralling specially considering that they might represent great allies to the Empire in a multipolar and ever-changing world."

When asked about the future prospects, Emperor Jasemir said that they are not set in stone, and that only time will tell whether or not the relationship with Rayvostoka will flourish. The Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke also in this morning. "This might be the start of something promising. Economically and diplomatically speaking, the possibilities are endless." Alfred said that while they shall be careful, he was positive that their decision would bear fruits.

Your opinions matter to us! Comment what are your thoughts below, or on Twitcher using our #tardineanniRoial.

*Disclaimer: the Tardineanni Royal does not endorse any candidates in the run for the office nor will give its approval to any candidate and shall remain impartial.
Redacted & Edited: Artoi Laremos
Posted 04-04
12:00, CTT

Comment Section:

Rayvostokan, 2024 United Council, and Presidential Election Results.
Socialist Unity prevails, Coalition Government Formed!

Following the calling of elections by the National People's Congress of Rayvostoka, alongside the full implementation of the new council model, elections for the new state offices were set for yesterday. The new legislative body, the United Council of the People's Republic of Rayvostoka was to be assembled from the newly formed local councils, and the Presidency was selected via a popular vote all the while being surveyed and monitored by the foreign governments of nations like Esthursia and Tardine amongst others who seek to verify its authenticity.

With this being the first election in Rayvostoka with parties not aligned with the previously dominant United Front, new non-socialist parties seeking to make their mark on Rayvostoka rallied have presented themselves to the public as a new alternative to the ruling Messianist Communist Party.

The Blue League (Blue C&L and Zmeyist Unity) - Forming out of traditionally Zmeyist and rural communities the Blue League was formed by Andrei Redinkov back in April once party registration was first opened. As a devout Zmeyist, Redinkov has sought to reform the socialist state and has campaigned on a platform of deregulation and free-market advocacy alongside a push for Zmeyist-based social protections which had been met with mixed reactions.

Social Democratic Union - The Social Democrats were founded in April as a reaction to the formation of the Blue League. They are currently headed by Mina Selvikovich and have been advocating for the preservation of much of the socialist system although disagree with the current Messianist-Communist party on the proper direction to take Socialism believing more in secularism and decentralization. They have clashed with the Blues, as they have come into conflict with many of the Zmeyist fanatics associated with the Blue Movement.

Environmental Protection - This new party stems from a split of the Revolutionary Green party, which had for years held its base of support in the southern Jungle and Rainforest regions of Rayvostoka seeking to protect their lands from encroaching industrialization. While not anti-socialism they felt that to best advocate the issue of the environment their party must be a single-issue party and separate. It is currently led by Alexander Yuilin.

Ethnic Umbrial Party- Founded in the wake of the council formations the EUP has remained relatively small in their activities but has expressed its desire to best represent the wishes and rights of Umbrials within the republic, the party is not aligned with the left or right but seemingly only focuses on the advocacy surrounding protections given to Umbrials. It is currently headed by Gaius Martinus Quintonivich

The following are the results of both the results of Council elections alongside the Presidential elections.

United Council Election Results:


Presidential Election Results:

The Future?:
With the cementation of Socialist Unity's 53.25% majority in the United Council alongside their victory over the Blue League in the presidential election, the Messianist-Communist Party seems poised to elect former Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers, Sasha Denvikov to the new position of Premier of the People's Republic of Rayvostoka, cementing her position as the head of government for the foreseeable future. While her former Minister for the Interior, Daniil Sorokin took the role of President locking out the now divided opposition.

The opposition parties, who had very high hopes coming into the election were met with stunning resistance to their platforms with many from within the Blue League and the Social Democratic Union, that the people of Rayvostoka were not yet ready to accept the reforms they had to offer and that they would see throughout the new government that old does not always mean reliable in the case of the Messianist Communist Party.

The Socialist Unity Coalition itself, has been taking its victory lap with Party leaders from each of the three parties within it citing the strength of the Socialist cause and the backing which it has gotten from the people.

And with this, a new age has opened up, an age in which Rayvostoka once again stand amongst its fellow nations, not as a seemingly undemocratic pariah, but as a full and free democracy.

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By: Dr. Jakob Reine P.H.d

Seinoku Airlines Flight 38 Crashes Over Anmativeda, 124 Presumed Dead

Earlier today, it was reported that Seinoku Airlines Flight 38 crashed while flying over the Democratic People’s Republic of Anmativeda. Aboard the flight was 120 passengers and 4 crew members, all of whom are presumed dead. Wreckage fell over several square kilometers near the village of Poi in central Anmativeda.

