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    1st August 2014

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    [König: His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Charles Cerebella
    Crown Princess: Her Imperial Highness, Lynneiah
    Minister-President: The Rt. Hon. Fairybella, Baroness of Qarth
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Torrin von Vonno
    Secretary of State for Home Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Edward Leben, Viscount of Lübeck
    Secretary of State for Culture: The Rt. Hon. Seven Deaths
    Secretary of State: The Rt. Hon. Logain Raolin
    Minister-without-Portfolio: The Rt. Hon. Lt Zack Crabtree & The Most Hon. Olde Delaware Margrave Palatine of Bremen

    Happenings in The New Inquisition!

    UIAF Triumph in Liberal Haven and Ixnay speaks to military prowess

    Taking Aim

    During the morning of July 13th, a coalition of allied forces were able to wrestle control of Liberal Haven away from occupiers Doom Squad in an ISRA-led operation. The UIAF forces made up the largest proportion of the coalition army. The victory was our blow to our enemies the Right Wing Uprising, which include the Greater German Reich, a fascist and Nazi region which we are at war with. This most recent liberation of Liberal Haven, alongside the occupation and refounding on Nazi Europe stands as a severe blow to the GGR.

    The re-founding is the peak of our operation against the region of Nazi Europe, caturing and destroying the historic Nazi stronghold in NationStates. TNIAF Commander OnderKelkia has been quoted about the recent refounding of Nazi Europe: "In concert with our allies and partners, the UIAF is glad to have secured this victory against a representation of hatred in this game. The UIAF would like to thank all regions which have contributed to the Nazi Europe invasion and re-founding."

    Outside of our war with GRR, UIAF forces assisted our friends in The Black Riders, and are assisting in occupation Ixnay. The operation in Liberal Haven was undertaken during our deployment in Ixnay. This victory stands as yet another defeat for the UDL and FRA forces, our long-time enemies.

    Commander OnderKelkia had this to say: “Our versatile forces are more than capable of undertaking counter-invasions in update operations against forces aligned with the GGR while simultaneously reinforcing a raider-led occupation which the UDL and the FRA remain incapable of defeating (in no small part due to the UIAF's might securing the region). Wherever you look, the UIAF's military prowess is dominating, ensuring that the interests of TNI, the LKE and Albion are protected and advanced.”

    Treaty Termination with The South Pacific

    The cabinet met in an emergency meeting aimed at a proper response to the announcement that The South Pacific had formed an allience with The Rejected Realms, a FRA ally. Minister-President Fairybella crafted a stern and clear message to our former allies. " would be inappropriate for us to remain allied to The South Pacific now it has made made a mutual defence commitment in a bilateral agreement with The Rejected Realms." This is because a core principle of our foreign policy is our war against the Founderless Regions Alliance, which includes The Rejected Realms.

    Kingdom of Ainur visits TNI


    The Kingdom of Ainur, an old ally and friend of TNI currently being revitalized, was hosted for a week long party with TNI. Spirits were high, singing was loud, and a number of people were certainly feeling it in the morning. Former Cultural Minister Fabius Maximus was rumored to have an agenda for the affair: to get everyone drunk, he had this to say: “…And by God, I did it!...” The event was hailed as a grand party, and the region as a whole looks forward to future events with the Kingdom.

    From Prussia with Love - Kurfustin Viktoria von Hohenzollern to be wed August 4!


    A date has been set and planning is well underway for Viktoria von Hohenzollern’s wedding to Unknown’s cultural minister Anubis. A northern lake has been chosen for the occasion, as well as a Nordic theme. The wedding will be accompanied with a functioning sauna, a grand feast, and Viking décor. Bring your swords, shields, and mead horns, it will be quite the celebration!

    Revitalized Theme
    It has been a goal of TNI to embrace an 18th Century Prussian theme, in order to solidify our the dedication to our region's culture. It also avoids any connections to unsavory regions with similar symbols. Some of the final touches are being made with an update constitution that reflects our dedication to Prussia. A few examples include the Kaiser title being switched to König, the Reichstag being dubbed Landtag, new peerage titles and, of course, the new flag at the top of this update.

    Treaty of Amity with the Kingdom of Great Britain

    A treaty of friendship is in its final stages of approval between TNI and the Kingdom of Great Britain. Aimed at solidifying our friendship, as well as setting up future cultural exchanges, the ratification is expected within the coming week. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Torrin von Vonno had this to say: “We are still in the final stages and hammering out a few last details, but I am optimistic that this will present a good opportunity for both of our regions.”

    Imperialist 3 Conference Underway

    Behind closed doors the Imperialist 3 Conference has started. Delegates from TNI, Albion and The Land of Kings and Emperors are discussing the current state of affairs and future goals of the allies. More updates will follow.

    Written by Torrin von Vonno[/align]​