PASSED: Collective Defense Agreement


The Democratic Union strives to promote peace and maintain democracy throughout the North Pacific. This collective defense agreement seeks to establish a collaborative military effort between the members of the Democratic Union to continue the endurance of peace and the promotion of Democracy within our region.

Article I

The Democratic Union will maintain a strategic command structure with forces provided by member states when such action is deemed necessary by the Democratic Council. The Defense Committee will be responsible for the establishment of the structure of the Strategic Command, as well as naming a Strategic Commander Democratic Forces (SCDF). The Strategic Command will serve as a top level command structure to provide coordination between member nations.

Article II

Member nations shall collaborate with one another when they feel their territorial integrity or political and economic independence are threatened.

Article III

An armed attack by a member outside the Democratic Union shall be considered an attack on all member states, and each member state shall, in conjunction with the rest of the Union under the Strategic Command, take actions as they deem necessary to maintain the security of member states.

Article IV

Member nations are implored to seek out all possible diplomatic means of settling disputes with other member states of the Democratic Union. However, this document, and it's subsequent articles, have no legal binding regarding internal conflict, and conflicts that, in the opinion of the rest of the Democratic Union by majority vote, were instigated by a member nation.

Member states may vote Aye, Nay, or Abstain. Voting will close at 2300 GMT 16DEC14