Update 1 | Cabinet Election!


Close Cabinet Race | Cabinet elections have drawn to a close, and the Fifth Cabinet of the CoDN has taken power. The results were interesting, the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs were automatically given to their sole registrants, Creinuntia and Amerion, respectively.

Marinesia handily won the Economics position, defeating his opponent the Transcaucasian Federation with 95% of the vote. When interviewed by the Times, he released this statement:
"Unlike my predecessors, I acknowledge the fact that the position is, somewhat, inactive due to the fact that it does not bring with it many responsibilities. It is obvious that the position is not an important position which the regional government, as an administrative legislative body, depends upon to work well. However, I do believe that I can bring with me the knowledge and the determination to ensure that the position does not remain the same as it has been for the time that it has been in existence. I aim to stop this by bringing in legislation that will radically change this ministry and ensure that it does not remain the 'burden' that I believe it has become. This ministry is not needed and I believe that it would do a lot better under the administration of the Minister of Internal Affairs which I hope to hand over the Ministry of Economics to at the end of my tenure. To some, this may seem radical and unnecessary but it is necessary in order for this region to evolve into a progressive democratic union of equal nations with the foundations of democracy and free speech remaining."

In a very close election, incumbent New Adelaide held the Deputy Prime Ministership with 58% of the vote, a very strong sign for his opponent, Wolfenia. Both were of the Coalition Party, but it appears the election was an attempt to re-rail the goals of the administration towards "WA legislation… the United Regions… articles out of press… and the off-site forums". Overall, the DPM elections showed the greatest amount of electoral spice characteristic of CoDN, and will probably see its central debates become policy action as the Fifth Cabinet takes charge.

Perhaps the most interesting election was that of the Minister of Justice. The former Minister, Cove Island, was termed out of the position, leaving no apparent successor. The registration period left three candidates remaining: Air Temple, Lisbane, and Arendsee. The former withdrew early in the election, sucking away three votes that probably would have went to Lisbane. Lisbane, a veteran of the Ministry, ran against Arendsee, who is a member of the Judicial Branch in the Commonwealth of Crowns. Swept in the new movement of internationalism in CoDN, and impressed by the candidate’s qualifications, voters gifted Arendsee with a majority (52%) and the Ministerial position. In an interview with the Times, Arendsee has released the following statement:
"Becoming Minister of Justice is indeed a very exciting prospect but not only for me, but also both of my regions. Arendsee becoming Minister of Justice signifies a very important step in fostering very close relations between the Commonwealth of Crowns and Coalition of Democratic Nations. I do hope for an eventful and pleasant term as Minister of Justice and wish all my colleagues the best of luck in leading the Coalition to further heights."

The Minister of Internal Affairs also experienced a very close race, between the Disgusting Ones, New Konstantinople, Sacara, and Valyria. The largest factor in deciding the outcome was the number of candidates, who fractured voting along pure ideological and policy-preference lines. Within the purely political struggle, Valyria won with only the slimmest of a majority: an exact 50%.

In perhaps the most muted Prime Minister elections ever seen, the incumbent, Brechalht, won with 90% of the vote, against the Minister of Justice of the First Cabinet, Pennicle. The central discussion of the election was about the military stance of the Coalition, Brechalht supporting the traditional neutrality policy. Both candidates have voiced their support for the region, regardless of the outcome of the election.