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United Kingdom
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NS Wiki[hr]Foreign Update: April 2016

37th Premiership of the United Kingdom

Monarch:HM Queen Constance I
Prince of Wales:
HRH Prince Michael

Prime Minister: Andrew B. Fraser
Deputy Prime Minister: Tomb Grey-Anumia
Home Secretary: Edward Alexander
Foreign Secretary: Tomb Grey-Anumia
Defence Secretary: Michael R.E. Stewart
Culture Secretary: Georgiana Windsor
Director of MI5: Andrew B. Fraser
Attorney General: Charles M. S. Fraser

WA Delegate: HM Queen Constance I

Chief Justice: Vacant
Sr. Associate Justice: Daniel C. A. North
Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant

42nd Session of Parliament

Lords of Parliament
Viscount Hastings
Baroness Windsor of Norfolk
Lord Grey-Anumia (PA)
Lord Fraser (I)
Lord Rees-Mogg (Whig)

Speaker of the House of Commons
Jan van Dijk

Majority: No Organized Majority
Loyal Opposition: No Organized Minority

Election Day:
Election Day, April 2016

On March 17th, Her Majesty Queen Constance issued a Writ of Election calling for the General Election to be held on April 5th after consultations with Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser. The United Kingdom elects its Prime Minister, Speaker of the House of Commons, and three Lords of Parliament during the General Elections, and so naturally, residents and citizens take great interest in these elections. However, this election, in particular, saw not only an increase in voter turn-out but also increasingly active competition and campaigning.

Standing for the position of Lords of Parliament were five candidates. Amongst them were many former Ministers, Prime Ministers, and other government officials, and overall, the competition was heated as they put forth their campaigns to gain a seat on the UK's highly esteemed House of Lords. The position of Prime Minister was sought out by incumbent Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser who is credited with building the infrastructure and investing in valuable activity simulating projects that led to this increase of activity. However, Prime Minister Fraser was not alone in the race. He was challenged by new UK citizen Hassan Chohan and independent candidate Edward Alexander. In the Speaker election, new UK citizen Jan van Dijk put forth a strong campaign for the position that surprised many of the citizens as they were not expecting a relatively new citizen to come forth and put forth such a strong campaign.

In the end, out of the individuals running for the position of Lord of Parliament, Tomb Grey-Anumia, Charles M. S. Fraser, and Jacob Rees-Mogg were elected to the position. Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser won another term in office, while Jan van Dijk won his first public office election in the UK winning the race for Speaker of the House of Commons. Recent Speaker William Kudrow who eventually decided not to run for another term would serve as Deputy Speaker under Jan. Overall, this election was hotly contested, and the record turnout of 15 voters shows that the region's activity is rebounding.
Surge in UK Political Parties:
Surge in UK Political Parties

Leading to the April General Elections, the UK saw a huge surge in political party registration. Before this phenomenon, the UK had two registered political parties, The Pragmatic Alliance (led by Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser) and the Liberal-Democratic Party (formerly led by former Prime Minister Klaus Mikaelson). Soon enough, though, the United Kingdom Imperialist Party (led by Cool Spring), the Whig Party (led by Jacob Rees-Mogg), and the United Kingdom Communist Party (led by Hassan Chohan) were all established. With the exception of the United Kingdom Imperialist Party, all parties put forth candidates for the April General Election. Incumbent Prime Minister Andrew Fraser and incumbent Lord Tomb Grey-Anumia ran again for their respective positions under the Pragmatic Alliance, and they were joined by Misael Gamez and John Mikaelson who both ran for the position of Lords of Parliaments under the same banner. The Whig Party turned out two candidates Jacob Rees-Mogg who ran for the position of Lord of Parliament, and Jan van Dijk who ran for the position of Speaker of the House of Commons. The Leader of The United Kingdom Communist Party, Hassan Chohan ran unsuccessfully for Prime Minister. Last, but certainly not least, there were independents too in the election including former Prime Minister Charles M. S. Fraser who ran for and won a seat as Lord of Parliament, and Edward Alexander who ran unsuccessfully for Prime Minister but would actually serve as Home Secretary later on. The United Kingdom is excited to see the surge in different parties as each one brings in unique ideas and innovations with it.
Prime Minister’s Opening Remarks:
Prime Minister’s Opening Remarks​

In his reelection address to the region, Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser laid out his Cabinet and got right to work implementing his manifesto.

