The Alexandrian Herald: Issue 1



For The People, By The People, Of The People
Volume I, Issue I - January 30, 1822

Abdication: 11 Days of Flux
Editorial by His Sovereign Grace Joshua Ravenclaw I, Sovereign of Alexandria
The Kingdom of Alexandria is a welcoming, and open community. We regularly welcome people from all walks of NationStates and vow to treat them fairly, which is something we hope contributes to our environment and strong sense of community.

Recently, over the past four months there was a growing movement within the Chancellor's Office to restrict certain levels of Alexandrian Society to those who were not "cosmopolitan" players or had not received recognition for Service to Alexandria. This triggered a period of friction between the Crown and the Chancellor, as it sought to disenfranchise a large part of Alexandria's community, some of whom had been residents and subjects of the Crown for nearly two years.

On the Second of December tensions finally hit bursting point, initially over a misunderstanding when a Member of House Ravenclaw (and the Emergency Technical Administrator) poked fun at one of the Forum userbars, believing they were created by the Sovereign (Joshua I) over a long running joke between them that has spanned three years. The Chancellor, who had designed those userbars, took it as a slight against his work and demanded the Sovereign accede to his demand that the Gameplayers be removed from the Kingdom of Alexandria or he himself would leave. Ordinarily, methods of mediation via Voice Chat would have successfully mitigated the situation but due to certain real life problems, it was not an option. The rising stress level, and health issues encountered by the Sovereign contributed to the breakdown of communication between the two offices, and torn between a rock and a hard-place, Joshua Ravenclaw chose to step away from Alexandria to try and find peace of mind, that had been for several weeks, lacking for him in Alexandria.

In his place, his eldest son James - of his Union with McMasterdonia - was Crowned King, being given only 10 minutes notice as to the intentions of Joshua, who was not thinking rationally and sought to escape an environment that had become toxic for him. Despite much outcry, there were over a dozen officials and people from foreign regions and states who sought him out to encourage him to stay within Alexandria and to keep working hard at his successful community, Joshua Ravenclaw stayed distant from the centre of government for eight days, until a member of the Privy Council sought him out.

In his absence, and in light of the heart-breaking events that consumed Alexandria, the region had been wounded. The Kingdom's identity had been damaged by the divide, and Joshua's departure had fractured it's sense of community. The Chancellor had departed his office, and left for lands beyond the Sovereign's Control, while James I was unprepared for the burden - both political and cultural - of overseeing the office of State to which he was appointed.


On the ninth day since his abdication, Joshua Ravenclaw received a request from the Crown Ministers of the Privy Council asking him to assume control of the Kingdom of Alexandria, by any means necessary. Having divested himself of all political, noble or otherwise authority, including headship of House Ravenclaw upon his abdication, he was left with very little standing, other than his membership of the Royal House which saw him petition the Great Council of Nobles for Regency.

In a vote led by the Dean of the College of Arms, the Most Noble, Lord Robert Aeron Astor, the newly crowned Prince-Palatine of Wintergarde, the assembled Peers, Noble and Stately voted within the Ravenwatch Palace on the Regency.

The votes, as overseen by Lord Astor were as followed:

  • "Ayes" - His Grace, Prince-Palatine Robert Aeron Astor of Wintergarde;
  • His Grace, Benjamin Ravenclaw, Lord High Constable of the Royal Legion of Alexandria;
  • His Royal Highness, Denrick Ravenclaw, Margrave of Itahca and Lord Steward of the Royal Household
  • Their Graces, Prince-Palatine Severisen Montresor of Terenuthis, Lord Chamberlain of the Royal Household and Lady Xoriet of House Montresor;
  • His Royal Highness, Joshua Bluteisen-Ravenclaw, Margrave of Pharos;
  • Her Sovereign Majesty, Dowager-Consort Hyacinth Ravenclaw nee Somerset

There were no Abstains, or Nays in the present numbers. Lord Astor confirmed Joshua Ravenclaw as Lord Regent of Alexandria promptly following the proceedings.

But, all was not yet decided for Alexandra; following the confirmation, Alexandria's activity skyrocketed. The Lord Regent, who had assumed the office of Chancellor temporarily to discharge his duties, first chose to restore his original titles to best allow him to serve Alexandria in the future. He then named his Lord Father Diamete Ravenclaw as Crown Minister of Diplomacy, further confirmed the ascension of Robert Aeron Astor as Prince-Palatine of Wintergarde and Astoria, while recognising a Freeholder - Soranotsky - for Services to Alexandria, elevating him to the Privy Council as Crown Minister of Integration. His final appointment was to appoint George of House Holland (Abydos) as the Chancellery's Cartographer to oversee the management of Alexandrian Worldbuilding until a Council could be created to ensure appropriate succession.

