Questions for the Peace Council Chair Candidates

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    Delegates from RPI and Eumenor,

    What is your government's stance on foreign intervention?

    More specifically, do you believe that intervention should be used at the first sign of local conflict?

    Has your government ever intervened in a conflict in which intervention was not requested by either party?

    Has your government ever sold arms to one or more parties in a conflict.
  2. Honourable Delegate,
    May Eumenor start by answering a few of the latter questions of the delegate. Firstly, Eumenor has never sold arms to any foreign actor, be that the legitimate state authority or another group. Eumenor has never been involved in a boots-on-the-ground operation outside of its own territory other than those sanctioned by the NPTO or DU.
    Eumenor believes that any international humanitarian or military effort should not be the first plan for dealing with such a crisis, but we should not be afraid to use peacekeeping forces as and where they are necessary. For example, should a foreign government request our forces, then every effort should be made to make said forces available to them. If a situation were to arise where there is clear disruption or violence in the country, this should be swiftly brought to the attention of the NPTO. Ideally, peacekeeping forces or a boots-on-the-ground operation would not be necessary until after sanctions had been attempted and negotiations had, but not all events are like this. If conditions arise where significant loss of life and property could be prevented by a swift assault by peacekeeping forces, then it is the duty of this organisation to provide the means for such an operation. Although violence is not by any means ideal, if it is likely to prevent further violence and suffering to civilians, it is in some cases a risk worth taking. As Chairman of the Council, Eumenor would look to make sure the body has the flexibility to assess the situation to this degree as and when it arises and implement a suitable plan, be that peacekeeper intervention, economic sanctions, or round-table negotiations.

    The delegate personally looks forward to reading the answers of both the delegate from RPI and the delegate from Plembobria.

    Eumenor would be happy to go into further detail if necessary.
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    Plembobrian and Eumenorian delegates:

    The RPI government has a policy of only intervening in foreign conflicts if it poses a national security threat to our nation or its allies; to clarify, the NPTO members are considered allies of Republican Pacific Islands, though many do not have formal diplomatic relations with our nation otherwise. Our government would, however, tend to intervene in conflicts in which intervention was sanctioned by the NPTO or the DU, like Eumenor, unless Congress strongly feels that our involvement isn't necessary.

    It is our government's stance that we should not intervene at the first sign of local conflict. Countries should be given time to sort out their internal issues before other countries start to involve themselves. The NPTO, however, should have their eye on specific areas of significant interest that could cause damage to its members, as it is their job, described in the Preamble of the Charter, to "protect the other member nations in their time of need, and to only use our armies for the good of the other member nations."

    Our government has never intervened in a conflict in which intervention was not requested by any of the involved parties, though it would be prepared to if it is to protect another member of the NPTO or our own nation.

    Our government has never sold arms to any party involved in conflict.

    Jason Lewis
    RPI Minister of Foreign Affairs
    RPI Delegate to the NPTO
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    It is the stance of the Kaiserreich Kannex that we ought to never intervene in a sovereign territory's internal troubles unless explicitly requested otherwise by the legitimate authority there. Kannex will also engage in overseas operations to ensure the security of its Reich.
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    It might make sense to move this into the NPTO Peace Council subforum as well.
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