February Update


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United Kingdom Foreign Office:
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His Majesty's Government​
Parliament of United Kingdom​
[c]Prime Minister: Daniel C. A. North
Deputy Prime Minister: Andrew B. Fraser
Home Secretary: Constance St.James
Foreign Secretary: Henry F. Beaufort
Defence Secretary: Vac Mikaelson
Culture Secretariat: Richard Stewart
Director of MI5: Constance St.James
Attorney General: Charles Fraser[hr]Chief Justice: Edwin Astor
Sr. Associate Justice: William Kudrow
Jr. Associate Justice: Sede Vacante

[c]Speaker of Parliament: Klaus Mikaelson[hr]Klaus Mikaelson, Viscount of Belfast
Daniel C. A. North, Earl of Exford[hr] Jacob Rees-Mogg of Northern England (BRP)
Andrew B. Fraser of Southern England (IND)
Tony Benn of Wales (BRP)
Victoria Stewart of Scotland (DUP)
Zachary V.A. Marshall of Northern Ireland (DUP)[hr]Majority: No Organised Majority
Loyal Opposition: No Organised Minority
United Kingdom Sees Big Changes:
Written By: Richard North, London

Shock. The region was shocked when on January 24th, Alexander W.G. Stewart abruptly resigned, due to real life work commitments, as Prime Minister. In a statement, the Prime Minister stated "I feel I can leave this office knowing that more good has been done than not... Thank you for all for voting me to be your Prime Minister with a number of votes I could have not predicted." The resignation saw Silver Steps, First Secretary of State, assume those duties of the Prime Minister until a by-election could be held.

Once registration opened, the Region was caught off guard when long time Chief Justice, Daniel C.A. North, announced his candidacy as an independent but with the endorsement of Democratic Unionist Party and The Coalition of Independents, facing Edwin T.C. Astor, British Reform Party's candidate for the office. The race was genial in nature, each candidate presenting solid platforms, but in the end Daniel C.A. North, (Ind) won election with 66.7% of the vote while Edwin T.C. Astor, (BCP) was able to garner 29.6%.

The election saw the end of Daniel C.A. North's tenure on the Court that has spread over one year and 4 months, beginning on September 11, 2013, when he was confirmed as an associate justice then on December 10, 2013 as 10th Chief Justice to February 2, 2015 when he stepped into the Prime Minister's Office.

Prime Minister North, got right down to work offering no address and announcing a robust cabinet; Deputy Prime Minister: Silver Steps; Home Secretary: Constance St.James; Foreign Secretary: Silver Steps; Defence Secretary: Vac Mikaelson; Culture Secretariat: Richard North, Sandy Mack (subject to acceptance), Tony Benn (as BBC Director-General); Director of MI5: Constance St.James; Attorney General: Charles Fraser. Unfortunately the cabinet saw an early departure early on from Silver Steps citing academic needs. Prime Minister North acted quickly appointing Henry to the Foreign ministry and Andrew B. Fraser Deputy Prime Minister.
British Reform Party Troubles:

Written by: The British Broadcasting Corporation

In Recent days the British Reform Party has failed to do what the parties ideas was suppose to do. The British Centrist Party, Sinn Fein and the United Kingdom Independence Party merged together to create a party that would always win the election. This wasn't the case only two people have so far been elected the the House of Commons since the Democratic Unionist Parties win of 4 seats while the British Centrist Party only won 1 seat which gave the Majority to the DUP.

While the Democratic Unionist's fall from the first of the Parliamentary seats gave the recently newly created Coalition of Independents their first seat, which showed that despite opposition of Charles Fraser of standing for that seat was rejected and he again lost in the by election, the same seat he fought for during the General Election. This showed that despite the British Reform Parties best interest of never losing another election, they had already failed to win their first election to a seat.

While another DUP member lost his seat the BRP gained their first seat in a by election while Daniel North had given up his seat as Chief Justice due to Alec Stewart Resigning both as a Lord and Prime Minister. This gave fierce competition for the BRP to gain control of the Government but had lost to the recent Chief Justice Daniel North, This gives doubt to the actual solidarity of the British Reform Party in which both John Mikaelson and Klaus Mikaelson leaving and creating the British Liberal Party in opposition of the BRP. despite both Jacob and Tony winning two by elections which gives parliament No actual Majority. And everyone in the United Kingdom wondering what will happen in two weeks time with the February General Election nearing.
United Kingdom Law:
United Kingdom Journal of Law and Public Policy;
Hosts Symposium Celebrating Justice North
By: Richard A. Stewart with contribution from Constance St.James

On February 15th the United Kingdom Journal of Law and Policy hosted a symposium "celebrating the jurisprudence of a single man," a first of its kind, honouring "recently resigned former Chief Justice Daniel North." The journal's editor "solicited contributions from three members of the legal community, asking them each to reflect on one of Chief Justice North's seminal opinions, one each across the areas of criminal, civil, and constitutional law." The Full symposium can be read by all at United Kingdom Journal of Law and Policy
General Elections!:

Written by: Henry Beaufort

Today, just after two weeks of Daniel C. A. North being elected Prime Minister, registration for the February 2015 General Election opened up. Since registration opened there have been six candidates who have signed up for the positions up for election, signalling that this could be a highly contested election.

There are two candidates for Prime Minister - Daniel North has registered, as an independent, hoping to return after the election as Prime Minister to continue to implement his reforms. Vac Mikaelson has also registered for the seat for Prime Minister, under the British Reform Party banner. If Vac wins, it will be his first term as Prime Minister in United Kingdom.

Parliamentary candidates include Richard North (Independent) for Northern England, Victoria Stewart (Democratic Unionist) for Scotland, John Mikaelson (British Liberal Party) for Northern Ireland and Henry Beaufort (Independent) for Wales.

Registration closes on 22 February 2015, with ballots opening on 24th February 2015 - Good luck to all candidates!
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