The Commonwealth Herald --July 2016

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    Foreign Ministry update,July 2016:

    ICTO ( Interregional Cooperation Treaty Organization)

    The InterRegional Cooperation Treaty (ICT) has been signed in Emperor Island, Central Pacific Empire, between the Commonwealth of Crowns (CoC), Central Pacific Empire (CPE) and the United Empire of Islam (UEI). The Treaty shall come into effect from the first of July, 2016. The first nation to chair the treaty organization will be from the CPE. Foreign Minister of the CoC, Lord Boris Kostenko, Amir Hussein , the UEI Secretary of foreign Affairs and Dmitri Himmler , Premier of CPE has signed the treaty on behalf of the signatory regions . The Treaty shall usher in a new era of cooperation, goodwill and friendship amongst the nations of the three regions. As of now , the signatories are also trying to rope in Imperial Slavicum, the successor region of FFS into the treaty.


    Dieter Himmler , of New Nationale Einheit and Prime Minister of Central Pacific Empire adressed the ICTO as such:
    Lord Boris Kostenko , foreign Minister of the Commonwealth of Crowns announced: [/color]
    Secretary of Foreign Affairs Amir Hussein of the United Empire of islam said:
    Pictian Terror Sleeper Cell busted


    RSS troops savour their victory against the sleeper terrorists from Akmola

    A sleeper cell of the dreaded terror nation, Picts was unearthed and destroyed by the elite troops of the RSS Command centre led by elite Vetegan units . The troops surrounded the embassy of Akmola , a nation which had newly entered the Commonwealth. At 01:30 A.M, RSS troops penetrated the security perimeters of Akmolan embassy and after neutralizing the Akmolan guards, arrested the Akmolan Ambassador.
    In the retaliatory fire by RSS troops , nineteen Akmolan terrorists were eliminated and thirty more apprehended. A huge cache of chemical weaponry, bombs and guns were recovered alongwith detailed maps of the Crowns City and incriminating documents to destabilize the Commonwealth.
    The covert operation was sanctioned by a cabinet vote after Vetega, as Commander of the RSS, called for an emergency cabinet meeting.
    The Ambassador was declared persona-non-grata , arrested and deported to a prison at the rejected realms. The Ambassador was pleading innocent in his last communication to the foreign Minister of the Commonwealth.[/font][/color]

    The 30th CoC Government

    The 30th CoC Government was installed in power with effect from the 15th of July'2016. Led by the much respected Lentheric, who was elected unopposed, the government hopes to usher in lots of activity in the region.

    Cabinet meeting in progress

    The members of the Cabinet are:

    Secretary General: Lentheric
    Dy. Secretary General & Secretary Defense : Vetega
    Secretary of State: Osberg-Thitania
    Secretary of Interior: Narnifrey
    Public Protector: Wesmorland

    Speaker of the Assembly:

    Crowns Court:
    Chief Justice: Kayz Lewoch Union
    Judge: Neru , Pendreger

    The new Secretary General immediately set out detailing responsibilities to the Cabinet members.

    That's all for the month of July '2016 . See you again next month !!!