Vvardenfell News - Sun's Height 21, Year 1

Vvardenfell News - Sun's Height 21, Year 1
The ash settles from the great mountain...

Just six months after the explosion of the great Red Mountain, the ash has finally settled.

Where did the ALMSIVI go? They disappeared during the height of the calamity. While the ALMSIVI vanished from the realm, apocalypse struck Vvardenfell and left havoc in its wake.

Lo, from deep in the ash of Vivec City, signs of life rustle...

Forward comes the holy three, AYEM, SEHT, VEHK. Surrounded by the ever-loyal Buoyant Armigers, the holy three breathe deeply, and as they do, the ash on the streets and buildings is consumed by their nostrils. As they exhale, they breathe bright life into their realm.

A new era begins..