Lazarus Fall Festival


You are hereby invited to the Lazarus Fall Festival!

On the 16th of September, Lazarus shall be hosting a festival where we hope to foster good relations with your region and to celebrate all the good things that have happened with the Humane Republic! There will be:
  • Spam - lots and lots of spam!
  • RP - for all you RP enthusiasts :wub:
  • Polls - who doesn't like a good vote?
  • Debates - there will be a general debate where participants debate general topics and then there'll be a regional team debate where a teams representing different teams debate! So if your region want's to take part, come along and represent!
  • Movie Night!! - Every day there will be movie night. So get your popcorn!
  • Games and Contests - its a surprise *wink*
  • Discord and Chill - If you aint got Discord, join our discord channel here!

So come on down, finding something to do, it's not everyday you get to watch a free movie with your NS friends :P . Hope to see you there!

Lazarus; a Region Reborn!