Vote: Conditional Support for Imperium Augustum


By virtue of the Speaker's flippant refusal to allow the Council to bring continue its operations by voting. The Chair's office has chosen to hold a vote on this proposal. Voting ends on March 7.

WHEREAS the Socialist Federal Republic of Rhuvanland under the leadership of the National Sonacist party has committed numerous human rights violations;
WHEREAS Rhuvanland has refused to allow citizens of Imperium Augustum to leave Rhuvish territory;
RECOGNIZING the right and duty of Imperium to protect its citizens;
AWARE that Imperium has a reputation of fair and just rule, despite being non-democratic and unaffiliated with this Union;
SHOCKED at the haste at which the Kingdom of Wolfsea, and the state of Yeraennus, have undertaken military operations in Rhuvanland, and in its support, respectively;
ASSERTING that military intervention in Rhuvanland must be sanctioned by the international community at large;
UNDERSTANDING that elected governments cannot establish competent and effective governance immediately in nations recently stricken by destruction;
DUMBFOUNDED at the staggering cost that Member States would have to cover to rebuild such a nation;

The Democratic Council therefore resolves:-
  1. That the Member States conditionally supports Imperium’s claim to Rhuvish territory;
  2. That the Kingdom of Wolfsea, and Yeraennus are to be reprimanded for their military operations;
  3. That the Member States shall avoid preventing the August government from conducting all necessary and reasonable operations to occupy Rhuvish territory;
  4. That the provisions of this Resolution are to be held null and void if, in the opinion of the majority of the Democratic Council:-
    • Civilians are targeted by August forces on the order of the August Government;
    • Unreasonable violations of human rights are committed by the August Government;
    • Exploitation of Rhuvish persons for the purpose of labor is committed by the August Government.
In the interests of preserving the Constitution of the DU, the Chair wishes to call off this vote. The vote will be restarted by the Deputy Chair (The Guslant delegation) once I have consulted with them, per this section II of the Constitution:

In the absence of the Speaker the power of the Speaker shall shift to the Deputy Chairperson.