VOTE: HMS Unicorn Application

Official Title of Nation: The Civilized Penguin Land of HMS Unicorn
Short Title of Nation: HMS Unicorn
Capital City: Unicornia
Region of Residence: The North Pacific
Head of State: Royal Penguin r3naissanc3r
Head of Government: Royal Penguin r3naissanc3r
Democratic Union Representative (if admitted): Royal Penguin r3naissanc3r

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Martin, Jr. Units: 62
Diebold Scale: 52

Your Nation's attitude towards Democracy: Embracing.
Your Nation's attitude towards the North Pacific: Very positive.
Reason for joining the Democratic Union: More interaction with nations in The North Pacific.

Oath of Membership

I, r3naissanc3r, swear to promote the ideals of peace, freedom and progress among the other nations of the North Pacific and beyond. By joining the Democratic Union, I/we understand our role to the region, and will act in such a way that will only benefit its future. I vow to stomp out the seeds of evil that only serve to restrict the values that the North Pacific treasures, and will weed out these seed in the hope that one day our proud virtues can grow prosperously.

r3naissanc3r, Royal Penguin.

In accordance with membership application policies I laid out in my inaugural speech, debate for the membership of new members will be two days long, followed by a three day voting period. Debate will remain open during the voting period.

This application will go to vote at 1600 2DEC14 Greenwich Mean Time.

Democratic Union member states are voting on whether or not to admit HMS Unicorn. Member States may vote Aye (in favor of admission), Nay (not in favor of admission), or Abstain. Voting will close at 1200GMT 7DEC14