Sanctions Against the Rhuvish State


After great consideration and deliberation, the Council of the Democratic Union does resolve that actions against the Socialist Federal Republic of Rhuvanland (hereinafter referred to as "Rhuvanland") are necessary.

  1. That the transfer of electronic or physical funds from Member States to public or private entities or persons is prohibited;
  2. The Governments of the Member States shall freeze all assets held by public or private entities or persons in Rhuvanland;
  3. That residents of the Member States are prohibited from traveling to Rhuvanland, unless on the specific exception of their respective governments or the DU chair;
  4. Residents or Citizens of Rhuvanland shall not be granted entry to Member Nations unless:-
    • They arrive requesting asylum or refugee status;
    • They already hold citizenship or residency in the member nation;
    • They are eligible for citizenship or residency based on family relations or any other such criteria as the Member Nation in question shall provide;
  5. The Member States shall withdraw their respective ambassadors from Rhuvanland;
  6. Diplomatic relations between Rhuvanland and the Member States shall be conducted by a joint Democratic Union representative appointed by the Chair subject to the confirmation of the Council;