July Update


Foreign Update: July 2015
Monarch: HM King James III & VIII Princess of Wales: HRH Constance St.James​

His Majesty's Government

Prime Minister: Jacob Rees-Mogg
Deputy Prime Minister: Tony Benn

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Jacob Rees-Mogg
Home Secretary: Andrew B. Fraser
Foreign Secretary: Tony Benn
Defence Secretary: Klaus Mikaelson
Culture Secretary: John Mikaelson
Director of MI5: Michael R.E. Stewart
Attorney General: Constance St. James

WA Delegate: HM King James III
37th Parliament
Lords of Parliament
Richard, Duke Northumberland Speaker
Jacob Rees-Mogg, Baron Snowdonia

Members of Parliament
Henry of Northern England (BCA)
Sandy P. Mack of Southern England (BRP) [Speaker]
Sir Andrew Fraser of Wales (BCA)
Klaus Mikaelson of Scotland (SF)
Tony Benn of Northern Ireland (BRP)
Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Chief Justice: Vacant
Sr. Associate Justice: Daniel North
Jr. Associate Justice: William Kudrow
King of the United Kingdom, James III & VIII, has announced that he shall be abdicating the British throne at an unspecified time in early August.

Announcing his intention to abdicate from Buckingham Palace, the King told subjects that due to changes in circumstances he was taking the decision "in the best interests of the community" to vacate the throne. His announcement comes just a month from celebrating his one year anniversary on the throne.

HRH Princess Constance St.James is first in-line to the throne and will be crowned Queen at a coronation ceremony led by the Archbishop of Canterbury once His Majesty formally presents his Instrument of Abdication.

June saw the election of Jacob Rees-Mogg from the British Reform Party as Prime Minister, beating former Prime Minister Sir Andrew B. Fraser to Number 10.

Mr Rees-Mogg based his campaign heavily around the economy, with him being one of the region's most vocal supporters of the economy. He has pledged reform in many areas including the introduction of an Open Parliament and moving the UK away from a Supreme Court structure to a two-tier justice system.

In his first address to the region the Prime Minister said that he had "great faith" in the team around him and that he had the ambition to 'return the region to the top once more'.[c]

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Rt. Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP​

The United Kingdom was full of celebration and rejoice on the 3rd June as the region celebrated the 1st anniversary of His Majesty King James' accession to the throne.

His Majesty accompanied by the Royal Family travelled by State Carriage around Central London to crowds lining the route, escorted by the Life-Guards. Later His Majesty returned to the Buckingham Palace balcony from where the Royal Air Force Red Arrows conducted a magnificent display in honour of the King. A speech was then delivered to all subjects in which he said that all members of the community that have the will to strive to better the United Kingdom will be "welcomed with open arms" and their efforts "rewarded with promotion and prestige". The King gave personal thanks to those that had helped him personally in his four years as a member of the UK and thanked everyone "for patience and support" which he has received throughout his long reign.

His Majesty then conferred upon all serving members of the government, civil-servants, parliamentarians and the members of the Armed Forces, the King James II & VII Jubilee Medal to celebrate all those "who have served us all so well throughout my reign".


His Majesty King James III & VIII Jubilee Medal


After his long absence from the region, the Chief Justice Edwin Astor has been removed from his position by Parliament who cited inactivity as the reason for making the move.

Prime Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg after consulting with His Majesty the King, decided to nominate current Jr. Justice William Kudrow. It is now down to Parliament to confirm Mr Kudrow's appointment and it is expected that he shall be confirmed as the next Chief Justice.[c]
The King's Own, the United Kingdom's military regiment, has begun renewed training sessions under newly appointed Defence Secretary Klaus Mikaelson. The Defence Secretary shall be conducting practice missions to renew soldiers for battle. Recent training missions have been conducted alongside the UK's partner, the British Isles Royal Marines.

The King's Own Royal Regiment of Foot is the United Kingdom's armed force, which protects British interests at home and abroad. The regiment was established by Prime Minister Alec Stewart and received it's colours from regimental Commander-in-Chief His Majesty King James III in January 2015.

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
With special responsibility for foreign affairs
Rt. Hon Tony Benn MP
[/table][table=1,]Dear reader,

Thank you for reading this update from the UK Foreign Office, it is my hope that you have enjoyed reading it.

Over the course of this coming term the British Government hopes to strengthen and develop the relations which we have with our friends across NationStates. As of recent my predecessors and Prime Ministers have developed our links with the world, most notably in the field of us becoming a founding member of the Congress of Sovereigns. I hope that over the coming term we can work more on this partnership and develop on the British Isles Conference which Prime Minister Charles Fraser began.

Kind regards,
Tony Benn - Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary[/table][table=2,]
Monarch: His Majesty King James III & VIII
Princess of Wales: HRH Princess Constance St.James

Prime Minister: Jacob Rees-Mogg
Deputy PM: Tony Benn
Foreign Secretary: Tony Benn