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United Kingdom
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38th Premiership of the United Kingdom

Monarch:HM Queen Constance I
Prince of Wales:
HRH Prince Charles

Prime Minister: Tomb Grey-Anumia
Deputy Prime Minister: Georgiana Windsor
Home Secretary: Andrew B. Fraser
Foreign Secretary: Georgiana Windsor
Defence Secretary: Tony Benn
Culture Secretary: Misael G. Bartlet
Director of MI5: Tomb Grey-Anumia
Attorney General: HRH Charles M. S. Fraser

WA Delegate: Georgiana Windsor

Chief Justice: William Kudrow
Sr. Associate Justice: Vacant
Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant

43rd Session of Parliament

House of Lords
HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles
Marquess of Hastings, Andrew B. Fraser
Baron Benn of Norfolk, Tony Benn

House of Commons
Chelsea Ryan of Northern England (PA)
Clarence Urquhart ofSouthern England(PA)
Misael G. Bartlet of Wales (PA)
James Carnarvon of Scotland (PA)
Jan van Dijk of Northern Ireland (W)

Majority: Pragmatic Alliance
HM Loyal Opposition: Whig

State Visit:
The Allied States and United Kingdom State Visit Successful

Queen Constance I of the United Kingdom & H.E Gregory Drakan, Chancellor Pro Tempore of TAS​

The United Kingdom was filled with fanfare and joy when the Chacellor Pro Tempore of The Allied States Gregory Drakan as well as his Attorney General - CDland, Secretary of State - Kastros, Immigration Secretary - Rhein States and Interior Secretary - Trook Washington visited the United Kingdom at the request of Her Majesty The Queen. The Delegation was received by the Secretary of Culture, Georgiana Windsor for a three day visit, a first by a TAS leader.

The first day of the visit saw a grand banquet held by the Queen in Buckingham Palace. Citizens and foreign dignitaries danced the night away under a barrage of classical music. A toast to the continued friendship of the two regions was made by Former Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser, and was welcomed with much praise from the attendees. The following two days saw the representatives of both regions discussing areas of common interest such as defense and culture. The Chancellor traveled to the Palace of Westminster where he addressed the House of Lords:
I'd like to thank Prime Minister Fraser, the House of Lords, Her Majesty, and the people of the United Kingdom for hosting this wonderful event.

I can safely say that it will be very difficult to top these festivities when it is our turn to host a delegation from the United Kingdom, and I can assure you that if I have any say we will; luckily parties are my specialty.

The United Kingdom, and the Allied States are two strong regions. What I see stemming from these festivities is our regions growing even stronger. A new age is upon the world of Nation States, an age of culture, an age of experimentation, an age of enlightenment. At the helm of this age, I see the Allied States and the United Kingdom. Most partnerships would result in the helm being wrested back and forth, not this one. We shall hold our course steady, even when the seas become rough, even when we are fighting against the wind. The journey shall take us to new places, to new lands. We will be in unfamiliar heights at some points, but I assure you that we shall emerge in wondrous and awesome waters.

I can see a grand exchange of ideas occurring, a perpetual discourse of change and growth. This visit is one of ideas, of partnership, of friendship. It is my hope that our people will interact with each other, and despite their differences that they will work and play with each-other, that they will learn from each-other. Through our new found friendship, we will find fellowship and camaraderie, we will be there for each-other even when all others have given up the cause, even when we are in our darkest hours.

Our nobel enterprise will be a paragon of liberty, equality, and freedom. She shall be envied by all. When enemies attempt to wound or discredit our fair lady, we shall simply turn the other cheek, for we will know that their jealousy and spite stands no match to our unity and self-determination. Our alliance will move mountains.

Legislation that would be impossible to install by either of our region's alone will be passed with ease by the combined efforts of our delegates. Treaties that would be weak by themselves will be amplified by the efforts of the sister regions in their support for each-other. With the biting wit of the Allied States, and the astute resilience of the United Kingdom, we shall not worry for the boos and hisses of the gloomy. Our regions will not just be two online forums that have allied together, we will be two great houses that have supported the other through the years of weather both serene and severe.

We will look to the future and see the Elysium that we are headed, we shall look to the present and see the great communities we have established, and we shall look to the past and observe the humble beginnings from where we rose. God save the Queen, and God bless the Allied States.
Britons head to the polls:
General Election Held

Citizens of The UK headed back to the polls for the first time, in a long time under the representative system. Before this election, the UK adopted an open House of Commons in which every citizen was automatically a member. The Upper House, the House of Lords, was comprised of 5 members, 3 elected and 2 appointed by the Monarch. The Fraser Administration took a big decision to scrap the practice in favor a closed bicameral structure.

