April Update

United Kingdom Foreign Office:
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His Majesty's Government​
Parliament of United Kingdom​
[c]Prime Minister: Daniel C. A. North
Deputy Prime Minister: Andrew B. Fraser
First Secretary: Henry F. Beaufort
Home Secretary: Charles Fraser
Foreign Secretary: Richard A. Stewart
Defence Secretary: Vac Mikaelson
Culture Secretariat: Klaus Mikaelson
Director of MI5: Constance St.James
Attorney General: Charles Fraser[hr]Chief Justice: Edwin Astor
Sr. Associate Justice: William Kudrow
Jr. Associate Justice: Sede Vacante

[c]Speaker of Parliament: Tony Benn [hr]Victoria C. E. Stewart, Baroness Kensington
Daniel C. A. North, Earl Oxford[hr] Richard Stewart of Northern England (IND)
Michael Stewart of Southern England (DUP)
Tony Benn of Wales (BRP)
Vac Mikaelson of Scotland (IND)
Edward Wessex of Northern Ireland (BRP)[hr]Majority: No Organised Majority
Loyal Opposition: No Organised Minority
From Citizens convention to Constitutional Convention:
In Mid-March Prime Minister North, summoned the citizens of the United Kingdom to participate in a convention, the convention focused on 6 main points;
1. The economy;
2. Social mobility;
3. Criminal law;
4. The electoral sytem;
5. The WA delegacy;
6. Political reform.
As the convention progressed it became the consensus that it was time to open a constitutional convention in order to address the concerns brought up during the Citizen's Convention... There no doubt will be more to come on this as the process plays out.
Civil Service/Social Mobility:
The Prime Minister, Daniel North, launched a civilian convention to see what the general consensus was on a number of issues earlier this month. One of these issues was that a lot of citizens were becoming disinterested in the region after a small number of posts. Several solutions were out forward in how to solve this particular issue at hand. One of those was the idea of a civil service, allowing for new citizens to become more involved in the running and maintaining of the region and her offices. The main plan put forward was that there would be three offices to work in, being the Home office, Foreign office and Culture office. The position would be flexible, allowing for citizens to swap into any of the three office. After some civilised debating around the specifics around the service would be, the Prime Minister put in Executive Order XXXV, detailing what the purpose was of the civil service, what powers the appointed Head of the Civil Service would have and how progression would work within the civil service.
Edward Wessex was appointed the first Head of the Civil Service, and has already started recruiting many citizens to all three offices, and always on the lookout for more citizens looking to start their career within governmental work.

-Charles Kensington, Principle Secretary for the Foreign Office​
[c]After the debate in the Citizen's convention, and ensuing poll, conducted that the issue for an economy had support. His Majesty Government, in response to this support, submitted to parliament a bill, creating a new economy. The Bill was modified after it grew ire from several members of parliament, and was passed with wide support. The new economy secedes much of the power to a central authority, allowing them to response better to the economy conditions. [/table]
Court Circular:
Buckingham palace, announced in mid-march, that it will start issuing a court circular to "… to make the dealings and actions of the Crown more transparent" .The circulars are published on weekly basics and includes the events for His Majesty and the Princess of Wales. The first two circulars have been published and have been well received, with one citizen saying, “That is (sic) is good to see our Monarchy hard at work and to take a peep on the inter workings of the palace.”[/center]
Something Fun:

"You're not my supervisor"
Earlier this month the Culture Ministry recognizing the wide appeal of the animated series Archer challenged the region to come up with the best Archer avatar and tag line for it. Charles Kensington, a relatively new member won the contest.
This update was brought to you by the
~ Foreign and Commonwealth Office ~
on behalf of His Majesty, His Government and His Citizens.[hr]Respectfully, His Majesty's Diplomatic Service


Thanks for the update, Richard. I love the last bit about the animated series Archer. And I'm glad that the United Kingdom is doing well.

~ Tomb