FRA Summer Update 2015



The Cabinet of the Founderless Regions Alliance

Arch-Chancellor: Tim-Opolis
Vice Chancellor: Benevolent Thomas
Chief of Defense: Dyr Nasad
Minister of Intelligence: Frattastan II
Regional Liaison Officer: Funkadelia
Speaker: Christian Democrats

From the Office of the Arch-Chancellor
Evening Folks,

It's been about half a year since you've been blessed with the trademark maroon and gold of an FRA Update, so I figured it was time to bestow that upon all of you. So, here we go.

I think, first and foremost, I need to introduce myself. My name is Tim-Opolis, though I generally go by either Tim or Tim Stark, and I'm the newly elected Arch-Chancellor of the Founderless Regions Alliance. You might know me from my time in TBR, about three years ago now. You might know me from my time as a UDL Lieutenant, or an FRA Ranger. If you're involved in UCRs, you probably know me as the founder of Spiritus. Hell, you may know me from Osiris as well, where I served as Pharaoh from January to July. However, what I'd like you to know me as right now is the FRA's Arch-Chancellor, and what I'd like you to know even more than that are my goals and aspirations for the Founderless Regions Alliance.

It's safe to say, right now, that rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Of course, Onderkelkia might not want you to think this, given how much he loves to write long and winded statements about the relevancy of wasting one of the largest invader updater turnouts this summer on a 12 hour tag of Liberty Alliance. NES might not want you to think this either, given his recent reveal that former Arch-Chancellor Wibblefeet was an Imperialist plant this whole time. Knowing Coraxion, he probably doesn't want you thinking it either, because if we're doing stuff that isn't relevant to tag raiding then we're clearly not actually alive. However, I must assure you that we are still alive, we are still kicking, and there's hopefully going to be a lot of fresh stuff coming your way from our direction. I'll get into that a bit further, mainly because I'm really looking to show up Onder with the length of my opening address.

As you can see above, the Cabinet looks a bit different than when you might have seen it last. While Dyr Nasad, Frattastan, Christian Democrats, and myself are all returning Cabinet Members, I'm very excited about the additions of Funkadelia is Regional Liaison Officer and Benevolent Thomas as Vice-Chancellor. Both bring fresh perspectives and plenty of experience during a time when I think those traits are some of the most important to have right now. However, I won't beat around the bush much longer, here's what you can expect from this term, in all of its full, multi-sentence, paragraph glory.

The first is our image. To put it plainly, it's not always the best these days, and a lot of it is due to outdated or simply inaccurate stigma that continues to float around as either lingering paranoia or intentional misinformation by factions that might not be too amiable to us. I intend to see that fixed, and we will be embarking on what I can only call an aggressive campaign of rebranding to better improve both the FRA's public image as well as the public image of all of Defending.

Going hand in hand with that is outreach, something I believe is critical to both this Alliance and to our entire faction of R/D. In my eyes this will involve both an implementation of more regular updates on what's been happening politically, as well as news on major operations that may have gone down in which the FRA was involved and that are worth widely reporting.

Finally, segueing quite well out of outreach is regional support. Though this is something we've been talking about for a while, I feel that it tends to ebb and flow quite frequently, whereas I'd like to see all flow without any ebb. I will be looking to actively offer assistance to both our member regions, to see what we may be able to help with in terms of their region's growth and stability, and to any new or existing regions that would like help with anything from advice on writing a Constitution, to helping set up an API Recruitment Script, to even training troops for a fledgling Defender military. Much of the time our services are advertised as perks of joining the Alliance, but I see just as much merit in actually assisting regions to the point that they then feel that we've helped enough as an organization to warrant membership in.

There are some other plans as well for various things here and there, but you'll have to wait and simply see what those are in due time, as not everything can fit into an opening address and I'm already getting a bit ahead of myself with the goals I'm choosing to lay out.

FRA Arch-Chancellor