March 2015 Update

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    After the November Accords, days just passed on in the Commonwealth of Crowns, with the 19th and 20th Regional Executive Council (REC) seeing no significant reforms or changes in the ground situation. With a lot of nation CTEs, membership plummetted below 100 and hovered in the 80s range raising an alarm.

    After two inconsequential 19th and 20th terms, the 21st REC was formed with a lot of expectations to spearhead reforms and Picts was elected unopposed as Secretary General. San Monteriano became Chancellor, Ethopolis the Speaker and Argentarino became the prosecutor General in the 5 member Regional Executive Council.

    The Council started with the promise of reforms and the Secretary General laid down his road map for important reforms including reducing the size of the REC from 5 members to 3 and lowering the 60 day eligibility criteria for participation in elections to 30 days . But the inactivity of the elected Chancellor and the Speaker made Picts , the hyperactive Secretary General call for votes of no confidence against these nations or resignation. When the status quo persisted, Picts resigned as SG , leading to a constitutional crisis, as the REC now had only the Prosecutor General in a council of 5.

    The peculiar situation of the Chancellor neither CTEing nor resigning led to a crisis where a call for re-election by the founder was turned down by the Prosecutor General.

    In between , there were hostile attacks by past members in disguises--Perplekistan and United Imperial Kingdoms ---going all out against the founder without any rhyme or reason. The matter reached such a pitch , that a lot of instability occurred in the region and , in the absence of a govt, chaos reigns supreme with calls from two members--one ex-Chancellor ALpacanzia and the other --current Prosecutor General Argentarino to "dismantle the region" and form a new region.

    The founder has reacted strongly and termed this as sedition. He has asked for members who have no interest in the region to stop damaging the region further and migrate to their new region. The region watches as a new drama is starting to unfold .
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    Thanks for the update, Borduriaa. Of course, I am very concerned about the recent situation and I want you to know that TNP is committed to helping the CoC in anyway possible. I will be PMing you on CoC's website shortly.

    ~ Tomb