Update XII




May 2016 ~ Update XII

"Powerfully demonstrate the revolutionary spirit of the Bloc in our on-going general advance!"

NationStates Region ~ Regional Forum ~ WPTCB Anthem ~ Zennyism-Piperism

WA Delegate: Tommy Winter

WA Delegate Endorsements: 385

WA Endorsement Percentage: 71.8%

WA Member Percentage: 30.6%

Regional Population: 1,800​


Workers’ Party Executive

General Secretary: Zenny Winter

Premier Piper Winter

Minister of Foreign Affairs: James

Minister of Culture: Franky_ce

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Lewis Flood

Ministers of Information: Pytor Petrovsky

General of the PRAF: Gabriel Xavier[c]


Central Committee of the Workers' Party of TCB

Chairwoman: Piper Winter

Elected Members

Gabriel Xavier



Lewis Flood


Branden Schirpke

English Men and Women

Comrade Chromania

Activity, Culture, and Population! Oh My!


Since the opening of the campaigning period for the 2nd session of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, TCB's seen a spike in activity. April became TCB's most active month ever, reaching over 4,100 posts. Credit for this can be attributed to an overwhelming swell in political engagement, alongside exponential social development in line with both growing enthusiasm among the masses of the Party and the persistent capable leadership of the Party.

Cultural participation has underpinned this spike in social development and productivity, with the Ministry of Culture working around the clock in its provision of regular gaming and social events for the region to partake in. From Cards Against Humanity, Europa Universalis IV, to Town of Salem, cultural identity is rich and pervasive in its uplifting nature. As the central theme of the current administration it's certain that this success within the Ministry of Culture will continue to expand in parallel with the extension of current operations.

This striving success finds commonality in the executive, with the Ministry of Immigration also making strident leaps forward during April, gathering over $300 in just a 7 day period, ensuring TCB not only continues to receive masses of enthusiastic newcomers, but that our region maintains its position among the top 15 regions in the entirety of the world. This achievement is most clearly illustrated in its significance by TCB's recent ascent to the 2nd Largest User-Created Region in NationStates, finding itself in the acclaimed position of being directly behind 10000 Islands.

Party April Elections


Elections for the 2nd session of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of TCB concluded on April 10th. The election saw 9 members take up position in the Central Committee, in due compliance with TCB’s constitution which demands 1 seat per 150 resident nations. Comrades Piper, Franky_ce, Stalingo, Gabriel Xavier, Branden Schirpke, Lewis Flood, Comrade Chromania, M.M., and English Men and Women were honoured by the electorate in being selected to represent Party interests and to serve on the Central Committee.

Regrettably, comrade Stalingo later resigned with impeccable rectitude due to real-life time constraints, with his position later being filled by comrade James following a crowded and characteristically competitive CC election, beating 6 fellow party members to fill the remaining CC seat.

Elections for General Secretary of the Party concluded on April 18th, less dramatically than expected. Nonetheless, in a stunning show of political participation, and enthusiastic support, a record breaking 50 votes were cast in what was expected to be a heavily contested election. Comrade and former General Secretary Josh Conure originally ran for re-election, though later dropped out during the final day of the campaign, apologising with due humility for what had been perceived to be a negative campaign fought on personality, motivated by personal grievance ahead of all else. The result of his withdrawal ensured a landslide victory for comrade Zenny, winning 86% of the vote whilst satirically motivated candidates Franky_ce and Lewis Flood received 8 and 6 percent of the vote. This victory signaled the masses continued commitment to TCB's competent and innovative government, laying the issue of a single party system to rest.

Diversity and the LGBTQ+ Population of TCB


The LGBTQ+ Federation of TCB has been equally strident as an organization in its supply of helpful information to our community concerning the plight of the LGBTQ community outside of NS, as well as in providing members an area in which they may discuss issues in relation to sexual identity and sexuality. The Federation recently conducted a poll, on its conclusion finding that approximately 52% of TCB identifies with a sexuality other than heterosexuality. This is most keenly indicative of the society the Party nurtures, in ensuring acceptance, promoting equality, and striking down bigotry of any form. Consequently, TCB enjoys one of the largest LGBTQ communities in NS, whereby mere tolerance is thrown aside in favour of a full acceptance into a loving community.

People's Revolutionary Armed Forces March to Victory!


The People's Revolutionary Armed Forces have seen a resurgence in activity and success since the start of the term, partaking in six successful runs amongst multiple targets. It's the pervading belief of the masses in TCB that the prevalence of glorious success will maintain its ubiquity in the months to come. Especially with such success only being expedited by the upright integrity of Grand Central, persistent in their rectitude and professionalism which TCB has been lucky enough to come to know in recent days, partaking in a joint run on the 15th of May providing mutual resounding success.

Headlines From The Bloc!


  • The Party Central Committee voted on May 17th to adopt Zennyism-Piperism as the official ideology of the Workers’ Party of TCB. In a 5-3 vote, the Central Committee stood alongside the masses after a general-party referendum took place with a majority voting in favor of adoption of the ideology. Supporters of the move made clear that this is a symbolic move than anything else, establishing a consensus for the Party, from which progress can be made in the most efficient and radical manner.

  • The Great Leader comrade Zenny Winter and the Dear Leader Piper Winter were wed on May 14th, the ceremony and festivities taking place in a specially-constructed area in the TCB Family Center. This event united the entire Party around its revolutionary mothers, with many foreign dignitaries attending and paying their respects to the couple’s revolutionary work. A total of nearly 200 posts spanned the ceremony and reception in the largest family event in TCB history thus far.

  • TCB Central Television, a division of the TCB Central News Agency, has finally gotten of the ground with regular weekly broadcasts. Minister of Information comrade Pytor Petrovsky has headed this effort within the Bloc, the distinguished voice of TCB, and embodiment of its values. These broadcasts have become so popular internally that the Minister of Foreign Affairs has recently announced that they will be used in parallel with written updates in order to promulgate TCB's values and culture more effectively abroad.

And Now For Something Less Serious


This Foreign Update brought to you by the Foreign Ministry of The Communist Bloc in close coordination with the Workers' Party of The Communist Bloc