PM's Remarks:
People of United Kingdom, we’re in safe hands!

Thank you to the overwhelming majority of you who voted this election. Thanks to you, the Fraser government now has a purer and more significant mandate than it gained at the previous election. I must also thank my opponents for making the Premiership election more diverse than it has been in recent times - the people had decent options, something that they haven’t had for many, many months. In particular I’d like to thank independent candidate Edward Alexander for putting forward a productive manifesto and providing the region with a solid candidate for Prime Minister. You have a bright future ahead in United Kingdom! Congratulations to our new Lords-elect too, I’m sure you’ll help keep the discussion and debate within the Chamber dynamic and wholesome.

This term is set to be one of the most exciting yet! The BBC will be running at full capacity! We’ll conduct new foreign relations! Comprehensive legislative reforms are on the table! A new focus on the military! We have a lot to accomplish, and a recuperated community ready to assist the executive in achieving its goals. We have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. I’m looking forward to what should be an extremely beneficial term for United Kingdom.

As always, Cabinet announcements! This term we shall see a more diverse yet experienced Cabinet. Tomb Grey-Anumia will continue to serve as the Deputy Prime Minister, as I believe him to be one of the most trustworthy and capable members of our community. Despite being here for a short time in comparison to most, Tomb has a lot to offer, and I appreciate his effort. Not only will Tomb serve as my 2iC, he will serve as the Foreign Secretary. With plenty of positions abroad under his belt, and countless friendships abroad, Tomb will be a valuable player in the upcoming term. His determination and drive to strengthen our foreign affairs is immeasurable, and I wish him the very best of luck in that portfolio.

Serving with Tomb will be Edward Alexander as Home Secretary. Edward was such an excellent candidate this election with brilliant ideas and capabilities, and I believe that it would’ve been fundamentally wrong to exclude him from this Cabinet. He has experience abroad in significant leadership positions, amongst other positions. Hopefully he will utilise his experience and reflect it in his work as the Home Secretary. Best of luck for the term ahead, Edward!

Joining the Cabinet this term in the Culture portfolio is Georgiana Windsor. Georgiana has a vast wealth of knowledge from her time in British Isles where she held almost all positions imaginable. With her past experience she’ll strive to keep the Culture Ministry full of life with competitions, discussions, quizzes and debates. I wish Ms. Windsor luck with her first portfolio in our region, may it be the first of many to come.

The returning Defence Secretary is Michael R.E. Stewart. With Michael as our military’s leader, we have a window of opportunity to strengthen ties with the region for Lovely where he is also the head of the military. With joint missions between our two regions, this should lead onto more interest in the area. I personally intend to join the military this term in a move to show my full appreciation for the ministry, and my dedication to the cause. Godspeed, Michael, save our Armed Forces and help us establish a truly prestigious military once more.

Last but not least in the Cabinet, our Attorney General. Charles M. S. Fraser has agreed to come on as the new AG. With his legal expertise, he will advise the government wherever he can, and will represent us with pride. Thank you Charles for agreeing to come on as the AG, you’re a truly valued member of our region and I appreciate your efforts.

Although not a Cabinet position, it is of equal importance. The new Director General of the BBC will be Tomb Grey-Anumia. Tomb will act as an unbiased DG, and will begin new programs for the BBC, as well as produce news stories and opinion polls. Tomb has my full support, and this government acknowledges his continued enthusiasm.

Thank you all, may we bring you good government!

Andrew B. Fraser
Prime Minister
Ambassador Shake Up

William Kudrow:

The North Pacific
The Rejected Realms
Allied States

Misael Gamez:


Charles Fraser:

The Kingdom of Great Britain
The Land of Kings and Emperors

Tomb Grey-Anumia:

The West Pacific

Jan van Dijk:

The East Pacific
The New Galactic Empire



John Mikaelson:

Just for laughs!:
Comedy Corner

I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any.
I rang up British Telecom, I said, ''I want to report a nuisance caller'', he said ''Not you again''.
There was a man who entered a local paper's pun contest... He sent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.
Three guys stranded on a desert island find a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish. The first guy wishes he was off the island and back home. The second guy wishes the same. The third guy says: ‘I’m lonely. I wish my friends were back here.’

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