Australian Foreign Affairs Reports



Report no. 2

Man, tons of things are happening over at the forums!

Election for our next PM underway
We have had a little bit of a hiatus, but now we're delighted to announce that our first-class interim prime minister Alta Italia has just announced nominations, and declarations of candidacy for Prime Minister are underway.
We are very pleased to note we have two declarations thus far. While visiting from The North Pacific to check out our RP NStralia, Cascadia became so enamoured with the region that he became a citizen, and is now running against Alta Italia for PM.
This is really shaping up to be a great campaign and election.
Applications are still open at this stage to current or brand new Australian citizens.

The elections are not far off now, King Rankmore announced the opening of a two week campaign a week ago!

It's good to see new friends and old ( yes we can say that now!) joining or returning to our forum.

Koalamania? No way mayte!
Our koala collection continues to grow, I like this bloke:

Who do you like? There are plenty to choose from here:

Design Competition All applications welcome!
Design a Golden Koala for us to give out as an award to worthy residents in the Commonwealth of Australia. Anyone can send submissions if they'd like.
Alta Italia will be the judge, and award the winner of the contest the first-ever Golden Koala.
The design contest does not have a fixed conclusion, but it will end shortly.
If you are interested, contact Alta Italia.

NStralia Role Play
We are delighted to welcome interested nations from the North Pacific to our NStralia role play....
It seems the NStralian govt is about to embark on the construction of some typically dubious, yet unremarkable policy decision making, in response to some very unusual 'national' activity!
You can check it out and see if it interests you, ask some questions about it, or maybe even sign up for it at

RMB antics
Amusing events at the Australian RMB indicate Alta Italia (our true and respected interim PM) has a Clayton opposition in The Federation of Tony Abott who typically, is still having problems containing his thong size, and is under the misapprehension he is the PM
Tony Abott:
Hold it there, mate! I do not resign as PM. I am the PM for life. If not, I must be at least appointed as Governor-General. But no, I am the PM, so lump it, mate.
We all love you Tony, we just don't care for your alter ego ;)


Well, what a great report! Thank you, Australia, the region I have never before heard of and have no bias towards! :-)