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    After a hiatus , we are back once again with our updates. We have had a grim siuation, but we are slowly loving towards normalcy.
    The past few months had seen a lot of action in the CoC front --but the region witnessed leaders who were inward looking and were limited to RP. Gameplay suffered as a result.
    In between the founder Osberg-Thitania and only active forum admin, Borduriaa out of three admins, were out of actiion.

    With the ascension of The French Kingdom and The Two Exalted Kingdoms to the echelons of power in the REC, the region witnessed persistent demands from both these nations for the founder to appoint more administrators in the off-site forum under the forum administration Act passed by the House of Nobles during the founder's absence. The founder refused to appoint more admins citing forum security reasons, as the forum had once been deleted by an admin.

    This led to a plethora of litigation against the founder by Argentarino and the sitting judge The Two Exalted Kingdoms allowed the case and started judicial proceedings against Osberg-Thitania.

    The 19th REC:
    In between the 19th REC was elected with Torvalyn and The French KIngdom retaining the Chancellor and Secretary General's post respectively and The Two Exalted Kingdoms being elected as Speaker with Besate as Prosecutor General. The 19th REC elected Vetega as the High Commander who had the tie-breaking vote in the REC of 5.

    High Court rules against the founder:

    Meanwhile the High Court ruled against the founder and held that the Forum Administration Act was valid and the founder was legally bound to abide by the Act and appoint more admins. The French Kingdom even threaatened to create a new forum if the founder did not cincede to the Court ruling.

    Meanwhile the French Kingdom floated an absurd idea in the REC that the borders of the region be permanently closed . This got the blessings of fellow Councillors --The Two Exalted Kingdoms and Torvalyn in the REC.

    Founder stages a Coup:

    Sensing that the elected Govt had taken a drastic step of passwording the region permanently --which could have disatrous effects on the region and kill the region, the three nations of founder Osberg-Thitania , veteran nation Besate and Kingdom of the Polar Bear staged a coup and took over the power in the region with founder support. A Supreme Council was formed with Besate as Supreme Councillor and the KOPB as Councillor. The REC was dismissed and the Delegacy was stripped of executive powers.

    This action led to a big hue and cry which ultimately led to the defection of the rebel group ---The French Kingdom , Torvalyn, Argentarino and a couple of other nations to the Coalition of Democratic Nations (CoDN) .

    The November Accords:

    Amidst the cacophony, confusion, allegations and counter-allegations, an Accord was reached with the founder with nations of Vetega, Alpacanzia, Lentheric , Alkoul and Antarctica Territories stepping in to defuse the situation, wherein, it was agreed upon that the founder would have a vote in the REC and he would have the emergency power for banjection and other security measures. Exemption of trials against the nations participating in the coup was also agreed upon.
    The full text of the November accords are as follows:
    We, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Crowns, to prevent any future threat to the Realm and its security, do ordain and establish this document as evidence of our resolve against hardship both foreign and domestic. To Support and Establish the absolute safety of the Commonwealth of Crowns, and to prevent internal strife from taking hold of the region and its inhabitants, we of sound mind and body do ratify the November Accords.

    UNDERSTANDING that the role of the Founder is of the utmost necessity to disarm and dissemble verified threats to our national security. To take action for this necessity, the Founder shall have the powers to remove foreign threats from the Region using his administrative power, as well as safely secure the Region's borders with password-protection in emergency situations.

    RECOGNIZING the need for the Founder to be privy to executive decisions made by the Regional Executive Council, and the powers to hold an equal status with the elected officials of our Region's highest elected body. Therefore, the Founder will receive an executive vote equal to the other officials of the Council.

    FURTHERMORE, detecting the need for strict scrutiny in the administration of our Forum, the central heart of our posterity and history. And knowing that possible threats to that heart may come from unscrupulous individuals falsely entwined in our fair Realm.

    AND ACKNOWLEDGING that the highest power in the Commonwealth of Crowns is the people themselves. Any action taken by leadership or any other authoritarian body against the will of people must be condemned with the full breadth of the laws prescribed by democratic assembly of the House of Nobles. With this in mind and set for the future, the Founder and other perpetrators of the November Crisis will be held exempt from legal prosecution directly based on their actions in this circumstance.

    HEREBY assures the preservation of our traditions and history of democratic values. This Accord is written expressively to perform this task, and to ensure that no force, whether that force be foreign or domestic, may divide or dissolve this most treasured Commonwealth of Crowns.

    *Note: This act will take force of law upon ratification

    At present, bye-elections for the two vacant REC seats are on and Borduriaa , GuatemalaCity, Noorderkwartier and Narnifrey are in the fray for the two seats of Chancellor and Secretary General. The region witnessed trolls who defiled the regional RMB, but these were banned by the founder. On advice of High Commander Vetega, the borders of the region were sealed till the new Govt takes over.

    The fate of Constitutional reforms spearheaded by Besate and Ethopolis during the 18th REC also hangs by a thread with the November accords.
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    Thanks for the update.

    I'm honestly surprised that the idea of passwording the region was even entertained by members of the region o_o
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    Thank you for the update, borduriaa.

    ~ Tomb