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United Kingdom
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NS Wiki[hr]Foreign Update: July 2016

39th Premiership of the United Kingdom

Monarch:HM Queen Constance I
Prince of Wales:
HRH Prince Charles

Prime Minister: Andrew B. Fraser
Deputy Prime Minister: Edward Stewart
Home Secretary: Tony Benn
Foreign Secretary: James Carnarvon
Defence Secretary: Writinglegend
Culture Secretary: Misael G. Bartlet
Director of MI5: Tony Benn
Attorney General: Edward Stewart

WA Delegate: Heidi Mountbatten

Chief Justice: Vacant
Sr. Associate Justice: Vacant
Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant

44th Session of Parliament

House of Lords
HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles
Viscount Arundel, Edward Stewart
Baron Benn of Norfolk, Tony Benn

House of Commons
Heidi Mountbatten of Northern England (PA)
Georgiana Windsor of Southern England(PA)
Misael G. Bartlet of Wales (PA)
James Carnarvon of Scotland (PA)
Jan van Dijk of Northern Ireland (W)

Majority: Pragmatic Alliance
HM Loyal Opposition: Whig

Britons head to the polls... again:
Prime Minister Disappears, Another General Election


Prime Minister Tomb Grey-Anumia mysteriously disappeared, leaving the Government in disarray. After the House of Commons launched an inquiry under the direction of James Carnarvon MP of Scotland and voted for the Motion of No Confidence proposed by Heidi Mountbatten MP of Northern England, Her Majesty issued the Writ of Election, expressing that she was "very proud of the care and thought that the Commons put into its decision."

Inquiry Report:

Grey-Anumia Inquiry Report[hr]Authored by the Honourable James Carnarvon JD, MP of Scotland and Chair
5 July, 2016 - 8 July, 2016

On the fifth of July 2016, the House of Commons launched an inquiry to question the Ministers of the Her Majesty's Government on the activity and abilities of Prime Minister Tomb Grey-Anumia in order to retain an informed decision on the Motion of No Confidence introduced by Ms Chelsea Ryan, the Right Honourable Speaker of the House of Commons and MP of Northern England on the fourth of July 2016. The Motion of No Confidence was proposed due to the voices of concerned citizens and Cabinet Ministers alike over the activity of the Prime Minister reached the ears of Members of Parliament.

The Speaker appointed Mr James Carnarvon, the Honourable Member of Parliament or Scotland, to preside over the hearing as Chairman. All Cabinet Ministers except former Attorney General Charles Stewart were invited for questioning, and all MPs were invited to present their questions to the Ministers in regards to the activities of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. The MP of Scotland, MP of Northern England, and MP of Northern Ireland were the MPs that were not already in the Cabinet when hearings commenced and were among those that presented questions.

[table=2,Honourable Cabinet Ministers Present]Ms Georgiana Windsor
Prince Andrew Fraser
Lord Tony Benn
Mr Misael G. Bartlet
Lord Edward Stewart[c]Foreign Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister
Home Secretary
Defence Secretary
Culture Secretary
Attorney General[/table][hr]
Final Contact and Stagnancy of the Prime Minister

The final contact between the Prime Minister and his Deputy Prime Minister was Thursday, the thirtieth of June 2016, and the last public statement to the region from 10 Downing Street Press Office was on the same date. In his last public statement, Mr Grey-Anumia notified the region that he had been taken ill during the time he disappeared on the twenty-seventh of June and stated that he had "returned to [his] post as Prime Minister in full capacity". Since this statement, the Prime Minister has not returned to activity as promised and has had no contact with his Cabinet since.

On the issue of stagnancy, the Honourable Home Secretary Prince Andrew stated, "He last posted on the first of July, which was five days ago. He was last active four days ago. He last gave a Cabinet minister public guidance on the twenty-third of June...".

