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United Kingdom Foreign Office:

United Kingdom
NS Factbook
NS Wiki[hr]Foreign Update: March 2016

37th Premiership of the United Kingdom

Monarch:HM Queen Constance I
Prince of Wales:
HRH Prince Michael

Prime Minister: Andrew B. Fraser
Home Secretary: Andrew B. Fraser
Foreign Secretary: Andrew B. Fraser
Defence Secretary: Michael R.E. Stewart
Culture Secretary: Tomb Grey-Anumia
Director of MI5: Andrew B. Fraser
Attorney General: Richard North

WA Delegate: HM Queen Constance I

Chief Justice: Vacant
Sr. Associate Justice: Daniel C. A. North
Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant

41st Session of Parliament

Lords of Parliament
Lord Mikaelson (Lib-Dems)
Lord Fraser (PA)
Lord Grey-Anumia (PA)

Speaker of the House of Commons
William Kudrow

Majority: Pragmatic Alliance
Loyal Opposition: No Organized Minority

Election Day:
Election Day, March 2016


The recent General Election was one of the least contested elections in many years, with only three candidates for the House of Lords and one candidate for Prime Minister. The Lords elected this term were Lord Mikaelson, a United Kingdom figure well known for speaking his mind on the issues. Lord Fraser who retained his seat from the prior sitting of Parliament, and Lord Grey-Anumia whom gained his first seat in the UK legislature only weeks after acquiring citizenship.

The new Prime Minister was elected unopposed, with only one vote not in favour of his election. Andrew B. Fraser has been elected to the position of Prime Minister four times over the past two years, and is known to play an active role in his governments and deliver on his promises.

The Foreign Office offers its most sincere congratulations to all victors, and hopes that United Kingdom will benefit.
Return of the Fraser Era:
He's Back!

Sir Andrew B. Fraser is back in 10 Downing Street
After months in the wilderness, political giant Andrew B. Fraser has returned to the top job. Upon returning he promised that his government would promote, support and encourage a heightened enthusiasm to be online amongst the populace in the hopes that low activity levels would begin to trend upwards. By the end of the first week of governing the region, the Fraser government had implemented many policies, including a new citizenship approval approach for newcomers as well as a new embassy and diplomacy policy (read about it later in the update). The message of this government has been positivity and creativity, and seemingly it's paying off.

#standupUK Movement!
On March 10, Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser began what he described as a movement to create a region where we have more lifters and less leaners, so that we don't have to depend on those with more 'energy' to keep the region afloat.

"I ask everyone to stand up and start a new movement; the #standupUK movement. If more people become lifters, and cease leaning on those who try to create an approachable and open NationStates community, we'll have something worth fighting for."

The #standupUK Movement has had some sway with the community, with activity boosting to levels unseen for over half a year. The government has claimed this as a victory, but is cautious to say that the war on inactivity has been won.

Cracking Down On Inactivity!

The Fraser Government will determine the approval of each individual diplomatic application through utilising the evidence provided, however, a key factor of this approval process is the size of the region applying for an embassy. If the region applying has less than 100 nations at the time of the application lodgement, the Fraser Government will reserve the right to deny the embassy request until the required quota is met.

The Fraser Government will tolerate temporary inactivity within embassies, but not prolonged inactivity. If an embassy has been inactive for over two months, the embassy will be achieved. Along with this, the representative will lose their ambassadorship status. Representatives must uphold their activity levels to logging on to our offline forum at least once a every two months, or they will lose their ambassadorship status.

These measures are to ensure that we have an efficient and orderly diplomatic policy within United Kingdom.

Foreign Updates Renamed!:
The Royal Messenger!
You may have noticed that this update has been named "The Royal Messenger". That's because United Kingdom has officially named its foreign updates! We've gone too long without naming our foreign updates, and now with a name change we can further express our brilliant British culture to the rest of the NationStates community, as well as produce a more presentable document to our readers! We're in the process of creating graphics for The Royal Messenger, so hopefully next time around we'll have a more concise template and a beautiful logo to show off!

We hope you enjoy the content!
Just for laughs!:
Comedy Corner

Britain has invented a new missile. It's called the civil servant - it doesn't work and it can't be fired.
Last night a man fell into a barrel of beer and drowned - he came to a bitter end.
Dyslexic man walks into a bra.
There’s two fish in a tank, and one says ”How do you drive this thing?”

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