PC Discussion: Intervention in Cronaal


Global Moderator
The United States of Cronaal has requested intervention due to a famine.

Nation Name of Applicant: The United States of Cronaal
Nation(s) in Conflict: Cronaal
Approximate Number of Troops Needed: 500, 250 in Rodon and 250 in Edeshire
Actions that need to be handled by NPTO: With the ever growing slums and the lack of food, tensions between the authorities and the civilians are growing rapidly by the day and there is a high thread of rioting that Cronaal can simply not afford.

I personally believe we should help Cronaal, but am willing to hear other thoughts.


Lauren gave a quick deep breath, closing her eyes during the process and then proceeded to take out a small file.
"Thank you Alec." Lauren rushed out of her mouth, she wanted to move onto the main focus, why Cronaal needed riot support.
"Now, I want to expand on the situation that's currently going on in Cronaal and it is indeed, very dire. Since the tsunami in Randeen, only a few days ago, much of the nation's farmland has been flattened or rendered unusable as the area around Randeen was, of course, where around 64% of farmland was since the North is beneath a thick blanket of snow. Since the government cannot afford to import large amounts of food, after the nation was brought to a standstill after the Smithworks Event, and the deconstruction of the Stacked Cities - a project that's hoped to bring in millions for Cronaal by selling the scrap - has rendered thousands of people homeless and jobless, the suburban areas of the cities are slowly turning into uninhabitable slums because of this." Lauren paused for a moment, grasping her throat with her left hand a little, she was already thinking about the disgusting acts of desperation the citizens of Cronaal had committed to keep themselves from starving to death in the streets.

"Now, onto the worst. The state of the streets has become vile, disgusting, homes are damaged and covered with filth and dirt, rubbish of all sorts and this 'rubbish' includes the-" Lauren gagged a little.
"The corpses of the dead, those who've simply starved inside their homes or, more commonly, in the middle of the streets and have died, been left to simply rot and spread disease among the population. There's been rumors that some of these corpses have been chewed on, not by animals but by humans, the people desperate for food, the ones slaughtering police officers and citizens in desperation for their next meal. Not just this but people have been exploiting this, enticing them with food but instead taking them prisoner, using them as slaves." Lauren's eyes were tearing up a little, she didn't want to accept the truth, nor think about it. She sat back down and began to place her head into her hands.