It should be noted that the Prime Minister had been involved with the affairs of his Cabinet while he was active. The Culture Secretary asserted that the Prime Minister had "actively checked on the Culture Meeting and gave his input on the current event taking place". The Defence Secretary stated that "the Prime Minister worked with [him] closely in the first couple of weeks post [his] appointment, when after that he largely gave [him] autonomy over the Ministry. [His] work now consists of working with the Grand Admiral [Writinglegend of the Europeian Republican Army] on military matters." The Home Secretary disclosed that he had resigned in private during the time of the Prime Minister's inactivity and before, but communication with the Prime Minister was sparse but "all necessary items were discussed".[hr]

Question of Stagnancy of the Executive Cabinet and the Deputy Prime Minister

It had been called into question in regards to the activity of the Cabinet and the constitutional and lawful duty of the Deputy Prime Minister to take over Cabinet activities while the Prime Minister is unable to exercise the powers and authority of his office as incapacity or prolonged absence as per Article II.4 of the Constitution and the outdated Executive Powers Act.

During the absence of the Prime Minister, the Rt Honourable Deputy Prime Minister started the third Grey-Anumia Cabinet Meeting on the twenty-ninth of June 2016 in which only the former Attorney General Prince Charles Stewart and the Culture Secretary Bartlet responded with their agendas and other matters. The Deputy Prime Minister notified me that she had ensured that all Cabinet Ministers were properly informed of the meeting.

The Honourable Attorney General Lord Edward Stewart affirmed that "there [were] some initial complications due to Tomb announcing his return and thereby reacquiring the powers devolved to the DPM, and then going absent without any subsequent directions. The legal uncertainty surrounding such a complication delayed and frustrated matters."

On the fourth of July 2016, Ms Windsor ordered all Cabinet Ministers to report to the meeting at 10 Downing Street, and the new Attorney General moved to hold a vote within the Cabinet to have the Deputy Prime Minister assume the role as Acting Prime Minister because of a "distinct lack of clear guidance on how such an incapacity is made official, thereby conveying upon the Deputy Prime Minister the necessary powers to counter such incapacity".

While the Cabinet Ministers were at fault for not reporting to the third Cabinet meeting the first time, the inactivity of the Prime Minister and the deficiency of clear leadership contributed to the Ministers' own dawdling participating in meetings and their own duties in exception to cases such as the Home Secretary's resignation that was not publicly announced.[hr]

Cabinet Ministers' Confidence in the Prime Minister

"To me, Tomb is a very good friend. We've shared a very successful professional relationship during his time here. With that said, I no longer believe that Tomb has the capacity to be Prime Minister. In fact, such executive uncertainty should be rectified by the Parliament immediately. "
~ Prince Andrew Fraser, Home Secretary

"The point of an acting prime minister is a temporary caretaker, until such a time as the PM returns or in the event of a crisis. I don't believe it was ever intended to be a means by which someone would govern for an entire half-term, without any such mandate endorsing them.
This situation breeds uncertainty. To keep an absent Prime Minister in post whilst his Deputy conducts governance breeds and sustains yet greater uncertainty. And has symbolic shortfalls to the rest of the NS world who cast their eyes towards the Kingdom.
I say this as someone who has no interest in acquiring the Premiership. A government without a mandate from the people is rudderless, no matter the efforts of any deputy. Parliament must do its public duty in this regard."

~Lord Edward Stewart, Attorney General

"I have confidence that the Prime Minister and should he return my confidence in him would remain the same. I think Parliament should not remove the Prime Minister from power considering the Deputy PM has already taken control to get us back on track... He has also raised various valid points on how the Prime Minister's absence affects Government business and therefore I now believe a fresh General Election should be called so that a capable Prime Minister can take office and maintain the government."
~Mr Misael Bartlet, Culture Secretary

"Should the Prime Minister return then I would urge him to approach Her Majesty and seek a General Election. I believe that the situation we find ourselves in is very grave and new leadership is required. In the instance that anyone thinks I am out for the top job, they would be incorrect, I have no desire to stand to be Prime Minister at the next election. Parliament should act decisively so that we do not have a zombie government with no explicit mandate."
~Lord Benn, Defence Secretary

"If he were to return at this point, then I do not believe that he would have my full confidence. As the Acting Prime Minister, I must confess that I do not feel stable. I'm currently running the region on a day by day basis rather than making long term plans, and I do not feel comfortable.
~Ms Georgiana Windsor, DPM and Acting Prime Minister[hr]


It is self-evident that the Prime Minister's absence has left the executive Cabinet in disarray and confusion, and has left the region in a state of uncertainty. The United Kingdom's citizens have repeatedly contacted Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament concerned about the Prime Minister's inactivity. The region is left with an interim Prime Minister with little mandate from the voters.

