DEBATE: Coronaal application

Official Title of Nation: The Dishnok val Di Morrsk of Cronaal
Short Title of Nation: Cronaal
Capital City: Ganjarius
Region of Residence: The North Pacific
Head of State: Vilsuun Jok'mey dos Kahn
Head of Government: ^^^
Democratic Union Representative (if admitted): Xavi'kol-Des dos Gel'saro

Type of Government: Republic (Inoffensive Centrist Democracy)
Martin, Jr. Units: 71/100 - Excellent
Diebold Scale: 58/100 - Good

Your Nation's attitude towards Democracy: It is effective, but is heavily flawed.
Your Nation's attitude towards the North Pacific: it is the most powerful region in NationStates, it is secure and settling a nation there seems best.
Reason for joining the Democratic Union: Active involvement in the community of TNP.

I, Vilsuun Jok'mey dos Kahn swear to promote the ideals of peace, freedom and progress among the other nations of the North Pacific and beyond. By joining the Democratic Union, I/we understand our role to the region, and will act in such a way that will only benefit its future. I/We vow to stomp out the seeds of evil that only serve to restrict the values that the North Pacific treasures, and will weed out these seed in the hope that one day our proud virtues can grow prosperously.

Vilsuun Jok'mey dos Kahn,
Head of State and Government.
Voting will open 12JAN15 1600GMT.
I would like to remind members that Cronaal is currently in political turmoil, undergoing what can only be described as a civil war. As a policy, I am quite hesitant to admit a nation in the state Cronaal is in, especially considering some of their actions may have been questionable.

I have noticed we have been rubber stamping members in. I would highly encourage more thought and debate goes into membership inductions than what is currently going on. Don't be afraid to scrutinize nations, and don't be afraid to say no. This debate is hosted in closed chambers for a reason.
Unfortunately, as this process has already started, it must be put to a vote at the time I have stated. As a member nation, I would advise a vote of "nay", and allow Cronaal to reapply in two month's time.


I disagree.
Admitting Cronaal to a prestigious body such as this, may be exactly what the legitimate government needs to put down the rebels. The people of Cronaal can rejoice that their nation has been admitted to a body comprised of powerful and influential nations and the rebels may question their illegitimate fight against the ruling Government.

I, for one, wholeheartedly support the admission of Cronaal to the Democratic Union. We should admit them, and then assist and council the legitimate government on the best way forward to handle their civil war and internal issues.
I am hesitant to pick up the internal issues of nations through their application for membership. I see a massive potential for abuse in that instance.