Update V



~ The Republic of The Communist Bloc ~
Established December 29th, 2013

Population: 467

Government of the Republic

President: Zenny Fominov
Head of State/Founder: Kovatsk
Vice President: Tommy Fominov
Minister of Information: Lentrotka
Minister of Education: Strigon
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tony Benn
Minister of Defense: Zenny Fominov
Minister of Immigration: Modern Sin Fominov

PDA Elections Close, DAF Swings Back Into Majority

Legislative elections concluded the evening of December 8th with the Democratic Action Front gaining a 50% control of the People’s Democratic Assembly (PDA), winning 3 seats compared to their previous 1. The Socialist Party & One Country Party suffered blows as SP and OCP both lost 1 seat, pushing One Country out of the PDA and the Socialist Party down to 1 remaining seat. After polls closed, newly elected Independent Assemblywoman Brunhilde made the decision to caucus with the Democratic Action Front, giving them a 66.7% majority and enough support to pass Constitutional amendments with ease this term. This is a major shift from the previous term in which there was a clear split between pro-Zennyist parties like the Democratic Action Front & the One Country Party and anti-Zennyist parties such as the Socialist Party & their independent allies which allowed for few pieces of legislation to achieve a majority.

The full results are below:



Stamp Donation Drive a Success as Population Hits New High!

The Republic has continued its move up the ranks of the world, moving into the top 20 regions of the entire world and peaking on December 5th at nearly 450 nations. This comes after months of hard work from the Immigration Ministry led by 1st Son of the Dear Leader, Modern Sin Fominov. The Bloc has more doubled its population within 90 days since the inauguration of Great Leader President Zenny, from under 200 in September to 430 at the time of this update.

This week, our Dear General President Zenny has created a stamp donation guide for the region and began a 48 hour drive to gather donations for the Winter recruitment campaign. Within that 48 hour span, the Republic was able to raise 71,000 telegram stamps from its members which Immigration Minister Modern Sin confirmed would last the Republic through most if not all of the Winter. As the great principles set in Zennyism push our region forward, the people grow in energy, enthusiasm, and numbers!

Songs From the Bloc!



Headlines from the Bloc!

The following headlines were published in the last 2 months of TCB Central News Agency coverage:

  • October 20th ~ The People's Democratic Assembly voted Friday on the Chairman of the Assembly Council after 4 ties in the Council's chambers. For 2 rounds straight after the other two candidates were eliminated, Comrade Grin and Comrade Lentrotka were stuck at both 3 votes each. Under normal circumstances the Vice President would serve as a tie breaker, however with Vice President Westnesia serving as a member, this was deemed not ethical by the Dear Leader, as he would have allowed to cast 2 votes. This issue will be dealt with this legislative session. The results are as follows:
    Comrade Grin: 11 votes
    Lentrotka: 4 votes

  • October 20th ~ The region's 1st culture festival has opened! Bloctoberfest, an event filled with contests, games, and events opened Saturday and is set to run until shortly after Halloween. Events currently up include a variety of spam games and an avatar contest for Halloween with a special prize for the winner. Upcoming events are to include games of Cards Against Humanity, a EuroVision-like competition called CommuVision, and even a regional movie night! Citizens should take part and keep an eye out for announcements of the upcoming events! Notice will posted in both the Bloctoberfest subforum and on the Regional Message Board!
  • October 14th ~ In the largest military operation in our region's history, our brave men & women of the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces captured the region of Congress of Armed Proletarian States (CAPS) as a show of force against enemies of the Republic. The now dead organization of CAPS serves as a test of our strength. Tens of regions combined could only pull together 12 soldiers for a counter attack, while our Republic contributed 15 soldiers as reinforcements. The Republic is at the peak of its strength, and we are all safer with a well trained army. All of TCB thanks our brave soldiers. Long Live The Republic! Long Live The PRAF!

Dear Leader Report

The following are excerpts from TCB Central News Agency coverage specifically of the Dear Leader President Zenny, her cabinet, and her family:

  • December 5th ~ The Great Revolutionary Guide President Zenny has announced that she has become engaged to Comrade Brunhilde. The announcement, made on December 4th, included that a commitment ceremony will be held in the region during the weekend, followed by a marriage ceremony held at a later date this month. Comrade Reverand Kenneth A. Cochrane who has always helped the region but recently took an extended leave of absence from the region will be returning to conduct both ceremonies. The announcement was met with support from the entire region. This would be the region's 1st First Lady & Spouse of the Dear Leader.
  • December 3rd ~ The Dear General Zenny has returned to the region after a 30 day absence. The Shining Sun of Zennyism was great warmly by her comrades, with shouts of "Hooray! Our Dear Leader has returned" and "Zenny has returned! The second golden age of TCB has begun!" With her return comes much work to be done, from the Armed Forces and their activity to conducting elections and filling all vacant posts. We wish much luck to the Dear Leader in the hopes that our region remains strong and united!
  • October 20th ~ The 3rd Son of the Dear Leader, Adrevic/Fantome, has left the First Family. The Dear Leader offered her 3rd Son permission to leave the family after a marriage offer from His Royal Highness Prince Frederik was accepted. The couple are set to marry soon, with the Great General President Zenny stating "I am a very proud mother when my children have better opportunities than I, and I am absolutely positive they will make a great couple, both of them being very kind, genuine gentlemen."Because of these changes, Comrade Grin has moved from 4th Son to 3rd.
  • October 12th (World News) ~ Our Sun, the Great Leader President Zenny has been given the honor of being crowned Princess of France in The Kingdom of Great Britain by the Father of the Dear Leader, His Majesty King George V. This comes after a treaty has been signed between KGB and TCB and is up now for approval by the People's Democratic Assembly. Our Dear Leader has progressed from Baroness, to Duchess, and has now been given this great honor of Princess. As we expand our foreign affairs, let us embrace our comrades in KGB and pursue similar goals and aspirations for our regions. A continued strong peace & friendship will continue!

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