It is the public duty of this Parliament to serve as the body of accountability towards the Prime Ministers and HMG, and to represent the interests of the people of the United Kingdom. It is the public duty of the Prime Minister to actively lead the region as the United Kingdom's highest elected official and to ensure that the region runs to maximum efficiency. The Prime Minister has failed his duty to his voters and the region. When the head of the executive government fails at his duty to the region at this end, it is the duty and the right of Parliament to remove this government in the interests of the United Kingdom. This Parliament cannot in good conscience allow the Prime Minister to retain his office in which he does not exercise his own duties, and must therefore vote no confidence in the Prime Minister and his Government by Instrument of Removal and espouse that a new Election for the Prime Minister is held. Article II Section 5 is encouraged to be activated.

Best Regards,
Mr James Carnarvon, MP of Scotland
Chairman, Grey-Anumia Inquiry

Note: See the entire hearing here

Last term, Clarence Urquhart fell inactive and he was removed by Writ of Recall. Georgiana Windsor replaced Mr Urquhart in the by-elections for Southern England.

[table=4,July 2016 General Election Results]Position[c]Candidates[c]Victor[c]Percentage
(+ 1 Absentee Vote)[c]Prime Minister[c]Andrew B. Fraser (I)
Georgiana Windsor (PA)[c]Andrew B. Fraser (I)[c]57.9%[c]World Assembly Delegate[c]Heidi Mountbatten (PA)[c]Heidi Mountbatten (PA)[c]100%[c]MP of Northern England[c]Andrew B. Fraser (I)
Heidi Mountbatten (PA)[c]Heidi Mountbatten (PA)[c]54.5%[c]MP of Southern England[c]Georgiana Windsor (PA)[c]Georgiana Windsor (PA)[c]100%[c]MP of Scotland[c]James Carnarvon (PA)[c]James Carnarvon (PA)[c]100%[c]MP of Wales[c]Misael G. Bartlet (PA)
James G. Montrose (W)[c]Misael G. Bartlet (PA)[c]50% (+1 absentee)[c]MP of Northern Ireland[c]Jan van Dijk (W)
Mary Carnarvon (PA)[c]Jan van Dijk[c]55%[/table]

The Commons seats remain unchanged since last term's session, with Pragmatic Alliance retaining majority and the Whig Party remaining as the Loyal Opposition.

In the Lords, Her Majesty appointed Viscount Edward Stewart of Arundel, and Baron Tony Benn of Norfolk to the House of Lords under Charles, Prince of Wales.
House of Commons At Full Steam:
Commons Activities


Under the new Speaker Georgiana Windsor (Pragmatist MP of Southern England), the House of Commons has been hard at work in legislative activity. Legislation includes:
  • Judicial Power Act Amendment (2016) proposed by the MP of Scotland at the request of a citizen. Prevents members of the Crown Court and House of Lords from sitting in executive Cabinet positions. Defeated.
  • Executive Powers Act Amendment (2016) proposed by the MP of Southern England to establish procedures for the Cabinet to transfer powers of the Prime Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister as Interim during a period of incapacity. Passed by the Commons, amended in the Lords, sent back to the Commons for passage to the Palace.
  • Election Regulation Act Amendment (2016) proposed by the MP of Scotland. Allows MPs to be able to hold accountability to fellow MPs on the basis of inactivity or overall stagnancy in House business. Sent to the Lords.
  • Administration Regulation Act Amendment (2016) proposed by Lord Benn from the House of Lords to be able to remove inactive administrators easier. Reviewed and passed by the Commons and assent granted by the Crown.
  • More to come from the House Agenda.
Royal Rumours:
Royal Rumours and Engagement

Prince Charles and Lady Windsor pictured together

On the 17th of July, the BBC reported that Prince Charles and Lady Georgiana Windsor were seen together at a football match at Wembley that evening. Rumours have spread around the Kingdom that Georgiana had been seen arriving and leaving from the direction of Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, an anonymous maid revealing to the BBC that Lady Windsor "would arrive late at night and not leave until very early in the morning."

