[CRIMINAL] King Durk the Awesome vs North Harmoneia

Harmoneia says I couped TNP, but I've never been convicted of such. Lies and slander, basically. Hence, I'm suing North Harmoneia for a sum of 100 billion filipino pesos.
PHILIPPINE. Filipino is used to describe persons, not money or objects relating to the country. :P Also you shouldn't spam in here. >_>


Just a note that should the constitutional court be too overwhelmed to consider this case, the Fiqh stands ready to render any assistance we can.


Garde à l'eau!
It might also be worth noting that we do not have Civil Law/Civil Code in TNP. In fact, we can be very uncivil at times, which is why we have no Civil Code in TNP.

So, I endorse Flemingovia's suggestion to apply to the Fiqh for swift and violently delivered justice, with wafers and a generous slathering of Marmite brand Savory Spread (since Vegemite is currently out of stock).