Update X

October 2015 ~ Update X

"Let us defend the prestige of the Party Central Committee in every way possible through the struggle to implement the Party's ideas and champion its policies!"

NationStates Region ~ Regional Forum ~ ~ WPTCB Anthem

WA Delegate: Tommy Winter
WA Delegate Endorsements: 259
WA Endorsement Percentage: 75.3%
WA Member Percentage: 31.5%
Regional Population: 1,168​


The Revolutionary Command

Edward Windsor
Zenny Winter
Thomas Calloway
Phazon Winter
Josh Conure
Navbot Winter


Central Committee of the Workers' Party of TCB

Josh Conure
Navbot Winter
Thomas Calloway
Phazon Winter
Zenny Winter
Comrade Hayden
Gabriel Oakenfist

Proclamation of the People's Republic of The Communist Bloc


"Over the past two months, myself, along with dozens of our citizens of the Bloc see our beloved region faced with many crippling obstacles. Our executive branch is unproductive, a legislative branch that is inactive, and a judicial branch that is far from effective. We have spent too much time organizing an ineffective bureaucracy when we have the need to make quick decisions, and we also have the threat of a population who falls further out of touch with the founding revolutionary ideals and culture of our beloved region. We must begin the process of change, or face a region which is increasingly polarized and divided, and a decline in our region’s international presence culturally, diplomatically, and most certainly, militarily.

The more openness we have in our political system, the more willing our citizens will be in participating in our region for the glory of the Bloc. A fairer and more democratic system must be made that empowers the proletariat within our region and not just the party elites. Our toleration of reactionary and treasonous ideas moving into our region must cease now. Those who actively sow dissent for short term political gain must also cease or face the mighty hammer of the people. We must rededicate ourselves to limiting foreign influence in our affairs, and reassert our independence and sovereignty.

For these many reasons among others, I reject the current bourgeois democratic system and affirm that our region should convert to a Marxist form of government, liberating the over one thousand people within our borders and giving them significantly more political power. I have tried hard over the course of the last few months to work within the confines of a bourgeois democratic system, however it has become obvious that the revolutionaries of old were correct, the people do not need to negotiate with the reactionaries, the right-wing social democrats, and rightists, they can take what is rightfully theirs through the most effective means necessary: revolution.

At this time, and to preserve the ideals our Great Revolution was founded upon, I do hereby proclaim the formation of the People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc with immediate effect. We will strive for the ideals of freedom, unity, and independence. This government is willing to establish diplomatic relations with any foreign government that is willing to observe the principles of equality, mutual benefit, and mutual respect of territorial integrity and sovereignty as well as maintain all current diplomatic relationships and military alliances. This government will be striving to make sure the public is informed of all decision making and discussions both on the forums, RMB, and chat.

I do hereby announce the repeal of the previous constitution, and all laws passed during the period of the First Republic. All executive, legislative, and judicial institutions are forthwith dissolved until the passing of a new Constitution. I hereby declare the dissolving of all political parties currently active within the region, and reorganize them into the Workers Party of the Communist Bloc (WP), with immediate effect. Forty-eight hours from now, I will open the nomination period for the election of 5-member Central Committee. It shall be tasked with formulating a proper Marxist platform and the determination of Party policy procedure. Membership in TCB’s vanguard party will be compulsory for all new and current citizens. No exceptions will be made.

For the time being until our Glorious Revolution has been achieved, the People's Republic will be managed publicly and transparently by the Revolutionary Command, whose membership will be shortly decided and announced by myself. All command discussion and decision making will be public on the forums. They will be tasked with the drafting of a new constitution for the People's Republic or of all edits necessary to the current version for submission to the Central Committee, and to the general public. They will manage all current ministries until changes have come into effect, with all current ministers being invited to continue their current roles for the time being under the leadership of our command.

With all branches of our government being slow, inefficient, and overly bureaucratic, we hope to transform the People’s Republic of the Communist Bloc into the great socialist power that it can be, where harmony and comradeship reign supreme, where we can be a main power in the fight against fascism within NS, and be the respected global super power that we have the potential to be. With the liberation of the people and the tapping of their willpower and talent, our People's Republic will be the envy of the world. I hope you will join me and many others who have already dedicated themselves to our new government, a new age for the people of TCB."

-Zenny Winter

Headlines From The Bloc!


  • In a strong show of democratic expression, the people voted on September 30th for the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of TCB, electing 9 capable candidates to represent them in the first Central Committee of the People's Republic. They will be tasked with the creation of a Marxist platform and setting internal Party procedure and rules while the Revolutionary Command works on writing a new constitution.
  • Comrade members of The Internationale unanimously voted October 5th to repeal two articles of legislation passed earlier this year that targeted The Communist Bloc, opening up the possibility of official diplomatic communication between the two regions for the first time in nine months. (R+B)
  • The Communist Bloc took part in the invasion and occupation of The Greater German Riech in solidarity with The Red Fleet as apart of our continued commitment to the regional destruction of all Nazi regions.

And Now For Something Less Serious


This Foreign Update brought to you by the Foreign Ministry of The Communist Bloc in close coordination with the Workers' Party of The Communist Bloc


Thank you for the update, Phazon. I hope these changes will lead accomplish the expected results.

~ Tomb