Buckingham Palace released a statement by the Queen stating, "I'm very old, so quite frankly I don't give a damn what Charles does, with whom, or where. In the future, please wait until a commercial break to ask me questions."

Finally on the morning of the 18th of July, Kensington Palace Press Office released a statement confirming that the rumours are "true" and that the couple will marry during the One Year Jubilee of the Queen.

The rumours and announcement come after the disappearance of her former fiance Tomb Grey-Anumia. Foreign Secretary James Carnarvon, a close friend of Lady Windsor had this to say about the situation:

Reporter: "What do you thinking about the engagement of the Prince of Wales to Lady Windsor after her ex-fiance disappeared?"
Carnarvon: "God save the future King from his future Queen."
New Cabinet:
Prime Minister Appoints Cabinet

After being elected Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser was quick to appoint a cabinet. As many suspected the Prime Minister’s “running mate”, Edward Stewart, was appointed as his Deputy Prime Minister. Tony Benn, the Defence Secretary in the previous administration was made Home Secretary. James Carnarvon was appointed Foreign Secretary due to his leadership that was shown in the House of Commons the previous term. Writinglegend, the Grand Admiral of the ERN who had been helping the UK for previous weeks saw himself appointed as Defence Secretary. The only cabinet member that stayed put was Misael Bartlet, who was appointed to lead the Culture Ministry again. Along with being Home Secretary, Tony Benn was also appointed as Director of MI5. Edward Stewart was also appointed as Attorney General but would later step aside so Georgiana Windsor, Andrew’s opponent in the election, could serve as Attorney General.

The Prime Minister announced his cabinet with the following statement

”Hello men and women of United Kingdom,

You have given the Fraser-Stewart Government a mandate to lead our region. In voting for us, you have voted for pragmatism. You have voted for a methodical approach to all areas of Government policy. You have voted for transparency. You have voted for stability. You have voted in the best interests of United Kingdom, and I thank you greatly for that. At this time I’d like to acknowledge Georgiana Windsor, the Pragmatic Alliance’s candidate for the premiership. Thank you for leading a positive campaign, Georgiana. I’m sure that sometime in the future you will become our fourth female Prime Minister.

The Fraser-Stewart Government will lead as effectively as we can. Therefore, our Cabinet will consist of relatively experienced British citizens, in the hope that we can unify the region and secure stability.

Obviously, our Deputy Prime Minister will be Edward Stewart. As Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Arundel will have a position of pronounced importance within this Government of Unity. He has a comprehensive list of achievements here in United Kingdom, and his service to this region is virtually unmatched. Throughout this term he will be by my side, ensuring that our Government performs as competently and professionally as possible. Edward will also continue serving as our Attorney General, providing sound legal counsel to our Government.

Our Home Secretary will be Tony Benn. Tony is a trusted friend of mine, and has consistently shown his passion for our community through the great work he has done. As Defence Secretary last term, Tony oversaw the transformation of our military into a more professional force. We now possess an army - a structured and disciplined group - that I’m sure will in time become a formidable force on the battlefield. In his new role as Home Secretary, Tony will strive to perform to the best of his ability. By September, our region will be larger, and our community more harmonious.

Our Foreign Secretary will be James Carnarvon. James has shown himself to be a leader in the making during this past term. His influence within the House of Commons has been spectacular, most notably his questioning and final report on the Grey-Anumia Inquiry. James also has an exceptional amount of experience at his back, including a multitude of positions within regions elsewhere, and Cabinet positions here in United Kingdom as well. James will be an irreplaceable asset to our Government of Unity.

