Update VI



The Republic of The Communist Bloc
Established December 29th, 2013

Population: 570

People's Government of the Republic

President: Zenny Winter
Head of State/Founder: Kovatsk
Vice President: Westnesia
Minister of Information: Tony Benn
Minister of Education: Strigon
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Anders Blakewood
Minister of Defense: Zenny Winter
Minister of Immigration: MSW
Minister of Culture: Togeria

Population Continues Upwards Climb!
Written by Comrade Anders Blakewood

The hard work and donations of 1st Son of the Dear Leader and Immigration Minister MSW, our Dear Leader, and the citizens of The Republic continue to bear fruit, with our population shooting to an astronomical 570 nations. We stand as one of the most populous and youngest UCR's in NationStates that isnt a puppet dump.

The regional government began a campaign in September 2014 to increase the WA endorsement rate after the departure of former President & Comrade Skydiveria who had nearly 60 WA endorsements. Since then, Vice President & 2nd Son of the Dear Leader Thomas Winter has served the region well in his position of WA Delegate and currently has over 100 WA endorsements, going from an endorsement of less than 30% in September to above 70% currently. Glory to the Dear Leader, her magnificent family, and our ideology of Zennyism that has and continues to drive the Republic to new heights!





"The Great Exhibition" Invitation!


Greetings Foreign Friends!

As Minister of Education, I formally invite thee to the first Great Exhibition of the Communist Bloc. In celebration of the continuing growth and prosperity of knowledge within this great region, the university will be hosting a convention and Festival to celebrate the glory of the human intelligence & continuing advancement of our species and we hope that all across NationStates may join us for entertainment, games and intellectual debate & discussion.

There will be:
  • Guest Lectures with opportunities for you to post your own
  • Rewards for the Best Lectures
  • Debates
  • Games and Quizzes
  • Roleplays
  • Films
  • Music

The Event will run from the 19th of January to the 28th of January. I hope to see all of you there.
Good Day

Zachary Marshall (Strigon)
Minister of Education
Chancellor of Fominov University


Headlines from the Bloc!

The following headlines were published in the last few months of TCB Central News Agency coverage:
  • January 8th ~ The traitor known as 'Vyssi Brod' was deleted Wednesday by NS moderators for reasons unknown. It was discovered that this was apart of a much large scheme to subvert our democracy through fake accounts, multiple IP use, and lying on citizenship applications. 'Vyssi', otherwise known is Lipno, was apart of an organized anti-Zennyist movement aimed at sowing discontent within our region, with the end goal being impeachment of our Dear Leader. An investigation is ongoing with whom all is involved in this serious aggression against our Republic directly after positive negotiations with Das Kommune. The Dear Leader President Zenny has taken instant action on the matter, banning 'Vyssi' from the forum. 'Vyssi' made claims that The Leftist Union has "over 10" spies within our borders, a claim the Great General deemed unrealistic. A representative from The Leftist Union has apologized for the acts of Vyssi, and the apology was accepted by President Zenny. Her full statement on the event can be found here: http://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=350918
  • January 8th ~ The Vice President & WA Delegate Westnesia now has over 100 WA endorsements, a major success for our regional safety and strength. This comes after multiple campaigns by the Great Leader President Zenny to increase the WA endorsement rate, from nearly 27% in October to over 70% currently.
  • January 6th ~ The Shining Sun of Zennyism President Zenny has appointed Comrade Anders Blakewood as Minister of Foreign Affairs, representing our Republic on the world stage. Comrade Anders has experience across the world, ranging from Ainur,Europeia and Great Britain and Eire. This means that for the first time in nearly 2 months, the Cabinet is once again full and can begin operating more efficiently.
  • January 4th ~ Our Dear Comrade President Zenny has appointed Comrade Togeria as Minister of Culture in her administration. This comes after the Great General announced the formation of the post on December 21st. Comrade Togeria is long time member of the region, being recently elected to the Assembly Council of the PDA. Togeria announced his appointment stating "My job is simple make sure you dudes have a good time, and promote regional culture and tranquility. I intend to do this by focusing some, but not all RPs, at least at the start on the forum, making games that bring the region together, and creating events that can give us memorable moments." We all wish him much luck in his post.