The incident occurred at 10:34 AM on Tuesday April 9, 2024. Seinoku Airlines publically announced they had lost contact with the plane at 10:40. It was not an uncommon occurrence for an airliner to be flying over Anmativeda as the area was considered to be safe. The Free Government lacks any form of Air Force, leaving the airlines mostly safe from being caught in the crossfire. In fact, a second airliner was nearby at the time.

The two rival governments of Anmativeda were quick to point fingers at each other in the aftermath of the crash. The Thhar Junta issued a statement blaming the crash on “rebel forces under the leadership of Skandan military officers, using Skandan-supplied military equipment.” The Free Government of Anmativeda was equally quick to refute these claims. In a statement, the acting President of Anmativeda Makara Soun called the Junta’s statement, “a complete and total fabrication.” The truth is currently unclear and we encourage readers not to draw conclusions from incomplete information.

Civilian, military, and government officials were quick to the scene of the crash. The area is controlled by the Free Government, who established a hasty cordon of the crash zone.

Now, the Free Government of Anmativeda is calling for an investigation into the incident and has invited Seinokan authorities to conduct a thorough search of the site. Anmativedan medical professionals have already begun undertaking the grisly work of marking human remains.

The Free Government and Thhar have both asked civilian flights to vacate Anmativedan airspace. Flight delays and cancellations are rippling across the area as Anmativedan airspace closure requires flights to be rerouted.

The world is in shock and mourning at these developments from Anmativeda. The thoughts and prayers of the staff here at Radio Free Anmativeda are with those affected by this tragic event. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

OOC Note: made with permission from @Pikabo and @Andrenne

Excerpt from The Leaders Debate at King Nestor Memorial Amphitheater:

13th April 2024

Participants: Zilathe Cel Sethlans & Speaker Kavei Calla

Messena, Northern Volshan

Moderated by VNN Anchor Capne Kastur:

Kastur: So, moving on to international relations, let's start with you madame Zilathe, what will you do if elected for another term of office

Cel Sethlans: We need to strengthen the alliances we have cultivated with other A6 nations but we also need to be open to working with the V4 and other major Aurorian alliances, the only way to ensure Auroria has a stable and propsperous future is to ensure co-operation and communication are strong.

Kastur: And moving to Speaker Calla

Calla: The socialist criminals in Weskerby care nothing for the wider Auroria, they make deals with autocrats with one and admonish the hard-working people of Auroria with the other. Tardine are a collection of two faced swine that should be expelled from the A6 in favour of the Imperium. Its time to stop pandering to the interests of snobs in our own continent and the predatory designs of Predice, Goyanes and Andrenne! If elected i will strengthen ties with Ultramont and our cousins in the Imperium and ensure that going forward the policy is Volshan First!

Cel Sethlans: and when you’ve finished bankrupting our commerce and alienating every potential ally in northern Eras?

Calla: Better we tear that band-aid off now than pander to people who wish only to use and discard us! Unlike the incumbent, I am not beholden to vast corporate cabals and foreign interests!

Cel Sethlans: a bit rich considering your grandfather is a shareholder with Hoplon Dynamics! My opponent likes to paint himself as some salt of the earth defender of the common fellow but in truth he’s just lining his own pockets and those of his family

Calla: This from a southern snake with no greater qualifications than a glorified legal practice!!!

Cel Sethlans: Keep talking Kavei, you’re just showing the world your true colors

Calla: I’ll show you something you [Censored]!

Kastur: That's all we have time for folks! Time for an ad break!


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Refutes Any Involvement in Flight 38 Crash, Blames and Condemns Thhar Junta, Begins Military Actions

Saitō, Saitō Prefecture
April 12th, 2024

Three days ago, Seinoku Airlines Flight 38 crashed over the Democratic People's Republic of Anmativeda. The junta currently in charge of the state, also known as the 'Thhar', was quick to blame the Free Government of Anmativeda, the legitimate government of Anmativeda that the Thhar overthrew in 2020 that has since been fighting a civil war in the southwestern portions of the nation with both Skandan and Seinokan support. The Skandan Government was quick to deny it's involvement on the day of the incident, with Commissar of Foreign Affairs Hiroshi Masada stating, 'Skanda would never support such a horrific act and the legitimate government of Anmativeda would never undertake this action... We are not prepared to deliver our full response at this time due to our ongoing investigation of the matter.' It would seem that investigation has since concluded, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published an official statement at 1:34 PM today. This coincided with a public statement echoing the written statement one hour later, and the release of documentation of evidence by the Ministry of Intelligence regarding the investigation undertaken by the State Intelligence Committee on the matter.

