Foreign Affairs Report 01

Here is our first report, do enjoy the read :)


A Welcome Message

We would like to welcome every nation to our very first Foreign Affairs report and our brand spanking new government.

There comes a time in a region’s life where it outgrows it’s RMB. A region starts getting opinions about itself, what it is interested in doing. A region needs to get itself organised, and it needs to participate in wider Nation States affairs.
So lets head down to The Watering Hole and I’ll buy you a drink and tell you what happened.

About September our Founder, King Rankmore appointed McMasterdonia as interim representative to oversee the formation of a Government for Australia. This was our very first step. We knew we were democratic – but we needed to discuss just what sort of democratic structure it would take, and how our Founder would fit into the picture.

After much discussion and getting to know one another better in the process, we came up with our first constitution
Written by Artilla the Honey

A Regional Cabinet starts to form
Following the ratification of our Constitution, King Rankmore was appointed as the first Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia by a unanimous vote in the regional Parliament. King Rankmore served as World Assembly Delegate of Australia during the delicate founderless years and was a major force in the refound efforts. The Prime Minister commented that he could not think of a more deserving and trustworthy individual to hold the prestigious position in the region.

The Prime Minister immediately met with the Governor General and called snap elections. Following their meeting, the Prime Minister said in a press statement

"I hope that all residents in our region will take joy in seeing these elections finally occur, and that they will join me in the spirit of our democratic region to campaign for the position of Prime Minister, and to lodge their ballot come election day."

McMasterdonia Representative was elected Prime Minister of Australia unopposed, and immediately set about forming a Cabinet. Codger, Tongarra, and the Grim Reaper were appointed to the cabinet as Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Domestic Affairs, and Culture respectively.

Searching for a Regional Identity

A prominent member of the region started to question what the region's gamer tags and identity should be moving forward. Over the past year and change, the region was mostly focused on the refound, bringing back our old members, and on establishing our regional government and forum. Now that most of these issues have been resolved, the region can now look to matters of the soul in it's search to define itself.

It was always established that the region would be established on the three main tenents of the Whitlam Labor Government applied to a NationStates regional government. The Government of Australia would provide for the equality of all nations, to involve the nations of Australia in the decision making processes of our region, and to liberate the talents and uplift the horizons of our citizens.

As the discussion remains ongoing, we will leave it at that. You can expect to hear more from the Commonwealth of Australia on the resolutions handed down from this discussion.

Written by McMasterdonia​