In accordance with the prophecy

Lamentations 3; 12-16

After the beast has departed, shall come one reborn to lead you.
Voices shall issue from the grave, and the great hound shall bay.
Then will arise a prophet who stands on the steps and divides all views
And he shall proclaim himself in the marketplace as the one foretold.
Lamentations 3: 19-23

All words of the people shall be as stakes driven into the desert soil,
Their extent shall outnumber fifteen score legions.
One who scoffs shall vie with the beast, but none shall know which was the victor.
A pall of smoke on the horizon admits of no insight
The lamentations of the faithful grow beyond all reason.


The one, the true, the great.
We just got nuclear bombs today in accordance with the prophecy.

Does anyone know what we should do with them?