The candidates battled head to head to see who would be victorious. Campaigns after campaigns, debates and debates, the candidates worked tirelessly to be apart of the historic session of parliament. The offices in the election were; Prime Minister, World Assembly Delegate, Members of Parliament for Sourthern England, Northern England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The breakdown:

[table=4,]Position[c]Candidates[c]Victor[c]Percentage[c]Prime Minister[c]Tony Benn
Tomb Grey-Anumia[c]Tomb-Grey Anumia[c]55%[c]World Assembly Delegate[c]Georgiana Windsor
Longdendale[c]Georgiana Windsor[c]68.4%[c]MP For Northern England[c]Chelsea Ryan
-[c]Chelsea Ryan[c]100%[c]MP For Southern England[c]Nigel Farrage
Cool Spring
Clarence Urquhart
davenwgg[c]Clarence Urquhart[c]52.6%[c]MP For Scotland[c]James Carnarvon
-[c]James Carnarvon[c]100%[c]MP For Wales[c]Misael G. Bartlet
Pubstomper[c]Misael G. Bartlet [c]72.6%[c]MP For Northern Ireland[c]Jan van Dijk
Andrew B. Fraser[c]Jan van Dijk [c]52.6%[/table]
Opening of Parliament:
Parliament Opened, Cabinet Announced​

Following an active election season, Her Majesty Queen Constance delivered her Speech from the throne marking the start of the 43rd legislative session. Both houses got to work with haste with the House of Lords receiving its address by the Prince of Wales, the chamber's new Presiding Officer. The House of Commons became the pacesetters after they elected The Rt. Hon Chelsea Ryan as the Speaker, they moved swiftly and began debating two bills.

After the opening of parliament, all eyes were on the new Prime Minister, Tomb Grey-Anumia. He emerged with his much awaited inaugural speech. In his speech, he announced his cabinet. Former Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser was appointed to serve as the Home Secretary, The Prime Minister's opponent in the elections, Tony Benn, was appointed to the Defense Ministry. Prince Charles retained his position as Attorney General. Former Deputy Secretary of Culture, Misael G. Bartlet took over the reigns of the Culture Department from Georgiana V. Windsor, who was sent to helm of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Georgiana Windsor was also appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister.
Prince Micheal Missing In Action:
Where are you Prince Michael?​

Buckingham Palace and by large the whole Kingdom, descended into a melancholic mood, when Her Majesty Queen Constance, with regret and a heavy heart, removed His Royal Highness Prince Michael from the position of Prince of Wales and placed him 3rd in line for the throne. Her Majesty, in a lugubrious mood, announced that Prince Charles would become the heir and his father, Andrew B. Fraser, was given letters patents making him a prince.

Tomb Grey-Anumia, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ordered all flags on government buildings be flied half staff for three days in remembrance of Prince Micheal of Wales.

British Army Partners With Europeian Navy:
British Army Partners With Europeian Navy​

In an effort to get the British Army up and running again, Prime Minister Tomb has sollicited the help of Europeia. Writinglegend, Grand Admiral of the Europeian Navy, agreed to aid the United Kingdom and a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) was presented to the Legislatures of both regions. It is expected that both regions will collaborate on military operations.
UK Stands With Orlando:
United Kingdom Stands With Orlando​

Queen Constance:
This is the third statement I have issued in response to (what appears to be) an act of radical terrorism striking very near to the places that the people of UK call home, my previous statements having addressed attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Many UK citizens call the United States home, and for them we pray for safety.

But it appears that the Orlando massacre targeted a venue of importance to the gay community. There can be do doubt that UK has many LGBT citizens - from across the globe - who have contributed immeasurably to this region. This attack was not just an attack on the value of human life and dignity generally, but on the LGBT community specifically. This is abhorrent; to all LGBT members of this community, know that you have a supportive community here.

To anyone affected by this event: our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Be safe. Stand strong. Human decency must - and will - prevail in the end.
Just for laughs!:
Comedy Corner

I once gave my husband the ?silent treatment for an entire week, at the end of which he declared, “Hey, we’re getting along pretty great lately![hr]
A first-grade teacher can’t ?believe her student isn’t hepped up about the Super Bowl. “It’s a huge event. Why aren’t you excited?”
“Because I’m not a football fan. My parents love basketball, so I do too,” says the student.
“Well, that’s a lousy reason,” says the teacher. “What if your parents were morons? What would you be then?”
“Then I’d be a football fan.”[hr]
I was having dinner with Garry Kasporov (world chess champion) and there was a check tablecloth. It took him two hours to pass me the salt.[hr]
The head of the TSA resigned after about four years on the job. Here’s how much of America heard the news.
“He actually stepped down a while ago, but he’s been going through ?security for three and a half years.” —Jimmy Fallon, on The Tonight Show

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