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Cabinet Ministries of The North Pacific FAQ

Every Delegate is assisted in his or her duties by an Executive Council consisting of different ministers responsible for a variety of duties. They are appointed by the delegate either directly or by other means when that delegate assumes office. These ministers in turn may appoint deputy ministers to support them. There are currently 6 ministers and their ministries are outlined below:

Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs is the ministry in charge of getting members involved in the forum, WA, Roleplay, the NPA, and Executive Staff. This ministry watches over the Home Affairs section of the forum as well as also being in charge of FAQs. The main job of people in the ministry of Home Affairs is recruiting people so that they get involved in activities in TNP. Recruitment could be for Roleplay, NPA, or the forum. The MoHA also ensures that all members of the region have an enjoyable experience both on NationStates and on the forum. They want to ensure that everyone is getting the most that they can out of both NationStates and the forum, and that everyone is being treated fairly and equally in all aspects of The North Pacific. Gameside Advocates make sure that the RMB stays an open place for discussion and that it is kept under control. This ministry creates new ways for people to get involved in the forum and game and to help advertise the forum so that more people may join it.

The current Minister of Home Affairs is @Owenstacey .

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is responsible for international relations between TNP and the other regions of the world. The ministry conducts business off-site through the Foreign Affairs forum and subforums, as well as Embassy Row. With the advice of the Senior Diplomats, the MoFA develops the region’s foreign policy. In addition to accepting, securing, and managing embassies both in the forum and off site, MoFA appoints all ambassadors and diplomats to service those embassies and act on TNP’s behalf abroad. As a result, the MoFA is always looking for volunteers to serve in the diplomatic corps.

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is @Praetor .

Ministry of Communications

The Ministry of Communications is responsible for publishing The Northern Light, the official newspaper of TNP. Its members keep the residents and citizens of TNP informed with the latest government and election news, as well as the key events going on in the other regions of the world. It also allows influential thinkers and gameplayers to share their wisdom with the region and the rest of the NS community by highlighting their advice in an easily digestible and public way through TNL.

The current Minister of Communications is @BMWSurfer.

Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture is in charge of keeping members of The North Pacific in high spirits and making sure that they have things to do. The ministry works with RP mods to maintain TNP national role-play on the forum and organizes events for both in TNP and outside of TNP. These events keep members occupied and gives them something to look forward to doing. These events may involve other NationStates regions and working together with TNP to create an enjoyable event that many regions can enjoy.

The current Minister of Culture is @St George .

Ministry of World Assembly Affairs

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs (MoWA) is responsible for engaging the region in WA matters through on-site communication as well as WA-related discussions. The ministry conducts business off-site through the WA affairs forum and its three subforums. Each time a WA resolution comes up for vote, the MoWA will begin a regional vote of the resolution to advise the delegate of the region’s preference so that he or she may vote accordingly. These vote threads allow any resident to participate in debate but only allow WA nations in TNP to cast votes. Once voting in the WA is underway, the MoWA will also provide the region’s WA members with a recommendation of how to vote on the resolution. The MoWA is also involved in the World Assembly Legislative League (WALL), an alliance of regions with which TNP is affiliated concerned with expanding the education of WA authors and voters and collaborative voting on key WA resolutions that involve a shared national interest.

The current Minister of World Assembly Affairs is @Dragonstar5674 .

Ministry of Radio

The Ministry of Radio is responsible for the production of radio content for the region and through the distribution of the NBS to residents. The Ministry hosts and produces seminars, interviews, and other audio based content for the benefit of the region. This is an opportunity for you to broadcast your voice on the airways!

The current Minister of Radio is @Cascadian Bioregion.

Ministry of Cards

The Ministry of Cards is tasked with overseeing and introducing the vast majority of cards-related programs that TNP is known for. This includes managing the Cards Guild, providing card-based rewards for any users who contribute to the region, and advising government officials regarding the current card budget and the extent of its possible usage within future TNP endeavors. The MoCa effectively serves as the regional representation to the NationStates Cards community.

The current Minister of Cards is @DGES.
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