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Discussion in 'Role Play' started by St George, Sep 22, 2015.

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    Few things: Factbooks is being renamed to National Information, and things like elections, newspapers, domestic newswires etc etc are being moved into there.

    I'm debating moving things like royal marriage topics to there or to Negotiations. ATM they tend to be in National Roleplay but I feel like that's not a great place for them.

    I'd like to encourage people to start using topic tags when posting new RPs, especially when they're limited to or for the attention of specific groups, such as members of alliances or nations on certain continents, e.g. a topic gets posted thats relevant to the NPTO, just add [NPTO] to the topic title or topic description.

    As the remerged Culture and Entertainment Ministry starts ramping up again, we're going to make a move on some of the world building projects we had going last month, as well as setting up specific world building topics for various continents or other things. Watch the Lounge for more on that.

    ~Raven Edit: Fixing "their>there" with permission.
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    TNP Nation:
    I never did do that updated sea map...should I go find Kalti's post and do that?
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    I don't think elections ought to be National Information. NatInfo sounds good for profiles and general overviews of stuff you ought to know for RP (like a country's capital, language, etc.). But oftentimes elections tie into the RP.