AKHK has published the written statement in full in this article. To watch Premier Misaka Tawanoa and Commissar Hiroshi Masada's speeches that echoes this statement, readers can click on this link to watch AKHK's recording of the speech.

Regarding Seinoku Airlines Flight 38,

Three days ago, on April 9th, 2024, Seinoku Airlines Flight 38 crashed while flying over the Democratic People’s Republic of Anmativeda. First and foremost, Skanda would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families of those lost in this horrible crash. The current ‘government’ of Anmativeda, a military junta referred to as the ‘Thhar’, has claimed that the legitimate government of Anmativeda, currently fighting for the restoration of democratic institutions in their country, was responsible for this crash. They furthermore claimed that the legitimate government of Anmativeda shot down Seinoku Airlines Flight 38 under the leadership of officers of the Skandan Revolutionary Marine Corps., using Skandan-supplied anti-aircraft military equipment.

The Government of Skanda refutes this claim at all levels. The statement of the Thhar could not be further from the truth. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes this statement with support from the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Intelligence. While it is true that Skanda has been an adamant supporter of the legitimate government of Anmativeda, which has included sending them funds, arms, and officers to train their own armed wing, Skanda has never provided anti-aircraft weaponry that would be required to fire upon a civilian airliner; most airliners fly at altitudes between 9,000 and 12,000 meters. Skandan shoulder-launched anti-aircraft weaponry sent to the legitimate government has an operational range well below this.

Additionally, the State Intelligence Committee has launched an investigation into the matter. The legitimate government of Anmativeda has no air assets. Combined with the short range of the anti-aircraft weaponry that the Skandan government has sent as aid, there is no physical possibility that the legitimate government of Anmativeda could be responsible for this crash. To make matters even clearer, SA Flight 38 went down south of the city of Laukham. Laukham is a city in control of the Thhar. The flight was approaching Seinoku from the northwast of Laukham- again, the range of Skandan-supplied anti-air armaments makes it an impossibility that the legitimate government of Anmativeda is responsible for this tragedy.

The State Intelligence Committee and Ministry of Defense instead propose that the Thhar is the perpetrator of this act, and not the legitimate government of Anmativeda. The flight approached Laukham from the northwest heading towards its destination in Seinoku. It then took fire from Thharr anti-air forces shortly after it had passed Laukham using long-range surface-mounted anti-air systems, which have a far larger operational range and a higher operational ceiling. The plane was not instantly destroyed, as evidenced by the 6-minute gap between the incident occurring and Seinoku Airlines losing contact. It is likely that the Thhar forces knew this and fired a second missile, which caused the aircraft to explode while still in the air. This explains why the wreckage fell over such a large area; the aircraft did not perform a crash landing because it did not have the chance to do so. Lastly, Seinoku has itself been a supporter of the legitimate government for years. The legitimate government of Anmativeda simply has no reason to want to destroy a civilian airliner from Seinoku.

This action was a blatant and poorly executed attempt at a psychological operation by the Thhar to discredit the legitimate government of Anmativeda and its supporters and to generate animosity between Skanda and Seinoku to prevent our cooperation on aid to the legitimate government. The Democratic People's Republic of Skanda condemns the actions of the Thhar in the strongest possible terms. Moving forward, the National Diet has approved direct military action against the Thhar. This blatant and disgusting disregard for human lives cannot go unpunished. Skanda will begin air and naval strikes against Thhar-controlled targets beginning April 14th, 2024. This is not an action Skanda has decided upon lightly, but the Government of Skanda has deemed it a necessity to put an end to this horrific regime as quickly and effectively as possible. Skanda hopes that these actions will allow the legitimate government of Anmativeda to utilize its recently gained military momentum to finally put an end to the violent civil war that has wracked their nation for years.
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Chancellery of Foreign Affairs announces Goyanes to withdraw from ECG

MAY 15, 2024
GOJANNESSTAD, NYHETT - In a sudden turn of events, the Chancellery of Foreign Affairs today announced in a press conference that it would withdraw from the Economic Community of Gothis (ECG). The chancellery's spokesman Harald Enstein said that "internal investigations conducted since joining have revealed an unprecedented amount of internal corruption in its leadership." The organization, headquartered in Waltalriche, was already viewed with suspicion by some members of the National Union Party. They felt the organization allowed too much undue influence by the more negative powers of Gothis. Along with the withdrawal comes the resignation of Sigurt Svenholm, the appointed representative to the organization.

The chancellery said that Goyanes' withdrawal would be effective immediately as of May 15th, 2024 at 10:00 PM Gojannesstad time. All staff and representatives are to be recalled by the end of the week. The spokesman mentioned as well that any further information would not be available at this time.