As his final edict in his Decree, he ordered the Lord High Constable to rearm the Royal Legion and the Fleet Air Service for active service once more. Alexandria began to wake up as Lord Montresor praised House Ravenclaw, with Her Majesty, the Dowager-Consort offering any and all assistance she could to assist the Kingdom.


On the 13th Day of December, 11 days following Joshua's Abdication and 2 days following his confirmation as Regent, James I announced his abdication. His successor? His father, Joshua I.

Since that day, Alexandria has shown record breaking activity, both on our out-of-character mediums as well as in our in-character mediums. Alexandria continues to stride forward, making new relationships, reaffirming old ones and exploring the depth of its cultural identity.

Joshua Ravenclaw retook the throne on the 13th December 2014, retaining his name as Joshua I. He shortly passed a decree to recognise James' reign as a Regency Period for convalescence and renewal.

Freeholder's Assembly Granted Autonomy
Queenie, Special Reporter
Ravenwatch Palace, Alexandria - A short time ago, the Freeholder's Assembly presented a document describing their internal procedures to the Lady Crown Regent. The inaugural document achieved internal majority with a vote of ten ‘Aye’s, and has since been signed into law, allowing the Assembly to operate autonomously.

With this document, the Assembly now has the right to operate without fear of repercussions from those of higher rank, such as the Privy Council, and may discuss and vote on any legislation they wish to create, amend, or repeal. However, for such legislation to become law, the Voice of the Assembly or the Chamberlain must present it to the Sovereign or His Agents, who may then choose sign it into law or veto it for any reason.

It is our hope at the Herald that the Assembly finds success and continues to make strides towards improving Alexandria in any way it can. We wish the fledgling body the very best, and will be sure to keep you up to date with further developments.

State of the Legion Address
Benjamin Ravenclaw, Lord High Constable and Lord Marshal of the Royal Legion of Alexandria
Severisen Point, Alexandria - The Legion is not only a military branch. In reality, it is sort of a Kinship, brothers and sisters in arms. All of our Knights look at each other as friends and allies on a personal level. We look at the job as not only being the sword of the King, but joining under one legion to show the world what we are made of, what we can accomplish, and to have one hell of a good time.

The month of January is not in any way our most active month, but it has brought about some good changes. We relaid our foundations of ranks and principles around an order of Knights and Paladins, as opposed to our previous rankings as mages. This was not all due to the Battlemages being a bad theme, but more to bring our army in line with the description of an Independent army made to serve and promote Alexandria and the Sovereign’s interests abroad better.

The New ranking system has been implemented as such (from top to bottom):

  1. Lord Marshal
  2. Master Paladin
  3. Senior Paladin
  4. Paladin
  5. Knight
  6. Adept
  7. Apprentice
  8. Initiate
So far, we are very confident that these rankings will serve us well due to their relative uniqueness and their simplicity. The army will still be known as the Royal Legion of Alexandria (RLA), and I will continue to serve as Lord High Constable as well as the Lord Marshal of the RLA.

Throughout the month, we have deployed to the United Immaculate Empire, supported the attempted liberation of Belgium, and deployed to The North Pacific to help our Sovereign rise to the Delegacy and pacify our newest colony.*

Discussions have opened with our friends in Osiris and The East Pacific about military collaboration in the near future, in line with our ever-persistent desire to grow the legion and branch out to others for mutual and friendly co-operation.

*This is a joke. A joke that has been taken way too seriously, despite many people being told multiple times that it was no more than a joke.

Feirmont, Lady Regent: The Interview
Mark "Malviet" Wrenburg, Field Reporter
Alexandria Castle, Alexandria - Taking a break from the labors of administering the Kingdom, Feirmont, Alexandria's recently appointed Lady Regent, agreed to sit with one of our field reporters for an interview. Remarks have been edited for clarity.
Malviet:Greetings! It certainly is exciting to talk with you, Your Royal Syrupy Pancakeness!

Feirmont:Thank you for having me here today!

Malviet:The honor is mine! Now, let's get started. For those who do not yet know you, could you be so kind as to introduce yourself?

Feirmont:Absolutely. I am Feirmont; married to James Kialga-Ravenclaw and Lady Regent of the Kingdom of Alexandria.

Do you have any history with this kind of thing?

Feirmont:Being the head of a region?


Yes; I was once The South Pacific's delegate for four months, and I was in their Cabinet for nearly 9 months until fairly recently.

Was there any particular reason why you decided to join the Kingdom of Alexandria and its community?

Feirmont:I consider Raven a good friend. I've known about the Kingdom of Alexandria for a long time. Once the switch to Discord happened, I decided to check out the region and its peoples. Everyone was friendly and I stayed.

Malviet:For those in the dark, can you explain what the Lord/Lady Regent does?

