DEBATE: Eumenor Application

Official Title of Nation: The Democratic Republic of Eumenor
Short Title of Nation: Eumenor
Capital City: Minas Ersul
Region of Residence: The North Pacific
Head of State: The Spokesman
Head of Government: As above
Democratic Union Representative (if admitted): DU Representative Otto Green (will change at each State election every four years)

Type of Government: Republic
Martin, Jr. Units: 69 - Political freedoms
Diebold Scale: 56 - Civil rights (I hope these are the right way around!)

Your Nation's attitude towards Democracy: Strongly pro. Without democracy, Eumenor is nothing.
Your Nation's attitude towards the North Pacific: We're staying here for good, and will support it as well as we can.
Reason for joining the Democratic Union: Our duty to democracy, and to aid the TNP community

Oath of Membership

I, The Spokesman of Eumenor, swear to promote the ideals of peace, freedom and progress among the other nations of the North Pacific and beyond. By joining the Democratic Union, we understand our role to the region, and will act in such a way that will only benefit its future. We vow to stomp out the seeds of evil that only serve to restrict the values that the North Pacific treasures, and will weed out these seed in the hope that one day our proud virtues can grow prosperously.

The Spokesman of Eumenor
Voting opens 07DEC14 at 1800GMT