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    Dear NPTOPF Members:

    The following conflict application was filled out by the Most Serene Republic of Syrixia. Here is the thread where you can discuss whether we should fill the requests or what actions we can take besides the Peacekeepers that will resolve this in a peaceful way.

    There is also the debate over Syrixia's "control" over the nation, and that can be debated here as well.


    Nancy Scottsfield
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    Could we please have some background?
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    Could the Deputy Chairman please answer this? We would like to be as politically correct as possible.
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    TNP Nation:
    Sorry I'm late. Here's what happened. The nation of Rhuvanland is a small nation of about 5 to 7 million people. Its main industry is oil; however Rhuvanland was perhaps too dependent on it. Rhuvanland only has very little oil, and recently the last of Rhuvish oil was drilled up. The citizenry was in outrage and the economy was quickly turning to tatters. Rhuvanland issued a request for assistance to the other nations of the North Pacific, asking for help.

    Enter Syrixia, whom had just gotten out of a civil war and had a boatload of money from various and highly successful industries. Fearing the possible expansion of a nation such as The Watching Nebula, Syrixia accepted the Rhuvish call for help and the two made a deal. Rhuvanland was to be given full autonomy and an observer seat in the Syrixian Parliament, and in return Syrixia would offer various kinds of assistance and would not infringe upon Rhuvish domestic affairs unless permitted by the Rhuvish government.

    This prompted a terrorist organization, known only as the Redeemers of Eden, to threaten Rhuvanland with attack. At the same time, the liberal population of East Rhuvanland, where the capital city of Dunorion is, and the conservative population of West Rhuvanland were beginning to have increased amounts of friction with each other. Rhuvanland has requested we leave the east-west issue alone and we are not sure what is going on right now. However, Syrixia does know that the Redeemers are a huge threat, and, with the current state of affairs in mind, could set Rhuvanland into chaos.

    Therefore, we'd like to request assistance from the NPTO Peacekeeping Forces.
  5. Eta team is ready and available to offer assistance should such assistance be required.
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    Upsilon Team is ready and available to offer assistance aswell.