Update VII



February 2015 ~ Update VII

"Let us hasten our final victory through a Zennyist revolutionary ideological offensive!"

NationStates Region ~ Regional Forum ~ Zennyism ~ The Independent Manifesto

WA Delegate: Tommy Winter
WA Delegate Endorsements: 177
WA Endorsement Percentage: 79.4%
WA Member Percentage: 28.9%
Regional Population: 780​

The People's Executive

President: Zenny Winter
Vice President: Tommy Winter
Founder: Kovatsk
State Successor: TBA

The Cabinet

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Anders Blakewood
Minister of Immigration: MS Winter
Minister of Information: Josh Conure
Minister of Defence: Zenny Winter
Minister of Education: Strigon
Ministers of Culture: Togeria & Dareth Knoxon[c]

The People's Democratic Assembly Council

Chairman of the Council: Phazon
Elected Members of the Council
Anders Blakewood
Ivan Kitty

The People's Court
Chief Justice: Phazon
Senior Justice: Charli
Junior Justice: Liana Soleviev

February Election Recap!

Elections in the Republic ran from February 1st to 8th, with 48 hours of voting ending on the 8th at the end of the 6 day campaign/standing period. This election was our largest yet, with 47 total voters showing up at the polls to make their voice heard. This was a mixed win for both Zennyists and Non-Zennyists in very different areas. In the Presidential election, the Great Leader Comrade Zenny won a landslide victory, increasing her margin of support from 59.1% in the November elections to 80.9% this month. This secures her place as President for another 3 months, however the Beloved General has publicly stated that she will not seek a 3rd consecutive term as President.

In the elections for the Assembly Council of the People’s Democratic Assembly, the Socialist Party of the Communist Bloc gained near a majority in the Council, gaining nearly 40% of the votes cast. Independents came 2nd, the coalition between the Democratic Action Front and the One Country Party known as the Zennyist People’s Coalition came 3rd, and the newer Christian Communist Party came in 4th. This will create an interesting environment for this legislative session, with both major parties will have to rely on the support of Independent sympathizers. This comes during the nearing conclusion of a Constitutional Convention, which could heavily impact the outcome of those projects. In the leadership elections, Comrade Phazon was elected as Chairman of the Assembly Council, beating Lentrotka 4 to 3.

A graphic summary of the elections are below.









Treaty With Balder Approved, TCB's First GCR Ally


Poster to celebrate the blossoming relationship between our Republic and the Realm of Balder, featuring Brilliant Commander President Zenny and Her Majesty Queen Rach.

On January 6th, the People's Government of our Republic was invited to a formal state visit to the Realm of Balder by Statsminister The Iron Rebel on behalf of Queen Rachel Eriksen. This invitation was accepted by the Great Leader, and a delegation was quickly organized for January 12th, members including the President, First Lady, WA Delegate, and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Education, Immigration, and Culture.

Discussions began on both a treaty between our regions as well as close military cooperation, with TCB supplying some materials to Balder during discussions in the hopes they would benefit their great realm's armed forces. It was unanimous that both regions wanted to pursue very close ties on the basis of mutual respect and comradeship, and Statsminister The Iron Rebel presented the first draft of the treaty, with only minor additions added after.

On January 22nd, both regions presented the Treaty of Kazan to their regional legislatures, the Riksdag of Balder and the People's Democratic Assembly of The Communist Bloc. On January 26th, the Assembly Council unanimously approved the treaty, followed by the unanimous approval of the Riksdag on January 29th.

In an official statement in the Winter Palace, Her Majesty Queen Rachel Eriksen address the people of Balder regarding the new alliance:
"It was a while back when I had decided to try my hand at resurrecting my old home region, we managed to grow the region to about 180 nations. Thus, I am amazed by how Zenny and her comrades have gotten The Communist Bloc to well over 600 nations to become the 15th largest region in the game. 6th largest out of the UCRs and 3rd largest if you don't include the puppet dumps. The Communist Bloc under the leadership of Zenny and Zennyism has grown to extraordinary heights, beyond simply population and extending into the World Assembly and military.

I am very proud then to announce the fact that we currently in the process of becoming allies should our respective legislatures approve of the Treaty. The Communist Bloc will make a very strong partner and I hope that both of our regions can continue to grow as both regions and friends."

The Treaty of Kazan

WHEREAS, the Region of Balder (“Balder”) and The Communist Bloc (“TCB”) have engaged in discussions about the natural alliance between the two regions, and how to deepen it; and

NOTING, Balder and TCB wish to develop closer ties with one another through continued discussions, as well as the treaty undertakings set forth herein;

NOW, THEREFORE, Balder and TCB agree as follows:​

1. Military Undertakings

(a) Neither Balder nor TCB will engage in military hostilities against the other. Participation by Balder and TCB on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not constitute an attack on either region shall not be considered "military hostilities against the other" for this purpose.

(b) To the extent practicable, Balder and TCB shall provide the other defensive military assistance in case of an attack.

(c.) Balder and TCB shall aid each other in Delegacy transferrals when requested.

(d) Balder and TCB will collaborate militarily for the combined benefit of both regions when practical.

2. Intelligence Undertakings

(a) Neither Balder nor TCB will set spies on the other. For this purpose, a “spy” is a person acting under false pretenses in one region, without that region’s knowledge, and at the direction of the other region’s legitimate government.

(b) Balder and TCB each shall provide information to the other if such information is pertinent to the other region's security or well-being, or otherwise upon the other’s reasonable request, unless the party in possession of such information reasonably believes that providing that information might violate applicable laws or contravene the terms of service for NationStates or the region’s forum provider.

(c.) Balder and TCB will each make it a violation of their internal laws to spy on the other, if a similar or related law to the same effect does not already exist. To the extent permitted by each region’s laws, this Section 2(c.) shall be deemed self-executing.

3. Diplomatic Undertakings

(a) Balder and TCB shall establish and maintain in-game embassies (i.e., on the NationStates site) with one another.

(b) Balder and TCB shall maintain off-site embassies (i.e., on their regional forums), consistent with facilities provided to other allies.

4. General Provisions

(a) This treaty shall take effect when it has been ratified by the duly authorized institution of both Balder and TCB.

(b) Upon ratification, this treaty shall be the sole treaty between Balder and TCB, superseding any prior written documents describing a relationship between the regions.

(c.) As soon as practicable following ratification, Balder and TCB will collaborate to stage a cultural festival to celebrate this treaty.

TCB Art & Design Department Thrives!

As regiona medial continues its upward development, regional artists and graphic designers have continued their dedication to our Republic and the advancement of the great Zennyisy ideology, publishing many works in the last few months. Below are a collection of some of the more notable works. Artists & designers include Josh Consure, Tony Benn, and Kachtaran.






RMB Residents Make Memes, Hilarity Ensues






Congratulations on your victory in the elections, Zenny, and thank you for the update!

~ Tomb