  • December 29th ~ Today our Republic celebrates it's 1st birthday! On this day 364 days ago, the Dear Founder, the Great General, and Comrades Skydiveria, Russian Communist Federation, and Ukotrium founded the 1st TCB Republic. We must hold our heads high at the many great things we have done since! We have gone where no other socialist region has, and it is thanks to the people, their hard work, and their loyalty to the Dear Leader! Our Republic is and shall always be an exceptional region under the guiding light of Zennyism!
  • December 24th ~ Christmas, December 25th, will mark the 100th day of Zennyism in effect without our Republic. As we celebrate our 1 year since establishment (December 29th), we should also celebrate the miracle of the great revolutionary ideology of Zennyism. Our population has tripled as we move near to 500, from the top 100 regions to the top 20. Our regional military has more than quadrupled in size and is now a major force on the world stage. We have opened up as a democratic society, with a bill of rights and judicial branch. We have revolutionized our recruitment system and raised nearly 100,000 stamps to see us through Winter, something nearly no region can accomplish. With our Dear Comrade President Zenny leading us forward under the banner of Zennyism we can any problem, overcome any struggle, and be united under the loving care of our General, raising us to be the next strong generation of Zennyist revolutionaries pushing our great Republic forward. Long live our Republic! Long live our Dear Leader!
  • December 16th (World News) ~ As our great Republic advances on the world stage, major well-established regions are now contemplating reaching out us and starting formal relations. This is a major shift in foreign policy for the region, moving from a focus of smaller regions with 20 to 100 nations to regions anywhere from 200 to 4,900 nations. In Europeia, Vice Presidential candidate Rachel Anumia (on the ticket with Presidential candidate Seven Deaths) has stated that she believes TCB "in particular is a prime candidate" for establishing strong ties and coordinating militarily. Comrade Rachel is also Queen of the Game-Created Region Balde, and this may be the beginning of stronger TCB-Balder relations.

Dear Leader Report

The following are excerpts from TCB Central News Agency coverage specifically of the Dear Leader President Zenny, her cabinet, and her family:

  • January 12th ~ Our Great Leader's piece "Socialism Our Way: 120 Days of Zennyism in The Communist Bloc" has been published by Balder's state news service The Raven Post. Also included in the issue is an interview with our new Minister of Foreign Affairs Comrade Anders Blakewood. The article can be found here: http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=326894
  • January 4th ~ The Sun of the Great Zennyist Idea President Zenny doubled down on her recent resolution of peace and tolerance between our Republic and other Leftist regions during questions regarding foreign policy on the Regional Message Board. The Great Leader stated that "If they can simply tolerate our tolerance then really I see that as a big step in the right direction. I think we can accomplish a lot more united and be able to fight our real enemies like the Nazis and other fascist groups, but I'm very comfortable with the current distance we have at this time, however I am currently looking into ways to continue our olive branch policy and reach out to these people to bridge this further bridge the gap." Following the principles set in Zennyism, the Dear Leader has continued her push for empathy and equality among sovereign regions, reaching out to many within the Leftist sphere including Eurasian Socialist Union, Das Kommune, The Leftist Union and others. In this, the Era of Zennyism, we will accomplish peace for all future generations of our great Republic. With hard work and continued ideological loyalty to our Great Leader, their experience within our region will be of an even higher quality than our own!
  • December 29th ~ The TCB Central News Agency has published Great Leader Zenny's Christmas Address to the region on her progress in the last 100 days of her administration. The speech can be found here: http://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=346039
  • December 19th ~ The Guide of the Zennyist Revolution President Zenny has announced a shift in policy regarding our Republic and its relations with other leftist regions. This resolution which features a cease of military cooperation with Libertatem & REATO members was hailed as a major step by both supporters and opposition of the current administration. Our Great Leader has made it clear that our Republic will cease hostilities with leftist regions and continue to focus on strengthening our ties with regions like Balder, British Isles, United Kingdom, and many other regions not in the leftist or rightist sphere as we move onto working with major players on the world stage. The full resolution can be found here: http://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=342786
  • December 19th ~ The Dear Leader President Zenny and Comrade Brunhilde were wed on Thursday in the Free Protestant Church, run by Reverend Alexander Stewart. This marriage was the first carried out within our borders and cheers came from here at home and from abroad. The Spouse of the Dear Leader Comrade Brunhilde is the Republic's 1st First Lady and was recently elected to the People's Democratic Assembly. With this marriage, Dear Leader President Zenny and her wife have opted to create their own branch house under the House of Fominov, to be know as Winter. As the First Family expands, so does the happiness of our Great General who looks after us all.

And Now For Something Less Serious ^_^


This Foreign Update was created by the Foreign Office of The Communist Bloc.