August Special Update

Thomas Insaniac

The Greatest Ever
TNP Nation


The Monarchy of British Isles

The Monarch: HM Daniel I
Prince Consort: HH Richard

HM Executive Government

Prime Minister: John Norfolk
Deputy Prime Minister: Liana Soloviev
Home Secretary: Daniel Devon
Foreign Secretary: Insaniac Talleyrand
Culture Secretary: Crushita Telcontar-Soloviev
Defence Secretary: Cephal Talleyrand


On the second of August an apology was issued from Prime Minister John Norfolk. The apology concerned a recent spat of inactivity from the Prime Minister. This inactivity was due to him getting a new job. He was no longer able to dedicate as much time to NationStates and as of such Prime Minister John Norfolk handed into the region his two weeks notice. He has stated that he will ask the King for general elections on the eight of August and these will occur on the fifteenth of August.

This comes as a surprise to the region as a whole, John Norfolk has long been the most active member of the forum and the community is saddened at his departure from the premiership. We however wish him the best of luck with his new occupation.

This however means General Elections will occur and the British Isles will have a new government within the next three weeks. This is roughly three weeks earlier than planned.


Renly, the former Culture Secretary, Associate Justice and MP of Wales for the British Isles resigned from all his posts during the month of July. He cited health reasons for his departure and the region wishes for his speedy recovery. The positions he occupied however needed new occupants. The Culture Office had Crushita Telcontar-Soloviev named as its new Secretary. Wales saw Anders Blakewood elected as its new MP in low contest by-election. Associate Justice sits vacant however.

Liana Soloviev has replaced Valfor Talleyrand as the Deputy Prime Minister on the twenty fourth of July. Insaniac Talleyrand was appointed as Foreign Secretary on the second of the August, replacing HH Richard. On the same day, Daniel Devon replaced Juris Lancaster as Home Secretary. As of such, only the Defense Minister and Prime Minister are the same as the beginning of the term.