Vvardenfell News - 19th Morning Star Year 1


Vvardenfell News - 19th Morning Star Year 1

Hortator Election Concludes in Hircine's Favor; Clerk Elections Ongoing
The Parliament of Craters, bustling with ballots and "friendly debate".

Elections for Hortator, Vvardenfell's title for its World Assembly Delegate, concluded this month with Hircine, citizen and Daedric Prince of the Hunt, coming in first with five votes of seven cast. Sheretonia, a citizen and fellow Elder Scrolls enthusiast, came in second place with two votes. Anders Blakewood, an early runner as well as one of the first citizens to join Vvardenfell, ran as well but disappeared shortly before the vote began and got no votes.

With the elections for Vvardenfell's head-of-state settled, the ALMSIVI, Blessed Be Their Holy Names, became citizens first and founders second - turning over the direction of the region to the Hortator and the legislators in the Parliament of Craters. The Parliament's first order of business was starting elections for the Clerk of Motions Known, who serves as Speaker for the body. Elections for Clerk are ongoing, but the three citizens running are Sheretonia, Fuschia, Vvardenfell's cartographer and roleplayer, and Sunhall.

Best of luck to all the candidates!

Wars Declared; Life Continues As Usual
One Buoyant Armiger fights against the unstoppable forces of Kvatch.

Following the campaign of the Buoyant Armigers in Skyrim, ejecting the occupied forces of Kvatch from their blighted throne, the Kingdom of Kvatch declared war on the region of Vvardenfell. This was unexpected to the ALMSIVI, who, at the time, were still watching over the region pending the end of Hortator elections.

After the Armigers ejected Kvatch forces from the region of Dominion of Markarth, the ALMSIVI offered peace. Following a few weeks of hearing nothing, though, the Kingdom of Kvatch called in their allies, the Kingdom of Great Britain, who likewise declared war on Vvardenfell.

Though the Kingdom of Great Britain, one of the largest and "most influential" user-created regions, deigned to declare war on a small, new Elder Scrolls-themed region, they apparently have not found the time to carry out any assaults on Vvardenfell or her people. Elections for Hortator finished on schedule, and the Parliament of Craters is currently discussing the possibility of a new regional flag, formalized procedures, and the election of a Clerk of Motions Known.

Miscellaneous News

In this section, we'd just like to plug some things happening in Vvardenfell curently!

  • Discussions about starting roleplay are still underway, and Fuschia's new map is open for claims!
  • The Parliament of Craters is discussing new legislative procedure, and a vote is being held on several proposals for a new regional flag!
  • Embassies have been opened with Spiritus, the Kingdom of Alexandria, Osiris, and The North Pacific!
  • Our IRC channel, #vvardenfell on irc.esper.net, has been successful!


To conclude this issue of Vvardenfell News, here is a short fable from Almalexia, Blessed Be Her Holy Name:

"The Guar were so tormented by the other creatures they did not know where to go. As soon as they saw a single beast approach them, off they dashed in terror.

One day they saw a pack of Nix-hounds ranging about, and in a desperate panic all the Guar scuttled off towards the sea, determined to drown themselves rather than live in such a continual state of fear. But just as they got near the shoreline, a colony of Mudcrabs, frightened in their turn by the approach of the Guar, scuttled off, and threw themselves into the water.

'Truly,' said one of the Guar, 'things are not so bad as they seem. For there is always someone worse off than you.'"