N.B I will preface this by saying this post was originally posted to the AG's office on the 25/5/2016 and has not as of yet been acknowledged. While I understand that Tomb has RL issues going on at present, and may not as of yet have seen it, two days is a while to leave this sit stagnant and I consider it in the public interest to disclose the below;

Good morning all,

I wasn't sure whether to do this as a public post or a post just to the AG's office. It seems to me to be more respectful to do it in this manner, and perhaps have the AG make it public at a time that suits them to do so.

On returning to NS life, I, without second thought immediately gravitated back to TNP, TNP has been a home to me for a very long time, and to get back involved when Tomb was so polite as to offer me a position was a chance I would be foolish not to have taken.

However, the longer I'm back the less I feel I am doing, the less relevant I consider myself to be to TNP and with each passing day of doing little, I feel more and more like the old bull put out to pasture to live out its final days. This is not what I envision for myself and Abacathea.

These thoughts have begun to call in to question for me whether or not TNP is still providing the best chance for me, and while that thought is something I must determine on my own over the coming weeks, what I do know at present is the Deputy Attorney General position as it currently stands, seems more like a pasture to me, and I'm not content to graze.

I wish to thank Tomb for offering me the position in the first instance and wish him, and the other Dupties the best with the remainder of their term. I look forward to seeing them do great things, I just don't seem myself as part of that anymore.

All the best, sincerely and truely,