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United Kingdom
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NS Wiki[hr]Foreign Update: September 2016


40th Premiership of the United Kingdom

Monarch:HM Queen Constance I
Prince of Wales:
HRH Prince Charles

Prime Minister: George Mountbatten
Deputy Prime Minister: Akillian Talleyrand
Home Secretary: Akillian Talleyrand
Foreign Secretary: Misael G. Bartlet
Defence Secretary: Writinglegend
Culture Secretary: Rach
Director of MI5: Andrew B. Fraser
Attorney General: Georgiana Windsor

WA Delegate: Heidi Mountbatten

Chief Justice: Vacant
Crown Court Justice: Lord Stewart of Worcester
Crown Court Justice: Vacant

44th Session of Parliament

House of Lords
Baroness Stewart of Kensington
Lord Wessex
(Presiding Officer TBD)

House of Commons
Sir Daniel Wilson of Northern England (I)
Andrew B. Fraser of Southern England (I)
Alessandra of Wales (W)
George Mountbatten of Scotland (PA)
Jan van Dijk of Northern Ireland (W)
(Presiding Officer TBD)

*denotes presiding officer

Majority: None
HM Loyal Opposition: No organised opposition

September 2016 Election:
Britons head out to the polls


After the resignation of Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser,Prince Regent Charles Stewart issued a Writ of Election with the election taking place on September 5th. Citizens of The UK headed back to the polls to elect a Prime Minister and 5 Members of Parliament.

The candidates all worked tirelessly in their campaigns,releasing their ideas and policies for the upcoming parliament. The breakdown of the election is as follows:

[table=4,]Position[c]Candidates[c]Victor[c]Percentage[c]Prime Minister[c]George Mountbatten
Jan van Dijk[c]George Mountbatten[c]57.9%[c]MP For Northern England[c]Sir Daniel Wilson
-[c]Sir Daniel Wilson[c]100%[c]MP For Southern England[c]Andrew B. Fraser
Evan Dupont
[c]Andrew B. Fraser[c]76.2%[c]MP For Scotland[c]George Mountbatten
-[c]George Mountbatten[c]100%[c]MP For Wales[c]Misael G. Bartlet
Victoria Stewart[c]Alessandra (RUNOFF) [c]68.8%[c]MP For Northern Ireland[c]Jan van Dijk
Albert Phillips[c]Jan van Dijk [c]66.7%[/table][/color]

Statement From the Prime Minister:
Prime Minister releases statement to the region


Shortly after leaving Buckingham Palace the Prime Minister quickly appointed his cabinet. His campaign manager Akillian Talleyrand was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary. Misael Bartlet the former Culture Secretary was appointed as Foreign Secretary. Writinglegend, Grand Admiral of the ERN remained as Defence Secretary after leading the department during the past premiership. Andrew B. Fraser was appointed director of MI5 and Princess Georgiana returned to the post of Attorney General. Shortly after announcing the cabinet the Prime Minister named Jan van Dijk as Culture Secretary. Jan served as a senior minister in the department during the past two premierships.

The Prime Minister announced his cabinet with the following statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the United Kingdom,

I have just arrived back from Buckingham Palace where I met with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, where I was asked to form a Government in Her Majesty's name. I was honour to accept. Today marks an important day, not just for me but for our region. I am humbled by the trust that you have bestowed on me to lead our region through this turbulent time.

I would like to thank our outgoing Prime Minister, Andrew for his service and dedication to our region. Your efforts have not gone unrecognised, I am sure every member of our community would like to thank you for the outstanding work you have done.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank my opponent, Jan van Dijk, for your clean and positive campaign. I know that you will make a great future leader of our region. The efforts of my campaign advisor and manager should also not go unrecognised. Akillian you have been a rock throughout this election - I am so grateful for your support.

As is customary, I shall be reviewing all areas of Government and our region. In order to do this, I have selected a number of new and old figures to form my Cabinet.

Deputy Prime Minister: Akillian Talleyrand
Secretary of State for Homeland Affairs: Akillian
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: Misael Bartlet
Secretary of State for Defence: Writinglegend
Attorney General: HRH Princess Georgiana
Director-General of the Security Service Mi5: Jan van Dijk

As can be seen above, I have appointed no-one to the office of Secretary of Culture or to the Culture Secretariat. I am in the process of discussion regarding these appointments and an announcement shall be shortly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first statement as Prime Minister.

Impending Abdication:
Queen of the United Kingdom, Constance I, has announced that she shall be abdicating the British throne at 12 am GMT on 5 October.

After returning from regency,Her Majesty announced her intention to abdicate from Buckingham Palace, the Queen told the region that "In light of new adventures in my life" she was taking the decision "I am announcing today my intention to abdicate effective at midnight GMT on 1 October 2016." Her announcement comes just a month from celebrating her one year anniversary on the throne.

HRH Prince Charles Stewart is first in-line to the throne and will be crowned King.

Invitation to Coronation:

The Foreign Office of
the United Kingdom
is commanded to invite

all Foreign Representatives
The Coronation
of His Royal Highness
Charles Stewart,the Prince of Wales

1 October 2016​

Misael Gamez Bartlet
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs​

Just for laughs!:

This update was brought to you by the
~ Ministry of Foreign Affairs ~
on behalf of Her Majesty, Her Government and Her Citizens.[hr]Respectfully, British Diplomatic Service


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