Blogger Of The Year 2



Blogger of The Year Contest 2

The Ministry of Culture will be hosting another contest to decide the TNP Blogger of The Year. The last one was kind of a dud, but we hope this time around we will be able to grant this shiny award to the best TNP Blogger, as well as having the Blog pinned in this thread:

Um, Cascadia... How do I win?

Winning is easy as pie. Run a blog through September, let us know bellow that you want to enter the contest and provide a link to your blog. You can put your blog here in the Blogs forum, or alternatively on Blogspot or a similar software.

But, what do I blog about?

Anything, everything, or just something. Blog about your real life, about NationStates happenings, or just post random things that pop into your head. You could even Blog guides to doing "stuff", or anything else that catches your fancy. The only real requirements are that you post at least three times per week and each post is at least two paragraphs long.

Yours squirrelly,

Minister of Culture
I would like to join this however, I don't blogged like daily much and I don't write a lot, but there anyway I can join?

Anyway, I got like 5 blogs (1 blog on here and 4 blog on Tumblr.) (Actually, I got 6 blogs, however 1 of my blog is a NSFW blog, so yeah.):

Again, I'm just showing you this because I don't know if I'm allowed to join this?