Our Defence Secretary will be Writinglegend. Writinglegend has an unrivalled military experience among us all here in United Kingdom. In fact, he has an overwhelmingly impressive NationStates resume, and its clear to me that nobody would be better suited to take on this role than him. With Writinglegend at the helm of our military, it will enable United Kingdom to work closer with Europeia, and it will take strain off of the leadership of our army. With the upcoming State Visit, I’m sure that his appointment will be a move in the right direction for our community. Thank you for taking on this role, Writinglegend.

Our Culture Secretary will be Misael G. Bartlet. Misael has been a true leader in the Culture Ministry – we’ve never had a more energetic and enthusiastic Secretary than him! Accompanying him will (hopefully) be his excellent team of junior ministers. This is an area of Government that has truly embraced the work ethic needed to see it thrive. I’ve enjoyed watching this area of Government blossom of the past few months, and under Misael’s leadership this will continue.

From here on in, all Cabinet meetings will be held in private, with press releases to be published shortly after meetings have concluded. This is to allow for more thorough discussions among my Secretaries, as collaboration is key. The first Cabinet meeting will be held tomorrow; in the meantime I will be privately conversing with my newly appointed Cabinet about their portfolios, and the Fraser-Stewart Government’s ambitions for the next two months.

Thank you for electing us, citizens of United Kingdom. We won’t let you down!”
Queen's First Year Jubilee:
Jubilee Celebrations for the Queen!


Jubilee celebrations have kicked off in the United Kingdom in honour of the completion of the first year of the reign of Queen Constance I. The Culture Ministry has held Jubilee Avatar Week, and the Queen has bestowed Jubilee Honours and honoured our military, bestowing Defence Secretary Writinglegend the prestigeous Order of Cystenni medal for his leadership over UK's military.

On Thursday, the fourth of August, Prince Charles and Lady Georgiana Windsor married. On Friday, a celebratory ball was held in honour of the Queen and the newlyweds.
Messages from the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary:
Messages to our Allies and Friends Abroad

Prime Minister's Office:

I am Andrew B. Fraser, five-time (and current) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. United Kingdom is a region and community I have deep respect for, and I've dedicated a lot of my own time towards it. We're a fairly isolationist bunch, less now than in the past, nevertheless we're beginning to take strides towards a more open relationship with the rest of the NationStates world!

Recently we've conducted a few State Visits, we've energised our foreign updates (now called The Regional Messenger), and we're ensuring that our ambassadors are doing their absolute best to provide you with the necessary information regarding us!

I will also take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued friendship! The Government of the United Kingdom hopes that our good relations will continue far into the future.


~ Andrew B. Fraser
Desk of the Foreign Secretary:
Hello all!

I am James Carnarvon, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs here in the United Kingdom. We've been quite busy since Andrew's fifth term began near the end of July. Here is the progress and the agenda so far:
  • Reorganising our Diplomatic Corps and filling all ambassador positions to ensure that updates are delivered.
  • Building our foreign policy and relationships with regions abroad.
  • Reforming our update to become a community newsletter rather than an average old update.
  • Our recent productive state visit with Europeia. The Fraser Government thanks President Trinnien, Vice President HEM, Foreign Minister Brunhilde, and Grand Admiral Writinglegend for their friendship and participation in the talks and dinner with our Queen.
  • An upcoming state visit with the Kingdom of Great Britain to rebuild our ties and collaborate in military operations (date undetermined).
  • Possible alliances with other regions for closer mutual support.

By the time you read this, I will have retired from my position as Foreign Secretary and my successor will continue the progress of the agenda above under Prime Minister Fraser.

The United Kingdom has been through troubling times but under our current Prime Minister, our internal and foreign affairs reputation is rising rapidly. UK will always strive for excellent relations with regions that have mutual interests in common law, the democratic rights of all citizens, and in the name of progress and prosperity for all. The values that we share will unite all of our communities and will prove stronger than what divides us.

If you have any concerns or inquiries for United Kingdom's Government to address, please get in touch with our ambassadors.

Best Regards,
Just for laughs!:
Comedy Corner



This update was brought to you by the
~ Ministry of Foreign Affairs ~
on behalf of Her Majesty, Her Government and Her Citizens.[hr]Respectfully, British Diplomatic Service