Civilization VI


kul Seredrau
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I posted this on the Steam group, but I thought I should also cross-post it here since the Steam group has few people in it as of now.

I've been an avid fan of the Civilization games since Civ IV, and one of my favorite features of Civ (besides all the other cool stuff) has been how easy it is to mod. Each game so far I've made my own custom civilization, as well as some for my friends, though unfortunately Civ V didn't work so well with that (the framework was great, but there were some stupid mistakes made in the meantime).

With the release of Civ VI, I'd like to share my idea for making Civs based on TNP's RP nations. Note that I will be waiting until the release of the second expansion before doing so, and I will be taking some time to learn how to mod Civ VI and examine the mechanics and balance afterwards.

Also note this disclaimer: I make no promises. Civ VI won't necessarily be so easy to mod (Civ V comes to mind). Should Civ VI prove difficult to mod, I would be happy to make the mod for Civ IV BTS instead, which at this point is very cheap.

As well, I cannot make 3D models; I have never learned how nor do I intend to any point soon. If someone who learns how to make 3D models in Civ VI would like to help, I won't stop them.

If there end up being enough new Civs, I'd also be glad to work on a scenario based on a TNP RP, like a Great War or other diplomatic scenario. Should I learn how to make maps, I would also be fine making one based on Eras, with random land features and small islands (naturally).

Anyway, just thought I'd share this idea. Again, though, no promises.

At some point either way, though, I'd love to arrange a multiplayer session of Civ VI when I get it (I'm too poor right now, though).
Sounds like a great idea. Does anyone besides myself actually have Civ VI yet? The games are longer and more complicated than civ 5 (as far as I know there aren't any metas yet) I'm down for this idea though. The thing is that they have reduced the difference between the different countries in the game. National specialities are much less pronounced than in previous games. With the addition of districts and the way that you now need to build wonders on specific tiles it will certainly be harder to mod. But It might work, you never know