Feirmont:I act as the Sovereign's hand while they are away.

Malviet:What do you think is the reason behind the Sovereign's decision to appoint you above anyone else?

Feirmont:Experience and a level head when it comes to decisions. The Sovereign and I have worked together before and I assume that it was from those interactions that he made his decision.

Malviet:What would be your main goal for your term as Lady Regent?

Feirmont:Keep the region as it's going now. From what I've noticed, the region is going up in terms of activity, politics, RP... I hope to keep that trend going until the Sovereign's glorious return. I also want to make sure everyone's time in Alexandria is as pleasant as possible.

Malviet:Now, into your NS life in general. How would you describe your Gameplay ideology?

Feirmont:R/D wise?

Malviet:Including R/D, but anything other than that is also fine.

Feirmont:I suppose I would consider myself pretty neutral when it comes to my Gameplay ideology. I like to focus on the internal culture of a region more than the inter-regional diplomacy aspect. When it comes to Raiding and Defending I'm very neutral on the matter.

Malviet:Finally, the most important question of them all. Above all other fine dishes and breakfast delicacies, why the fervor for pancakes?

Feirmont:Pancakes are one of the most customizable breakfast foods out there. They can be thin or fluffy, any shape, sweet or savory... Everybody has a different idea for their 'perfect pancake'. I love foods that are so customizable. Delicious to boot.

Malviet:Well, it was a syrupy pleasure talking to you!

Feirmont:And you!

Malviet:Godspeed in your duty as Regent, and I hope to see you doing great things in the future!

Mechanical Invention Sweeps Alexandria Off Its Feet
John Lange, Field Reporter

Soon to be obsolete?
Acanthus, Alexandria - Recently, a new invention has come into Alexandria, invented by an ingenious mechanic, near the tip of our Southern borders, at Acanthus. It's a machine that will surely render horses obsolete in the coming years! This machine, called a bi-cycle by its maker, allows one to "ride" it, via straddling a seat they have attached to it, and to "pedal" the wheels, by pushing one's feet on the "pedals".

The origin of the bi-cycle came when the machinist's son was born with a rare allergy to horses, and thusly having to walk everywhere. His sadness at his poor son's torment was augmented when his daughter, conversely, started becoming fatter, due to sitting on horses all the time, and not having to walk anywhere.The man was stuck between two fragile lines. He needed to find a way to ease his son's burdens as he traveled to places, and needed an exercising-alternative.

One evening, as he was struggling over his machines, the machinist, who has asked to remain anonymous, said "I watched a horse-drawn cart pass by my workshop, and as I saw the wheels turn, I imagined if I could somehow move that wheel on my own... That perhaps, if I could push the wheel 'round with my feet? It seemed like a silly notion at the time, but as I thought upon it more and more, it became clearer to me. I thought, 'Hey, why not add another wheel, to make it more balanced?', but then I got to the task of making the wheels spin, and it all came together!"

He then proceeded to show one of our onsite reporters how it worked, first spinning the front wheel with his hand.

"You see, this one spins freely, so you don't have to 'pedal' as hard. The back wheel however..." He then pointed to the back wheel, with a "pedaling" device attached to it, which looked like foot stools on either side.
When asked for a demonstration, the mechanic mounted the vehicle, sitting directly on the seat between the two wheels, putting his feet on the pedals.

"You see," He said, wobbling, "It may look unsteady, but once you get going... It really starts rolling!" He "pedaled" his feet, pushing down on the foot-platforms as they spun around in a circle, "See?"

The wheels of the bi-cycle began spinning as he "pedaled", finally gaining traction on the dirt road.

"And you just use this little handle bar to steer the bi-cycle down the way you want!"

He began "pedaling" the bi-cycle for our reporters on-scene. One of our especially studious reporters noticed that he had no way of stopping, altering the machinist to this fact. "Oops!" was all our reporters could catch before he began bi-cycling wildly down the nearest hill. speeding off into the distance.

In the face of inevitable disaster, the mechanic attempts to right his mechanical steed.

However, when he was found later, he noted that all of the bi-cycles after this model would have a "brake system" so that they would be safer for riders to use. It's easy to tell that this bi-cycling craze will sweep the nation with its ingenious way of traversing even the roughest of countrysides, all while getting that much needed exercise.


The one, the true, the great.
So, if TNP and Alexandria have the same leader...I believe we have a personal union?

Deleted User (Guest)

While I do maintain my role as Head of State of the Kingdom of Alexandria, I left on an expedition on January 10th. The Regent oversees Alexandria and I am not present to be involved at that level.

(It would be a large conflict of interest for me to oversee the foreign policy of two regions at the same time, so I have taken steps to limit my involvement in the UCR until my time as Delegate is over.

I do my utmost best to manage any possible conflicts of interest and have done for a long time.)