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United Kingdom
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NS Wiki[hr]Foreign Update: August 2016

39th Premiership of the United Kingdom

Monarch:HM Queen Constance I
Prince of Wales:
HRH Prince Charles

Prime Minister: Andrew B. Fraser
Deputy Prime Minister: Tony Benn
Home Secretary: Tony Benn
Foreign Secretary: George Mountbatten
Defence Secretary: Writinglegend
Culture Secretary: Misael G. Bartlet
Director of MI5: Tony Benn
Attorney General: George W. de Clare

WA Delegate: Georgiana Windsor

Chief Justice: Vacant
Sr. Associate Justice: Vacant
Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant

44th Session of Parliament

House of Lords
HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles*
Viscount Arundel, Edward Stewart
Baron Benn of Norfolk, Tony Benn

House of Commons
Heidi Mountbatten of Northern England (PA)
Georgiana Windsor of Southern England (I)*
Misael G. Bartlet of Wales (PA)
George Mountbatten of Scotland (PA)
Jan van Dijk of Northern Ireland (W)

*denotes presiding officer

Majority: Pragmatic Alliance
HM Loyal Opposition: Whig

Cabinet Reshuffle:
Prime Minister Fraser Announces A Cabinet Reshuffle


Men and women of United Kingdom,

It's very important that the region's executive branch is run correctly, and I intend to ensure that it is. My Cabinet will continue to be a trusted group of experienced individuals who genuinely want to oversee the betterment of United Kingdom. With this reshuffle, I want to assure the British people that my new Cabinet will continue to effectively govern our great region.

Tony Benn will be continuing on as Home Secretary, and will also be taking on the Deputy Prime Ministership. Edward Stewart has been an extremely positive influence on me during this term, providing me with his wise insights, however I have advised the Queen to appoint Lord Arundel as a Crown Court Judge. I feel that there is nobody better suited for this position on the bench, and he too has expressed a great interest in the area. I'd like to thank Edward for his assistance over the past three weeks; he has been a valuable member of Cabinet and his input will be missed.

James Carnarvon has portrayed the image of a perfect Secretary, however he has resigned his post within the executive. I'd like to thank James for his efforts to create a fluid and flexible Foreign Office; they will not be forgotten. To replace James will be George Mountbatten, a former Foreign Secretary (amongst other things). I have full confidence in George's abilities - he will strive for a stronger Foreign Office, I have no doubt about that.

George W. de Clare, a former Prime Minister of United Kingdom, will become the Attorney General. George is well acquainted with our laws, and should HMG be brought before the court system once more, I'd have full confidence in his abilities to argue our case in a concise and effective manner.

This Cabinet will govern in your best interests. In the coming weeks their will be important strides towards a more constructive and productive community - that is the primary aim of this Government. It's important that we adapt to the wider NationStates climate, and that we evolve to become a community that works together to accomplish greater things.

Thank you my good people!
Scottish By-Election:
Parliamentary By-Election for Scotland.


The resignation of James Carnarvon as Foreign Secretary and Member of Parliament for Scotland saw increased activity in Constituency Square as candidates began announcing their intention to stand in the election.

In total the election saw four candidates, old, new, experienced and first timers, battle for the Scottish seat.

[table=2,]Candidate[c]Party[c]Mary[c]Independent [c]George Mountbatten[c]Pragmatic Alliance[c]Victoria E. C. Stewart [c]Whig[c]Evan Dupont[c]Independent [/table]

The election saw a civilised campaign from all sides of the political spectrum. The first round of voting saw no candidate secure 50%+1 of the vote and therefore, a second round of voting commenced.

[table=3,]Name[c]Votes[c]Percent[c]Mary[c]2[c]11.1%[c]George Mountbatten[c]7[c]38.9%[c]Victoria E. C. Stewart[c]8[c]44.4%[c]Evan Dupont[c]1[c]5.6%[/table]

The second round of voting saw a battle between George Mountbatten and Victoria E.C Stewart, with George being elected with 53.3% of the vote and Victoria securing 46.&%, respectively.
Royal Research Society:

On August 13th 2016, the Royal Research Society launched a new subsidiary think-tank organization, the Committee on Interregional Affairs (CIA), to focus on "helping [the gov't of NSUK and the British citizenry] better understand the world and the interregional policy choices facing United Kingdom and other regions." It is crucial for NSUK to remain steadfast in the tradition of building relations with other regions and explore areas of common interests especially in the era of centralization of the NS population.

We welcome any persons from our diplomatic regions to come join us in NSUK and become a Fellow for their region at the CIA. We are committed to learning about the happenings of your region and finding common goals that we can achieve together through policymaking.

Keep on the lookout for the monthly CIA Report.

Victoria E.C. Stewart
Director-General of RRS
Just for laughs!:

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